Chaos Field Set to Release in North America

Santa's elves will have a new addition to their list of toys this holiday season, with the expected release of Chaos Field.  O~3 Entertainment, an interactive publishing and distribution company, has announced that they will publish this Japanese arcade-style game for the Nintendo GameCubeT, to be ready for retail in North America by Holiday 2005.


Equipped with five levels, each with three stages, this vertical shoot-em-up game is poised to test the skills of arcade lovers, who will have the choice of three distinct players, each complete with its own ships and features.  In addition to the Chaos Field, other elements of the game include special attacks, missiles, shields, beam weapons, and swords.

'Chaos Field is an excellent example of the new breed of arcade action coming out of Japan,' remarked Chris Jelinek, president of O~3 Entertainment. 'Our philosophy is to make the hottest Japanese arcade games available to players in North America, and Chaos Field is just the first of many more to follow,' he added. 


The success of this game, as with any other product, will rely on the consumers themselves.  However, it has already received positive reviews from a number of companies.  GameSpot says, 'The action plays out in top-down fashion in the time-honored tradition of the shooting genre...One look at the onscreen insanity and you'll realize why this game had us at 'Hello'.' 

Whether Chaos Field will 'complete me' or you, will ultimately be decided in a couple of months. 


O~3 Entertainment is an interactive publishing and distribution company, whose aim is to bring videogames from independent studios into the retail marketplace. The company was founded by a group of highly experienced game industry veterans, and is based in Santa Clara, California.

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