Dead or Alive Ultimate Goes Gold

Tecmo has proudly announced that its new powerhouse online fighter, Dead or Alive  Ultimate for the Xbox video game system has gone gold and is set to kick off into stores this Tuesday, October 26th.  This latest installment in the million-selling Dead or Alive fighting series will be packed with a punch as it boasts unbelievable new graphics, staggering new moves and combo attacks, new multi-tiered and fully interactive environments, brand-new unlockable costumes and secret characters, and an in-depth story line. True to its roots, the famous DOA girls will also be back in action and sexier than ever in the most scantily clad and outrageous outfits to date in the fighting series.

Topping that all off will be the revolutionary new online capabilities in the game made available through Xbox Live.  With six different online modes to choose from (including Winner-Stays, Tournament, Team Battle, Survival, Loser-Stays, and Kumite Battle), and all using the highly anticipated online feature, "Virtual Arcade", where 8 players are able to participate in a fighting session at one time, Dead or Alive Ultimate is the ultimate 3-D online fighting game this fall. Players from across the nation will be able to play each other using all six of these modes and experience smooth lag-free game play, whether they are playing their friend down the street or across the country.

"Dead or Alive Ultimate will blow all other fighters out of the water this fall and we are very happy to announce that it has gone gold," John Inada, Tecmo's Director of Marketing, said. "DOAU will be the new benchmark for all other games to follow and its online capabilities through Xbox Live will not only change the future of fighting games, but the future of all games."

Also available through Xbox Live will be a Dead or Alive World Wide Ranking Chart where the best of the best will be able to post their online scores and see where they rank against other players from around the world, earning bragging rights along the way. Those that master their DOA fighting skills will be represented as the best fighters on the planet through the online scoreboard.

About Dead or Alive Ultimate
Tecmo's esteemed development group, Team Ninja, has created the ultimate Dead or Alive fighting experience by coupling the original version of Dead or AliveTM with a completely redesigned Dead or AliveTM 2 on Xbox. Both games will be XboxTM Live multi-player compatible, enabling you to fight lag-free with players from all over the country.

A multiple assortment of special features will also be included in the collection. These include a variety of new costumes, many new battle stages and interactive environments, a new opening movie, unique 2-disc set packaging with inclusion of collectible trading cards, and a behind the scenes look at Team Ninja and the making of Dead or Alive Ultimate.

Dead or Alive Ultimate is scheduled to launch onto store shelves this October with a suggested retail price of $49.99 and an ESRB rating of Mature.  For additional information and to pre-order the game, visit the official Tecmo website at

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