SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals:Confrontation - Review - Essentially a Coaster

I pre-ordered this game months ago and waited with anticipation for it to be released just two days ago. I played the beta version. I made constructive comments on the SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals Confrontation website and hoped for the best. And yesterday I plopped down $60 for what is essentially, a coaster. What I got feels like what I imagine getting shit on my face feels like. And I swear on whatever you hold sacred, I will NEVER buy another game made by Slant 6 Games. On a positive note, I did get a snazzy PS3 Bluetooth headset, and that is the only thing that made this deal worth it.

Slant 6 has been working on this game for years. You wouldn't know it from the game play. Graphics - YES. Gameplay - NO. That is, if you can play.

Slant 6 released a beta version to the pre-order public about a month ago to get all the bugs worked out before the big release. What appears to have happened is Slant 6 released the beta, then took a month long vacation and released a game that plays worse than the beta version. You cannot send a message to your friend because that part of the game isn't working yet. You can send a message/invite to someone, but there is a very good chance they won't get it. You cannot check your messages remotely and have to leave a game you are in if you get a message, scroll back through 4 pages to get to the home screen to then check for a message that probably isn't there.

A cool feature from past SOCOM games was the "Follow" feature. Where you could just click on your friends name, and join them in a game. That isn't here. But there is a message from Slant 6 when you start the game, that they have been working on for years, that says there are problems and they are working on it. Essentially I just bought an unfinished game, that shouldn't have been released. If you read this, and you were thinking of buying SOCOM: Confrontation, I will tell you to save your money, or go out and buy a really nice set of coasters. The coasters will soak up sweat from your cold drinks better than the disk from this "game." I am skimming over everything that is wrong with this release, because, frankly, I need to move on.

As far as game play goes, unimpressive cannot begin to describe how unimpressive it is. Stepping out of a polished game like Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and into SOCOM: Confrontation was like switching from hand made Italian loafers, to orange Crocs. Sure, both might be comfortable, but one makes you look good and feel good, while the other makes you look (and hopefully feel) like a f**king moron. The game play is "glitchy", the action stopping and starting at random.

The sound is great. The weapons are awesome - if you can hit anything. See, Slant 6 thought it would be fun to make all the weapons have a "random" bullet pattern, "just like the real thing!" For an assault rifle or machine gun, that is fine. But Slant 6 thought it should be for sniper rifles as well. So, even if you have the cross hairs dead on your target, there is a good chance you will NOT hit it. That's all well and good, but when you are a sniper, you are stealth and when you fire you make noise that your target can hear and, follow me here, then because the bullet doesn't go where you aimed it, your target doesn't die. You see where I'm going? Dead Sniper. And again, just the tip of the iceberg of what is wrong with this game.

The PS3 Bluetooth headset that comes with the game is awesome. The noise cancelling is great and it's comfortable. Comes with a charging station and syncs right up with your PS3. Sexy. The best part is I paid $60 for a shitty game and a sexy headset. The headset will be in stores for $50 so really I paid $50 for a great Bluetooth headset and $10 for a shitty game. Buy the headset, don't buy the game.

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