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Jackie Chan Studio Fitness by XaviX - Game Review - Interactive Fun For All

By Mariah Hedrick

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XaviX's new J-Mat introduces Jackie Chan's Fitness Studio, a PowerBoxing workout, guaranteed to make fitness fun for everyone. XaviX is the exciting new alternative to traditional video games, turning everyone's favorite sports into wireless, living room fun.  It plugs right into your television's A/V inputs and you're instantly ready for the interactive time of your life!  

There are many games that can be played on the XaviX system; we tried the Jackie Chan J-Mat exercise game / workout.   Jackie Chan guides you through the movements on the screen while you perform them on the mat that's included (similar to Dance Dance Revolution's pad.)  Basically you follow Jackie Chan's movements which included a warm-up, low impact aerobics, kickboxing and as you advanced you move onto harder exercises including running through the streets of Japan and fighting off enemies.   You don't just sit around watching and moving your fingers, you move your whole body and let me tell you, it was quite a workout; I was sweating 20 minutes into it. 

Then my kids tried it, (ranging in age from 7-14) and then their friends tried it.  It was easy enough for all of them to comprehend but not quite master, the J-mat tells you how many beats or kicks you missed based on the sensors in the mat.  My fourteen year old loves using the J-mat because like all other teenagers she is obsessed with her body.  She liked that she could get in a good workout in a relatively short time AND do it in the privacy of our own home.   I would say that working out at home is a big plus for me as well because sometimes the only time I get to workout is after the kids go to sleep. 

The XaviXPort can be used with many other games included baseball, golf, bowling and tennis where you actually swing, throw and hit, (interactively and wirelessly) these games do require that you have a bit of room to move around.  The XaviX system enables you to interact with your television like never before it literally responds to your physical movements.

Being a mother, I would much rather my kids playing / exercising with the J-mat then watching TV or playing traditional video games.  With the overwhelming amount of children that are overweight due to the endless amount of video games out there, I would highly recommend that any house with children should have the XaviX system and its fun and interactive fitness games.  My children got a good workout without even knowing it, to them its simply fun!   My nine year old plays competitive soccer and her coach even said it would keep her in good soccer shape during the off months.

The current XaviX product line introduces an entirely new category that is the bridge to virtual reality for your home. XaviX combines leading-edge human interface sensors, including optical sensor and infra-red, to allow any TV to respond directly to a user's actions.
Players can get up and moving using wireless controllers that have a realistic feel and functionality of true sports equipment, and the powerful XaviX microprocessor detects and responds to the speed and direction of their full-body motions, and translates the action onto the TV screen. Unlike most home entertainment systems, the technology is embedded in the system cartridge, instead of the port, so users get the latest technology and content by purchasing new applications, and not a new system.

XaviXPORT™ The XaviXPORT serves as the gateway for all XaviX applications and empowers users to interact with their TV as never before. The XaviXPORT plugs easily into any TV with a standard A/V cable (provided). It was built with a proprietary interface to enable many different interactive technologies for the future. (MSRP $79.99)



Published on Dec 31, 1969

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