Antimatter iPhone Game Review - Stranded in Space


First, full disclosure: I am a novice game player.  My standard: Did I have fun?  Did my heart race as I tried (mostly in vain) to fulfill the mission? Would I play this game over and over again to the chagrin of my friends and family, who are trying to have a human connection with a bowed head and moving finger?

The answer is ... yes.  The first thing you notice when you open Antimatter is the soundtrack.  Part ambient, part power chords, part nouveau classical, it blares into your adrenal glands forcing you to move your finger faster and faster. And since that is how you operates your power, that is a good thing, but after about level three I turned down the music to maintain what ever sanity I might have. 

Antimatter is set in space. Small batons (some people call them strands) rotate in blue. You are a comet-like ball of light which you must tap or richocet into them and turn all of them red.  This is not as easy as it sounds 'cuz if you hit a strand again after you turn it red, it reverts to blue.  Also there are these bright pink, blue and orange balls that, when hit, give you renewed energy and bonus points.  As you ascend the levels, more and more batons are thrown at you, obviously making it harder and harder to turn them all red or destroy them all together. And there appears to be a time factor. The flash graphics are cool and it does have the feeling of floating through space.  I

I enjoyed Antimatter, but wondered if it would ever be as addicting to me as the simple old bubblegum game or Pacman.  Now that you know my low threshold of fun, you may well want to try this game out!

Platform: iPhone & iPod Touch
Rated 4+
Pangea Software, Inc

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