Will the PS5 Be At E3 2017? Probably Not

With E3 just around the corner, gamers have a lot to look forward to. Between hardware updates and sneak peeks at brand new IP, you’ll be too overwhelmed to notice the fact that the PlayStation 5 is totally absent from this year’s expo. Though there’s no way to guarantee anything about the 3-day long event in June, it’s pretty safe to say that Sony won’t roll out a brand new console in 2017.


Of course, there are rumors that say otherwise, but it’s the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Speculation surrounds this annual event, and half of what circulates is complete nonsense. Last year Sony revealed not one, not two, but three different consoles: the PSVR, the PS4 Pro, and the PS4 Slim. Even with its biggest competitor launching its answer to 4K gaming, Project Scorpio, it’s unlikely Sony will take the bait and vie for attention with a half-cocked system.


It’s not just talk of probabilities. Sony’s big wig, Shuhei Yoshida, has been noticeably quiet about a potential PS5. In fact, when asked about the system, he hinted it may never see the light of day. Yoshida has distanced the company away from an iPhone mentality, in which new updates are expected every year just because the company can do it.


That being said, this slow-and-steady mentality doesn’t entirely rule out an eventual PS5 sometime down the line. Sony isn’t above hinting at that fact to drum up excitement, so we might hear about the new system, even if it’s just a gleam in a developer’s eye at this stage.


Suffice to say, regardless of what you read on the Internet, if you aren’t willing to branch out with 4K gaming or virtual reality, then you’ll have to wait a while to see the new generation of console. Things can get stale between now and then, but don’t worry—it’s a natural phase in every relationship. If you and your PlayStation have lost that special spark, give a PS4 skin a try. These customized decals wrap around your system (including the controllers) to update its looks. A PS4 skin can take on a variety of colors and textures, like carbon fiber, zebra wood, and marble. 


If it’s not the console but the games you’re playing, then you’re in luck. Since there’s no hardware reveal scheduled in June, Sony will be focusing on playable IP for the entire 3 days. Several months ago, the floor plans at the LA Convention Center showed Sony’s pocket has grown in size compared to previous years, which makes us think they’ll be taking advantage of all that extra square footage to show off new VR titles and the recently released VR headset.


There’s also a huge chance we’ll be seeing a Spider-Man at the expo, especially when you consider Marvel’s scheduled to release Spider-Man: Homecoming just one month later. The movie, which stars Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr., will come to theaters on July 5.


We’ll also see some long awaited titles in June, including Detroit: Become Human—which is a kind of Blade Runner inspired neo-noir crime action adventure that explores a world where androids co-exist with humans. You can watch the trailer here. Days Gone should also make its debut at E3. The open world horror game has already received a lot of attention for its incredible graphics and physics, so it should be good to finally see some real game play.


Of course, the biggest ticket on our wish list is something tangible from Hideo Kojima. It was just last year that he introduced us to Death Stranding via a naked Norman Reedus, but it feels like we’ve been puzzling over this game for a lot longer. Hopefully, we’ll see actual gameplay and not an equally confusing trailer this time around.


At least, with E3 set for the second week of June, we won’t have to wait long to find out if our wish has been granted. Until then, we’ll try to guess what other games we’ll see in LA. Let us know which ones you’re most excited to see.

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