Disneyland's Newest Adventure: Be There Without Leaving Your Home



Kinect Disneyland

Can't get to Disneyland?  Experience the magic from your home.  Just like the park itself, which opened in 1955 and where tickets sold for one dollar (!), Disneyland can be there for you to enjoy all the time. 


The new Kinect for XBox 360 invites you to take a journey to the place where stories begin.  It 's a place where your dreams come true and it's right in your own living room.  Whether it's your first time at the park or your hundredth time, new memories will be made as your explore the various attractions.


Kinect Disneyland: Greeting Captain Hook

The new Kinect: Disneyland Adventures, created by head producer, Shane White and lead designer, Rob Davis, takes you everywhere in the park that you can possibly want to visit.  


As the VIP tour guide in the royal Stewart tartan, guides you around, you can talk with Captain Hook using full bodies and voices or battle with him, join Peter Pan flying through the London skies, give a kiss to Snow White.  It's a place you can get lost in. 


Kinect Disneyland: With Peter Pan

Harnessing the controller free magic of Kinect, Disney fans of all ages can meet the characters and share magical moments, hug a princess, high five Mickey, collect autographs or accept quests. 


Kinect Disneyland: Walking Down Mainstreet

Choosing the avatar you want to be, so that your movements mimic the movements on the screen, you can start in Main Street,  visit the train and see the lights in the window of the City Hall where Walt Disney used to actually work on his creations.  Go through the castle, with its working drawbridge, to  the kid's Fantasy World or travel to Critter Country or Adventureland. 


Kinect Disneyland: Down the Rabbit Hole

In Alice In Wonderland, you can go down the rabbit hole or play croquet with the Queen;  in the New Orleans district, you can ride the Pirates of the Caribbean and fight for your life.   Take a ride on the Mark Twain.   Chase ghosts through the Haunted Mansion. 


Kinect Disneyland: Playing Croquet with the Queen

Each of the rides has its own separate interactive game and the games grow increasingly harder depending on the attraction.  The game allows playing at your own pace.  As you make your way through the park's various adventures, you collect Disney themed items, rewards and XBox 360 Achievements while discovering new experiences. These gifts might include themed parades or firework displays.


Kinect Disneyland: Pirates Paddle

The game can be played alone, with a friend, or family member.  Adults will have as much fun as the kids because when you're at Disney, you're always a kid.  (Which is why all the avatars are kids.)  Partners can also jump in and lend a hand at a difficult challenge and help the first player earn more rewards. 


Kinect Disneyland: Hugging Snow White

Produced by Microsoft Studios and developed by Frontier Development Ltd, the format is DVD compatible with the Kinect for the XBox 360 video game and entertainment system.   While the price has not yet been determined, it will be available November 15, 2011, in time for the 2011 holiday season. 


For more information log into www.Disneylandnews.com.

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