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We’ve come a long, long way from the earliest days of video games when the biggest excitement was playing paddle tennis accompanied by a series of bleeps for each shot. In fact today’s games are as far removed from them as a Ferrari is from a penny-farthing bike and each year they become more and more advanced.

This is a global phenomenon that has over a billion players worldwide and which has been driven by the meteoric rise of online gaming. This, in turn, has coincided with the development of the smartphone and tablet which has seen them overtake the PC as the most-used devices for online play.

Of course, none of this would have happened without brilliant games to play and the developers have certainly been working hard to provide them. Here are five of the very best.

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Best classic

Sometimes simple is best – and Tetris is a case in point. The game, first introduced in 1984 and designed by Alexei Pajitnov while working in the Academy of Science in Moscow, is still as addictive experience today as it’s always been as you try to manoeuvre the blocks of coloured tiles into position. Plus it’s not just fun to play, academic research has found that it can lead to more efficient brain activity too.

Best multiplayer

There’s one multiplayer game whose popularity has left all others in its wake. League of Legends received great critical acclaim from its launch in 2009 and has gone from strength to strength since then. In September 2016 Riot Games estimated that over 100 million people were playing it each month attracted by the choice of the three modes, Summoner’s Rift, Twisted Treeline and Howling Abyss, in which players need to get their champions to destroy the enemy’s Nexus, or nerve centre.

Best online casino game

Ever since the first online casino appeared nearly two decades ago operators have striven to recreate as closely as possible the authentic casino experience. The outstanding online gaming company 888casino were one of the first online casino operators (founded in 1997). live roulette is controlled by real dealers spinning actual wheels so it feels as though you are actually there, there’s even the chance to talk to the dealer through the ‘chat’ function, I highly recommend the experience of playing live roulette first hand.  

Best mobile game

A so-called “sandbox” game in which players can tackle the tasks given to them in any order, Minecraft’s combination of survival, creative and adventure modes make it appealing on a wide number of levels. In February of this year it was announced that over 120 million copies of the game had been sold worldwide. Its “Pocket Edition” was specifically developed to enable playing on the move and was originally launched in 2011 for Sony devices. By 2016 it was available for all other mobile devices too.

Best VR game

With virtual reality hotly tipped to really take off this year there are a plethora of games which have been launched. One of the most unusual is the catchily-named Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. One player dons the VR headset and is confronted with a ticking time bomb while another has to give instructions from a downloadable manual about how to defuse it. Everyone who’s played it really does agree that it’s explosive fun!

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