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E3 2006: EA takes a big step into the future with Battlefield 2142

By Michael Morgan

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EA's Current Battlefield Smash Hit


For those of you who are familiar with Electronic Art's Battlefield series you will not be a stranger to the consistent time leaps in-between games. The first game took place in 1942 during World War II giving you an opportunity to play as the allies or axis fighting for domination of the world. The extremely successful sequel and second in the series gave you the opportunity to fight more then 60 years later in what could be considered the current time as the Americans, Middle Eastern, or Chinese using a World War III scenario in the current hit 'Battlefield 2.' Now the series takes a huge leap into the future with 'Battlefield 2142' and promises a chilling look at what war means in the future.

The EA area contained a huge circular dome that had a 360 degrees screen inside that played teaser trailers of their upcoming games. Once directly in the middle of the dome, the experience was amazing. The Battlefield trailer provided a chaotic view of the future. Tanks have been replaced with mechs, airplanes with futuristic helicopters and huge mother ships known as 'Titans'. While the trailer provided a pretty look at the graphics capabilities of the game, the real meat came from the 50 or so playable demos of the game. I was lucky enough to snag a chance at playing and I was extremely impressed. 2142 seems to run on the same engine as Battlefield 2, which is certainly not disappointing. The graphics were as beautiful as ever and the game play just as intense.  

Mechs are new vehicles in 2142

In the demo it showed that the original 'capture the flag' system of the previous Battlefield's had been slightly altered. The objectives of the game had been slightly tweaked so you had to take control of missle silos, (which were basically the flags of the game) until your team holds each of them for two minutes. This in turn will destroy the shield of the enemy's Titan (A huge giant floating ship in the air that serves as both teams first spawn point). Then you would have to launch you and your team mates from APC launch pads onto the opponent's titan, get inside the ship and destroy the enemy's reactor core in order to successfully win the round. Let me tell you, if it sounds complex, it's because it certainly is. This adds a whole new game play ability to Battlefield, which forces you to focus more on squad members and working together then opposed to previous battlefield where you could act as a rogue agent and still succeed. It is imperative to work together with your other team members in order to keep the missle silo's for the directed amount of time and then launch one another on top of the enemy's Titan.

The playable kits for the demo have showed slight changes also, whether or not they will stick over to the final version however, is unknown. There were four playable types, Support, Engineer, Assault, and Recon. Engineer had the rocket launcher and is still able to repair vehicles. Recon seems to be the new name for the Sniper since it is given the sniper rifle and pistol. Support stayed the same with the machine gun and ability to give ammo to teammates. There was a slight tweak in Assault which was given medical capabilities, perhaps just a timesaver used for the playable demo instead of creating a whole new medic class.

The Future of Teamwork

 The level was vast and extremely impressive as you roam through a futuristic city climbing into mechs and other futuristic vehicles in attempts to fight off your enemies and take control of the missle silos. Both teams spawn on their Titan motherships high above the level and must either reach the Missle Silo's via helicopter or jumping off and parachuting to the ground, a new idea that hasn't been in either of the previous Battlefields. 

A Sniper Moves in for the Kill

 The ranking and level systems are still implemented which gives players incentive to play and achieve victory because it will give them promotions and abilities to use new weapons and give them priority to become commander. The demo was extremely exciting and promises to continue the excitement and enjoyment for Battlefield players all over the world. The new futuristic provides a greater freedom and uniqueness,  but most importantly, more technologically advanced ways of crushing your opponents and achieving the ever so sweet taste of victory.  

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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