It's an entertainment center that fits in your pocket!

March 3, 2005, Los Angeles, CA, Sony Computer Entertainment presents the PSP, a portable PlayStation. It's a compact, portable and handheld unit that can rival any home entertainment system.

Shot of the front

Sporting a crystal-clear high-definition TFT monitor, the PSP is the first integrated portable entertainment system designed to play games, movies and music. The PSP has wireless communication capabilities. Yea? that means you can catch your e-mails through this PlayStation device.

Disk door open

PSP graphics-rendering capabilities can be compared to that of PlayStation 2, but the real deal here is that the PSP brings an unparalleled entertainment experience to a portable platform. Yea folks, 3D games (like MetalGear), with high-quality, full-motion video graphics, and high-fidelity, two-channel audio that fits in your coat pocket.


Don't forget feature films. Play your favorite flick via Sony's optical disc on an amazingly well defined 4.3-inch wide screen, TFT display. PSP also allows for digital photo display and supports digital music playback in both MP3 and ATRAC format.

PSP's main memory storage is a newly developed, proprietary, compact but high-capacity (1.8GB) optical disc, Universal Media Disc (UMD). It also has memory stick port for alternate storage. Other features like USB 2.0, IR port and WiFi wireless LAN makes this PSP a serious toy and you can see that this is ahead of its class (if any).

The PSP feels like a PlayStation controller because of the button configurations. It's about 6.7 inches wide by 2.9 inches tall and about .9 inches thick. Black and beautiful, the unit weighs little more than half a pound and the battery weighs about 10 ounces. It's not exactly cheap, but much cheaper than a laptop. It retails for about $250 bucks and you get a simple entertainment package with games, movies and music to go along with it. It's approximately the same price for the PlayStation2 when it first made its debut.

There are about 100 PSP game titles currently in development worldwide; this gadget might have a promising career. I find the only drawback is an anemic recordable memory with which they expect you to download and store songs off their website. The 256 megs' memory stick just doesn't cut it when it comes to storing a song library or storing a movie, but this ?bad boy? might just be the next craze.

If you are intrested in finding out about this and many other great Sony PlayStation product visit thier official website at: 

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