Gardening? Ask an Expert.

Is this the garden you've been dreaming of?

My thumb is certainly not green.  Even with the most well-meaning TLC on my part, I could kill a potted cactus.   If you're like me, maybe you need a little advice from an expert. 




No more dead plants with Excalibur's New York Times Garden Expert.

Excalibur Electronics, an American company known for its electronic chess game, has come out with a new electronic gadget for gardeners. Excalibur's New York Times Garden Expert is an electronic device equipped with 1000 questions and answers from The New York Times' garden Q&A column.  This handheld "expert," shaped like a watering can, is smart, too; it can be customized to suit the climate and geography of your garden.  What are the best plants for your climate?  The Garden Expert knows. As you become a better gardener, the Garden Expert can answer tougher questions, like, "How do I winterize my grape vines?  

Excalibur's New York Times' Garden Expert

With a large easy to read screen and easy to navigate topics, the Excalibur New York Times Garden Expert is a useful tool for the diligent (or inept) gardener.  Check it out at

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