5 Ways To Turn Your Garden Into The Scariest Place In The Neighbourhood This Halloween

You might have the most beautiful garden in the neighbourhood at the moment, but how easy do you think it would be to turn it into the scariest? With Halloween just around the corner you could let your imagination run wild and turn it into a terrifying place for one night.

You'll attract all the trick-or-treaters who want to shake as they make their way up to your door for some candy. Maybe you've already got some ideas swirling around inside your head, but here is a list of things you can use as inspiration in your quest for the ultimate haunted garden.

A Ghoulish Way To Light Up Your Garden Path
Wouldn't it be great if you could help people stay off your grass as they made their way up to your door? The only way you'll be able to do that is to stop them from leaving the garden path, and to do it Halloween style you'll need empty milk cartons. First, you'll need to cut a hole in the bottom of each one and use a permanent marker to draw ghost faces on them. Once the sun goes down, you can lay small candles on the sides of your path and put your ghost milk cartons over them.

Put A Fog Machine Inside Your Garden Shed

Everyone knows when they see fog coming from somewhere on Halloween there must be something strange going on. You can pick up a cheap fog machine and lay it inside your garden shed with the door slightly open (steel sheds like the ones shown here would do the trick). When kids walk into your garden and spot the fog they won't want to go near the evil that lurks inside. It will look great as it makes its way across your garden too, because it will be difficult to tell exactly what's creeping up beside your feet. If you're feeling creative you could even turn your shed into a crypt.

Hang Bats From Your Trees And Guttering

You probably don't like bats for an entirely different reason than the children who'll be knocking on your door for candy. They'll think those bats are suddenly going to swoosh down beside them and turn into vampires, and no Halloween garden can be complete without a few of them hanging around. The perfect place to hang them is off tree branches, and if you live in a bungalow you can hang them from the guttering too. If you have your own children they're easy to make yourself with a few different items, or if you want to do things the easy way you can buy rubber bats.

Ghosts Standing Around In Your Garden
We talked about little milk carton ghosts earlier on, but they're merely for decoration. If you want people to be frightened you'll want the real thing, and if you don't know any real ghosts life size models are the next best thing. Think of them as spooky scarecrows standing in your garden looking to haunt anyone who walks by. You'll only need a couple of things to bring your creations to life. First, you'll need to find large branches you can stick in the ground. If they're the correct shape they'll look like ghosts as soon as you cover them with white sheets.

Cover Your Lovely Flowers In Cobwebs

Have you ever walked through an old graveyard in the middle of the night? I'm guessing not, but you can surely imagine the light from the moon allowing you to see the eerie cobwebs covering the unkempt flowers and bushes. You can recreate this in your garden without damaging your lovely flowers. If you have bushes cobwebs will look perfect on them too. All you'll need to buy are a few pairs of inexpensive white panty hose. Once you've cut them into thin strips with scissors you'll be able to place them on top of anything to create a cobweb only the biggest spiders in the world could spin.

Enjoy Something A Little Different
An avid gardener like yourself knows it's one of the most creative things you can do. There is an unlimited amount of ways you can tweak your garden until it's beautiful enough to bring a tear of joy to your eye. You should take this creative power and apply it to your Halloween garden, because if you do you'll have a marvellous night and every single trick-or-treater you meet will too.

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