Garden Pots Review - A Few tips on How to Pick the Perfect Pot

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Creating a container garden is great way to infuse your living space with more greenery. When it comes to container gardens you have the freedom to grow your plants wherever you want to, you can make a cute little garden on your balcony or patio, or you can grow your plants in your backyard and even indoors. Probably the best thing about growing in pots is that you can easily have your own colourful garden indoors in your living room or kitchen for instance. There are many plants that can thrive indoors. You only need to find a sunny spot ion your room or place them near your windows and with enough sunshine and regular watering you will have a house filled with colourful and healthy flowers and plants.


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When it comes to container gardening choosing the right garden pots is equally as important as deciding what are you going to plant in them. With a little attention to the pots that you will be using for your plants you will ensure that your container garden not only looks beautiful but is healthy as well, which is all the more important. From ceramic cylinder pots to plastic square ones, these days there is a specific model to best suit specific plants and landscapes. Factors like shape, size ans material all play a major role when on the look for the best pots for your container garden.


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When considering the shape of your pots the choice will depend on the type of plants you would plant in them. Cylinder pots are ideal for flowers and have an elegant design that would look great in any kind of home setting. Due to their lovely shape these ports can function as decorations as well and help enhance the natural beauty of flowers. For plants with shallow root systems bowl shaped pots would be the best choice. Their practical shape allows you to combine various types of decorative planets together and create a charming miniature garden in a single pot. Rectangular pots are perfect for small narrow spaces and are often used for planting herbs, veggies and shrubs.


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The one factor that determines the quality of your pots is certainly the material. Fibreglass is a popular material due its durability and simple yet sophisticated appearance. It looks similar to glazed ceramic and is highly resistant which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Besides fibreglass is a lightweight material which means you can easily change the location of your container garden whenever you want to. Although not as durable as fibreglass plastic pots have a practical design and are available in various sizes which makes them a good choice for growing a variety of plants. Pots made from glazed ceramic are very durable and have a sturdy design. They come in a wide range of colours and can complement various landscapes and home settings. One downs side is that they tend to be heavier than plastic and fibreglass models so you it is much difficult to move them around.

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