IGN LIVE - The Ultimate Gaming Playground

IGN Entertainment hosted "IGN Live" at the Anaheim Convention Center October 22-23 and IGN made sure if you were in attendance that you had plenty of do and that all of your senses were stimulated.

This event was first and foremost about the video games and IGN had enough games and consoles up that if you chose to, you could have kept yourself busy all day playing recently released games or getting a peak at some of the latest and greatest that are about to come out.

One of the highlights of the show had to be the appearance of the Xbox 360, which is sure to be the hot item in stores as soon as it hits the shelves. IGN had several systems to try out with some of the hottest games that will go with the 360. This system certainly lived up to the hype to anyone who gave it a whirl.

Texas Hold Em Tournament

Beyond just playing the video games and seeing what is out there, IGN gave everyone a chance to let those competitive juices get flowing. Saturday, tournaments were held for Halo 2 and Battlefield 2 and on Sunday I was able to watch quite a bit of the Counter-Strike: Source tournament. The excitement level of this tournament was high, and if you've never competed in something like this, you certainly would want to after watching this event.

As you were roaming the video game systems trying to figure out what to try next, you could find yourself playing poker on a Playstation 2 system. But better yet if you took a right after exiting that section of video games you could have found yourself in a real Texas Hold Em tournament that Pokerstars.com was hosting. The tournament was played on both days with tables being played every hour. The winners from throughout the day got to play at the final table at the end of the day with the chance to compete with a professional.

Video Games Galore

One of the best things that IGN did was put on a variety of seminars, including "How to Break into the Videogame Industry." For each seminar IGN had a panel of experts who gave a talk on the subject matter and then also took questions from the audience. This was a great learning experience for everyone in attendance and hopefully this will be brought back in the future.

There was also quite a display of cars and it allowed you to view some great technology that can be used in your car. Jeep put on a great display with their great looking vehicles having video game systems built right in for you to play.

Jeep Display

Finally a bit of nostalgia was also available in the forms of classic comic books, the selling of discs containing games from the old Intellivision system and the best of all had to be the auction of vintage arcade games. How great is that, getting the chance to have an arcade style Pac Man in your house?


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