5 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready For The Summer Months

Summer might still seem a while off but if you want your garden to be ready to enjoy in the sunshine then you need to plan ahead. Spending a bit of time and effort now will ensure that you can properly enjoy your outdoor space when the weather picks up. So, what do you actually need to do? Here are five ways to prepare your garden for the summer months. 


A lush lawn is the heart of any decent garden. Get this right and you’re well on your way to being ready to enjoy the summer. If you’re struggling – or fancy an eco-conscious alternative – why not try clover?

Expert Troy Hake explained: “Clover stays green longer, grows fast, thrives in shade or sun and even acts as a natural fertilizer wherever it grows. Miniclover is especially attractive, and can help you get that thick, lush, lovely green lawn you’ve been looking for.”


After the lawn, it’s time to think about what you will grow in your garden. It’s increasingly popular to want to grow your own food – 42 million households do this and the number grew 17 per cent between 2008 and 2013 alone. Maybe now is the perfect time to get some tasty fruit and veg from your garden? Make sure you look after the plants that you do have – you might need to spend some time weeding and pruning – and keep your eye out for others that would be suited to the circumstances of your garden.

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Your fence is just the boring bit of wood or metal that marks your boundary, right? Wrong. There’s no need for this to ‘let the side down’ in your garden. A tin of the right paint could turn this boring border into a colorful backdrop to your plants and it’s a ‘quick win’ to add a splash of color in time for summer. You could even invest in a ‘mirror wall’ to sit on your fence and create the illusion of a larger space if yours is limited.


Having a garden that looks the part is important, but so too is having the ability to sit and enjoy it. That’s where your garden furniture comes in. You’ll probably store this away for the winter and before you get it out again it’s worth making sure it’s fit for the outdoors.
A lick of paint can easily breathe new life into older wooden pieces of furniture.


Finally, is it time you finally invested some money in your garden? Sure, you can get it looking ready for the summer with a bit of work here and there but don’t you want a little more than that? If you want to up the stakes and create a place to be proud of when you invite friends over, why not take the plunge and do it this year? A System Pavers BBQ island could be the garden centerpiece that you’ve been waiting for.

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