Jackie Martling: Will His Jokes Make You Laugh?

Jokes can be fun and amusing, especially when you actually get them.  Jackie Martling is a comedian and comic writer whose greatest fame came from being a part of Howard Stern's morning radio show.  He has since been involved in movies and recording his own comedy albums, but has recently indulged in joke games.  Games such as "Jackie's Talking Joke Machine", "Jokemaster Jr.", " Jokemaster II", "Jackie's Talking Insult Mirror", and "Jackie's Talking Comedy Calculator", presented by Excalibur Electronics, are available now for you to take in and roar in laughter if you feel like it.

Jackie's Talking Joke Machine

"Jackie's Talking Joke Machine" is loaded with more than 100 of Jackie Martling's best jokes.  It includes a G-rated "Jackie's Joke Cartridge", which you insert into the game.  Once you have finished the cartridge of jokes, you may purchase more in different volumes.  You just press the "touch me" button and the jokes come pouring out.  Jackie Martling tells the joke himself - it may take a while to get used to his giggly laugh after every joke.  The jokes are comical, and good when in a time of desperation for a silly hoot.  Because of the G-rated jokes in the Volume 1 cartridge children may listen to the jokes, which are about animals, encounters in bars, making fun of others, etc.  It is silly humor that can be taken with a grain of salt.

Code: JK03
Price: $29.95 at www.excaliburelectronics.com

Jackie's Jokemaster Jr.

"Jokemaster Jr." is small in size with a happy face on it.  Children just push the "Jokemaster's" nose as he will then let out the world's best kids' jokes.  There are 141 jokes that again consist of animals, food, knock-knock jokes, and there are also some that involve famous icons like Superman, Mickey Mouse, Elvis Presley, etc.  It is a humorous game for children to listen to on a rainy day or with nothing to do, and also they could try to remember the jokes and say them to friends.

Code: JK04
Price: $24.95 at www.excaliburelectronics.com


Jackie's Jokemaster II

"Jokemaster II" looks like a calculator, but when opened up silliness still comes to mind, amidst the instructions located on the left, and buttons on the right, under the little screen.  Push the "on/select" button and the first joke appears which you will then have to push the "scroll" button to see the rest of the joke.  You can choose from 30 categories of jokes, and also save them by pressing "save" and then "on/select" to keep up to 10 jokes immediately available.  You may also have the option of choosing from 3 buttons that have different faces when you want to respond to a joke.  This game offers a variety of good quality, yet readable only jokes that are interesting to everyone, with categories like "Corny Jokes", "Woman/Man-Bashing", "Doctor Jokes", "Bar Jokes", "Age Jokes", "For Thinkers", "For the Kids", and more.

Code: 424-2
Price: $29.95 at www.excaliburelectronics.com


Jackie's Talking Insult Mirror

"Jackie's Talking Insult Mirror" is not something you want to look in when you are not feeling your best as the jokes are down right insulting!  The 35 different insults are quite humorous and once batteries are put in, the mirror automatically senses when picked up and the jokes are ready to shoot at you.  Jokes like "Your face could make an onion cry" and "Halloween's over, take off you mask" are funny, especially when unsuspected.

Code: JK02
Price: $19.95 at www.excaliburelectronics.com





Jackie's Talking Talking Comedy Calculator

"Jackie's Talking Comedy Calculator" has the efficiency of a calculator, but when the sound is on, Jackie's voice is ever apparent with a joke finishing off the math problem you have completed.  The jokes are not easily understood, but Jackie does howl out the numbers, operations, results, the time of day, the date, commentary, and of course silly jokes.  There are over 70 clean jokes, and the calculator also has a silly alarm clock.  You have the nice option of turning off the sound, which you may have to use sometimes.              

Code: JK01
Price: $29.95 at www.excaliburelectronics.com

These five Jackie Martling games definitely have a good sense of humor, whether you find them truly witty or not.  When down in the dumps or bored the jokes will give you a laugh.

For more information you may go to www.excaliburelectronics.com


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