Soul Trapper iPhone Game Review

Catching ghosts who refuse to leave this plane is difficult, often dangerous work. Kane Price, 27, ruggedly handsome (I imagine) uber hip and ironic is the man for the job with his "soul trap "invented by his dead father and Dr. Ned Ross, his smart but candy-assed side-kick. Imagine an LA Confidential for the supernatural set. Backed by a Elfman/ Newman-esque sound track, the able cast takes us through the adventures in Soul Trapper, where we (the player) have to figure out what to do next.

Just enough involvement to keep Soul Trapper from being a pure audio book, and yet, one could easily play this game on a train or, better yet, a 5-hour air flight. The sound design has the great technical acumen of a Hollywood film and with the volume up in your headset you will swear that siren is coming behind you. The graphics are not the drawing card for this came in that they are usually just one drawing of the main focus of each chapter. Occasionally flash is used, but for the most part it is the story and soundtrack that lead the game.

Sometimes, I got stuck in the challenge and had to repeat the sequence so many times I have the dialogue imprinted in my brain. It's also kinda tricky and extremely frustrating to stop the game or hit the wrong button without getting kicked back to the beginning, so I suggest you go to the website to read the faq and the cheat sheet for those times when you need a helping hand. It may be best to play this all at once! 

Something I really liked were the references to Hollywood, LA, and the Valley, but then again I live in Hollywood, LA, and the Valley.  

Soul Trapper is available on iTunes
Publisher: Realtime Associates
Rated 12+ for all the usual stuff.

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