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Valentine's Day Food & Beverage Gifts 2015 Below $15 - Food & Beverage Gift Guide Roundup

By Lawrence Davis

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The Dreaming Tree Wines

The Dreaming Tree

Description: The Dreaming Tree Wines, a collection of California-based wines from world-renowned musician Dave Matthews and award-winning winemaker Steve Reeder, are accessible, approachable and fun wines that are food-friendly and best savored with close friends and family around the dinner table. Even better, the Dreaming Tree Wines are committed to sustainability as the natural cork closure is sustainably grown, the bottle’s label is made with 100% recycled brown paper, and the bottles are made using clean burning natural gas.

Price: $14.99 Visit the Website

Booze For Babes: The Smart Woman's Guide To Drinking Spirits Right

The Booze for Babes cover

Description: Booze for Babes: the Smart Woman's Guide to Drinking Spirits Right is a manual for the woman who loves good food but is not yet spirits-savvy. The book works to blow the lid off of the women-don’t-know-jack-about-liquor stereotype by celebrating lady bartenders, distillers and spirits experts, while also empowering tipplers to drink better in a fun and non-pandering way. Readers learn: • Why every lady should know her liquor • A short history of ladies’ on-again, off-again relationship with the hard stuff • How to choose a quality gin, whiskey, rum, tequila, brandy, vodka or liqueur,and look like a badass doing it • How to tell a marketing ploy on a label from the real deal • How to train your palate and hone your taste • How to mix business and booze • How to build a well-equipped home bar • How to entertain with spirits in a way that honors old-fashioned traditions and impresses guests • Dozens of recipes for cocktails, bitters, vermouth, liqueurs, and more The foreword was written by Lynnette Marrero, co-founder of Speed Rack and NYC president of Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails.

Price: $14.95 Visit the Website

ChocoMe® - Originial Hand Crafted Artisan Chocolate Bars

chocoMe hand crafted artisan chocolate

Description: chocoMe® chocolate bars are hand crafted exclusively of premium quality Belgian chocolate – 65.1% cocoa content Fortina dark chocolate, – 39% cocoa content Arriba milk chocolate, – premium white chocolate, and of carefully selected specialties from all over the world – freeze dried fruits, - best quality spices, - high end coffee, - Spanish and Italian nuts, - French edible flower petals, - 23 carat edible gold, - edible genuine silver, etc. You can choose from over 80 innovative creations of 8 product lines: wine, spirit, spice, fruits, nuts, fruits & nuts, flowers, coffee. chocoMe bars are always freshly made to order ensuring best possible quality, taste and flavors of the end product. We gave special attention to the packing of our chocolates. This results in a perfectly ready gift for any occasion and there is no need for further gift packaging. We are sure that any age above 13 will appreciate the specialty in every aspect when they receive it as a gift. Our bars are not just special in raw material and flavor but also in looks. See for yourself!

Price: $14.00 to $19.00 Visit the Website

Sterling Wines

Sterling Vintners Collection 2011 Meritage

Description: Sterling Vintners Collection 2011 Meritage A Bordeaux-inspired blend with a California touch, our Sterling Vintner's Collection Meritage combines Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec into a friendly, fruit-forward wine with captivating complexity. Aromas of fresh cherries and summer plums greet the senses, followed by a rich descent into dark red fruit and cedar spice on the palate. All-around enjoyable, this wine can be paired with a variety of dishes, from Spanish tapas to American barbecue. $14 SRP

Price: $14.00 Visit the Website

Create, Erase, Begin Again.

Love is in the air.

Description: Personalize your stemware by using chalk to write an identifier on your glass. No more needing to guess which glass is yours. Unique gift to give that special someone with a written message on the base. Fabulous to utilize the stemware as place settings. Write your guest's name on the base and position it at the seat they will be using. Great for using at receptions and large gatherings.

Price: $14.00 to $16.00 Visit the Website

Indulge In Heavenly Wines From Montes On Valentines Day

Montes Cherub, A Rose of Syrah

Description: We all love a bit of whimsy in our lives – particularly after a hard week. This coming year, Valentines Day is blissfully set to take place on a Friday – which means guiltless indulgence with no worries of next day deadlines. Heavenly wines await… Celebrated as a day of love and commitment in the name of Cupid, those with a mischievous manner might give nod to the whims of that young angel by starting their evening with a bottle of Montes Cherub. A beautiful dry rose of Syrah produced by Chile’s own Montes Winery, it features a grinning cherub on the label as drawn by renowned artist Ralph Steadman. No wallet busting here – this wine is an excellent value at $15 SRP. With two cheerful cherubs on the bottle, Montes Twins - a blissful blend with a celestial quality - is the perfect gift for the mother of twins. The heavenly harmony of Cabernet – with its alluring rich, red fruit and firm tannins; and Malbec – with its velvety smooth body and notes of perfectly ripe plums, ends with an enduring, elegant finish. The result: a young, powerful wine that’s doubly delicious now, but also for celebrations in years to come. $15 SRP

Price: $14.00 to $15.00 Visit the Website

Sterling Vintners Collection 2011 Aromatic White

Sterling Vintners Collection 2011 Aromatic White

Description: Sterling Vintners Collection 2011 Aromatic White This wine opens with an explosion of intense fruit and floral aromas. Green apple, Meyer lemon, and tropical fruit are joined by honeysuckle, ginger and rosehip. The lovely bounty of fruit evolves on the palate, layered by white floral notes. “The smell is one of summertime in an orchard,” comments winemaker Jim Corkin. “Long grass, bees buzzing, a gentle breeze and a delicious sipper of bright, rich fruit.” $14 SRP

Price: $14.00 Visit the Website

Skinnygirl Cabernet Sauvignon

Skinnygirl Cabernet Sauvignon

Description: Red wine anyone? Keep your night classy with a glass of Skinnygirl™ Cabernet Sauvignon, which offers bright aromas of dark berries with a touch of warm chocolate. Mature tannins are framed by bright acidity. At only 100 calories per serving, this Skinnygirl option offers a guilt-free way to enjoy wine without the extra calories and helps you feel the love this Valentine’s Day.

Price: $13.99 Visit the Website

Dear Coco Chocolate's Valentine's Truffle Collection

Dear Coco's 12 piece Valentine's Day Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection

Description: For the LOVE of chocolate! Share artisan dark chocolate truffle love with your special sweetheart. This handcrafted, limited edition Valentine’s Day Truffle Collection from Dear Coco Chocolate is sure to capture her heart and delight her taste buds – it’s what true love tastes like. Don’t forget some chocolate love for yourself, too! Contains six pieces of each of the following truffle flavors: Saigon Fireball: Vietnamese Saigon cinnamon + dark chocolate + chili powder + cayenne pepper + natural cocoa. This inspired truffle combines sweet and heat in perfect balance with dark chocolate – the most delicious way to heat things up. Paraguay Passion Fruit: passion fruit + dark chocolate + organic hibiscus flowers. Passion never tasted this good: this luscious truffle is an exotic and unforgettable blend of floral and citrus flavors with deep dark chocolate. Dear Coco Chocolate transports you around the world through chocolate. Our blends of premium Belgian dark chocolate with bold global flavors allow your taste buds to embark on chocolate adventures from across the world, no passport required. Even our name Dear Coco is intended as a love letter to chocolate, written from abroad. Our award winning chocolates are all natural, dairy free, gluten free, vegan/beegan, kosher certified and 100% handcrafted in small batches without corn syrup, trans fats or preservatives.

Price: $13.50 to $25.50 Visit the Website

Sauza® Sparkling Margarita

Sauza® Sparkling Margarita (left to right: Mango Peach, Original Lime, Wild Berry)

Description: Sauza® Sparkling Margarita is a refreshing new way to enjoy the authentic taste of a margarita with the unique addition of effervescent bubbles. Available in three delicious flavors, including Original Lime, Wild Berry and Mango Peach, this fun, ready-to-serve cocktail captures the spirit of the traditional margarita paired with a unique twist of flavor. Each variety of Sauza® Sparkling Margarita begins with a Sauza® Silver Tequila base, which is enhanced with Triple Sec along with bubbly effervescence and refreshing flavors.

Price: $12.99 Visit the Website

Indian Recipes, Spices And Gifts Delivered To Your Door!

Indian recipes, pre-measured spices and gifts delivered every month!

Description: We all love Indian food, but it can be such a hassle to make at home. First, you need to find a recipe. Then you need to buy dozens upon dozens of specialty ingredients. Ain't nobody got time for that! Tiffin Trove is changing the game. The "spice gurus" at Tiffin Trove offer specialty boxes with handpicked recipes, pre-measured ingredients, and even an extra set of spices in case you drop or lose anything! All you need to do is buy the staple items you can find at any grocery store, like tomatoes, onions and chicken. Don’t worry about hunting through grocery store aisles. We do the heavy lifting. Tiffin Trove is an online delivery service specializing in all things India. From spices and food, to jewelry and accessories, let Tiffin Trove bring these items to your front door. And remember, shipping is, and always will be, FREE.

Price: $12.99 to $15.99 Visit the Website

Sauza Wild Berry Sparkling Margarita

Sauza Wild Berry Sparkling Margarita

Description: Sauza Tequila – margarita’s favorite tequila - will help you turn Valentine’s Day into the perfect girls’ night or romantic evening in with this sparkling margarita option. Perfect in pink Sauza Wild Berry Sparkling Margarita adds a pinch of pizazz to the night with notes of bright cherry and citrus and just a hint of spice—perfect for making any moment a celebration.

Price: $12.99 Visit the Website

Gluten And MSG Free, Organic German Spice Blends

Opa Helmut's Rub product Range

Description: Opa Helmut's Rub – Tasty Traditional German Spice Blends - A range of 6 products, Original, Rustic, BBQ, Herb Garden, Karneval and Burger Mix, which are all completely natural, and gluten, MSG and preservative free. The authentic and unique spice blends are being used by customers all over the US to bring back the true heartwarming taste of traditional home cooking and barbequing. These versatile spice blends are also being used in salad dressings or dips. The original family spice blend recipes date back to 1875 and have been perfected over 4 generations of German master butchers and are now available here in the USA.

Price: $12.00 to $22.00 Visit the Website

Eppa SupraFruta Sangria

Eppa SupraFruta

Description: Eppa SupraFruta Sangria is crafted in Mendocino, California with a blend of real,organic SuperFruit juices and premium varietal wine made from organically-grown grapes. Antioxidant-Rich SuperFruit Juices come in red and white. The Eppa Red has pomegranate, blueberry, blood orange, and acai juices while the Eppa White has mangosteen, peach, mango, and Mediterranean blood orange juices. Eppa Red has almost twice the antioxidants as a glass of red wine and Eppa White has nearly three times the antioxidants of white wine! The easy ready-to-drink sangria has a screw cap that is hassle free. Just pour Eppa SupraFruta Sangria chilled, poured over ice and/or garnished with fruit and enjoy!

Price: $11.99 Visit the Website

Stack On Valentine's Day!

Stack Wine

Description: The individual self-serving packaging are perfect for the single lady who wants to treat herself on National Single Awareness Day! Stack Wine’s ultra-convenient packaging allows you to enjoy one glass of wine at a time, allowing you to drink a glass or two solo without having to waste the unused wine from an open bottle. This unique concept offers the only tear apart, single serve package shaped like a stem-less wine glass, which features four individual containers that stack on top of one another to form the equivalent of one full bottle of wine. If you are lucky in love but find yourself in a relationship divided by red versus white wine, you can find appreciation of opposites attract with Stack Wine. Avoid the disappointing moment on Valentine’s Day of not having to drink the other’s wine of choice just because it’s the only bottle open! Stack Wine is available in Cabernet Sauvignon, Charisma, Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay at retailers nationwide. Whether you are planning a romantic date night or ordering in pizza and watching rom coms this Valentine’s Day, Stack Wine makes a great addition to the night!

Price: $11.99 Visit the Website

Jacques Torres Chocolate - Big Kiss

Big Kiss

Description: Let your sweetie know just what you're thinking with these succulent treats from famed NYC chocolatier Jacques Torres. Fondly known as "Mr. Chocolate," Chef Torres is the go-to authority for all things cocoa. Celebrate this Valentine's Day with any one of Jacques' Valentine's Day-themed confections, available in Milk, Dark of White Chocolate at one of Jacques' NYC stores or at www.mrchocolate.com.

Price: $11.00 Visit the Website

Spoonable Confectionery Sauces

Spoonable Chewy Sesame Caramel Sauce

Description: Spoonable, Brooklyn’s Saucy Caramel!, handcrafts five decadent caramel sauces and one buttery Brooklyn Butterscotch. Our caramel sauces include classic Salty, Spicy Chili, Chewy Sesame, Peppered Orange and Flowery Lavender. We source the best quality ingredients possible, never adding any preservatives or thickeners. Spoonable’s caramel sauces pair beautifully with both sweet and savory foods, as a glaze on slow-cooked Boston butt, as a cheese pairing or just as a dip for fruit. Spoonable is about creamy sweetness, fun, indulgence, exploration. Caramel is not just about ice cream anymore!

Price: $11.00 to $12.50 Visit the Website

Sobieski Vodka

Sobieski Vodka

Description: A cocktail from Sobieski Vodka (SRP: $10.99) could be the ideal kickoff to a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration. With flavors ranging from Karamel to Raspberry and Black Cherry, there is a flavor for every palate. More than just delicious cocktails, this gift has heart, as Sobieski is continuing its partnership with the Fisher House Foundation until the end of March, click here from more details.

Price: $10.99 Visit the Website

Pickles And Chocolate: The Perfect Pair

Hot Mama Almond Roca Gift Set

Description: The perfect gift for your "Hot Mama"! Our Valentines day gift set includes 1 jar of Hot Mama Spears as well as a collector’s heart shaped tin of Almond Roca from Brown & Haley. Lynnae's Gourmet Pickles was recently featured on ABC's TV show Shark Tank. They offer high quality, all natural pickles with unique flavor combinations. Hot Mama's are their best seller, a sweet and sour dill with a kick of jalapeno.

Price: $10.99 Visit the Website

Tattle Tea Spiced Chai Black Tea

Spiced Chai Black Tea

Description: This isn't the sugar-loaded instant stuff, this is the real deal! We blend a multitude of fine black teas with six different spices (anise, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, fennel) to create a true spiced chai for real tea lovers. This tea is easily one of our most popular offerings. It is excellent hot or cold with cream and sugar to taste.

Price: $10.50 Visit the Website

Mix Your Own Healthy Breakfast From 100 Premium Ingredients

MixMyOwn.com pre-mixes

Description: You can mix your own healthy breakfast cereal from over than 100 ingredients, choosing the right mixture of cereals, fruits, nuts, seeds and extras (including protein powders). We offer only responsibly chosen ingredients, including a variety of 100% natural, unprocessed, organic, non-GMO, preservative free and sugar-free options. This gives you over million possible variations of final taste. On our website there is also online nutrition calculator, so you can check how much of sugar is in the mix, and thanks to freeze-dried fruit, you can maintain extremely low level of sugar. For those who are not sure what they should include in the mix, we offer ready made pre-mixes. Also good as a gift.

Price: $10.00 to $40.00 Visit the Website

Estancia Monterey County Pinot Noir

Estancia Monterey County Pinot Noir

Description: Whether raising a glass to your loved one over an intimate dinner or toasting to your independence with friends, one sip of the Estancia Monterey County Pinot Noir and you’re sure to fall in love. With aromas of raspberry, baking spice, cigar box, cherry, and oak, it is sure to impress anyone this Valentine’s Day, especially over a delicious meal. Pairing perfectly with a wide range of foods from salmon and asparagus to pork, poultry and steak, Estancia wines are the ideal addition to your V-Day evening.

Price: $10.00 to $15.00 Visit the Website

Viva Diva Brands Naturally Infused Moscato, A Celebrity Favorite

Viva Brands

Description: Viva Diva Brands is a selection of naturally infused Moscato that has quickly grown to be a celebrity favorite. Available in Strawberry, Peach, Raspberry, Mango, Pineapple & Coconut and Pomegranate, we are sure to have a flavor that suits your pallet. Viva Brands is also proud to have recently launched their Viva Birra, their Italian beer. For a complete listing of products and details check out our site at VivaBrandsUSA.com. Stay sexy, drink Viva.

Price: $9.99 to $14.99 Visit the Website

Salba Chia Whole Seed And Premium Ground Pouches

Salba Chia Pouches

Description: Salba Chia is the most nutritionally consistent and nutrient dense form of chia available. Salba is also the richest whole food source of Omega-3s (ALA) and Fiber found on the planet! It is used as a supplement to your daily diet and can be added into ANY recipe. Our products are all grown organically, are Non-GMO project verified, Vegan, Raw, Gluten-free and Kosher. Salba Chia Whole Seed Pouch is 12.7oz and Salba Chia Premium Ground Pouch is 6.4oz. "One small seed for your diet, one giant boost for your health!" -Smarter than your average chia.

Price: $9.99 to $15.99 Visit the Website

Perfect Pair

Perfect Pair from Tastefully Simple

Description: For a limited time, Tastefully Simple is offering Perfect Pair, a delicious gift set perfect for sharing with the sweetheart in your life. Perfect Pair comes complete with: • Chocolate Twisty Grahams – Sweet, pretzel-shaped grahams with cocoa, honey and vanilla. • Orange Dreamsicle Cheese Ball Mix – A luscious twist on a childhood favorite. Just add cream cheese to enjoy this unique dessert. Perfect Pair is available through the month of February at www.TastefullySimple.com.

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Ecolution Mini Heart-Shaped Pan

Ecolution 6

Description: A great way to express your love at breakfast time for Valentine's Day. Make heart-shaped eggs, pancakes, omelets and more. It's also a wonderful way to keep your portions in control. This wonderful 6 inch pan comes in a variety of color, including red. A few features include: * Hydrolon water-based nonstick - PFOA free * Pure aluminum ensures consistent heating * Handles are comfortable to grip * Convenient small size

Price: $9.99 Visit the Website

Linwoods SuperFoods

Linwoods Your Link to Good Food and Good Health

Description: The Linwoods range of delicious, nutritious ‘Super Foods’ is the perfect solution for those who want to ensure that their diet comprises the essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that can add such quality to life and living. Linwoods range of ground seeds, nuts and berries sprinkled on any meal can add that healthy boost to almost everything you eat. Linwoods also has something for everyone. It is widely accepted for a diverse range of diets, Linwoods’ products are gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, and all natural and organic. Linwoods Nutritious Super Foods provides an easy and convenient way to include a wide range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in your diet for optimum health. - Linwoods Ground Flax, Sunflower, Pumpkin & Sesame Seeds & Goji Berries - Linwoods Ground Flaxseed, Cocoa, Strawberries & Blueberries - Linwoods Ground Flaxseed, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Walnuts & Q10 - Linwoods Ground Flaxseed & Goji Berries - Linwoods Ground Organic Flaxseed - Linwoods Shelled Organic Hemp

Price: $9.59 to $15.67 Visit the Website

Melitta Café De Europa Single Serve Cups

Melitta’s Café de Europa Single Serve Gourmet Coffee

Description: Spread the LOVE this Valentine’s Day, with the gift of time! For the coffee lover in your life, Melitta Coffee has the perfect single-serve option – quick, convenient, flavorful and eco-friendly! Designed for use in most Keurig-style single-serve brewers, Melitta’s Café de Europa Single Serve Gourmet Coffee cups deliver a heightened sensory experience to the entire brewing process. Unique to the category, consumers can actually see and smell their coffee (100% premium, high-grown Arabica beans, batch-roasted and ground extra fine) from the moment they remove the cup from its individually sealed freshness pack. Each cup is made with a Melitta filter, and upon brewing, water fully saturates the grinds for a bold, flavorful cup of coffee. Designed with the environment in mind, Melitta’s single cup coffees (12 individual cups per packages) are also 100% recyclable.

Price: $9.29 Visit the Website

Choctal Single-Origin Chocolate And Vanilla Ice Creams

Four origins currently available.

Description: Chocolate. Vanilla. Together, the essence of Choctál’s single-origin, indulgent ice creams. Intense, distinct, and with fully rounded flavors, Choctál’s rich and luscious ice creams highlight differences among cacao and vanilla grown in the world’s diverse rainforests. From the moment you taste Choctál, you will realize that this ice cream is decidedly different. Are we “the perfect chocolate ice cream” as proclaimed by Gourmet’s Ruth Reichl? A single taste will tell you. Join us on our worldwide journey. From Mexico to Madagascar and beyond, we promise to delight your palate as we strive to make a positive impact on our planet.

Price: $9.00 to $11.00 Visit the Website

Pure Vanilla Extract

Grandma's hometown pure vanilla extract

Description: Grandma's hometown pure vanilla extract. 75+ year old recipe from The Cincinnati Tea & Spice Company Contains pure vanilla seeds NO sugar or corn syrup added or any other ingredients you can't pronounce. 4oz glass bottle. Excellent for baking, cold dishes, pancakes, french toast, add to your hot chocolate, coffee or hot fudge sauce. Use the same amount as the recipe calls for. Gift wrap option available.

Price: $8.00 to $10.00 Visit the Website

EssenTiles Custom Scrabble Tile Wine Charms & Gifts

Coffee & Love: EssenTiles Scrabble Tile Wine Charms

Description: EssenTiles custom Scrabble Tile Wine Charms are a fun and fabulous gift for Valentine’s Day. Much more than your average wine charms, these "up cycled," repurposed Scrabble tile wine glass markers surprise and delight recipients with any theme, sayings, song lyrics, or special photos, personalized for anyone! Imagine a wine charm set with your favorite pictures or cherished photos. You can design specific wine charms for your usual gang, book club pals, or event guests from our suggested themes or your own ideas. Constructed from authentic wooden Scrabble tiles, each handmade charm combines a quality triple-glazed photo with coordinating beadwork on a silver wine charm hoop. All wine charm sets include eight wine markers and an authentic wood Scrabble tile rack to store and display these creations.  Whatever the holiday or gift occasion, EssenTiles can put any images, or combinations of images, on wine charms, as well as pendants, earrings, cufflinks, or key chains.

Price: $8.00 to $25.00 Visit the Website

TAKEYA Coconut Lime Rooibos Flash Chill Iced Tea

TAKEYA Coconut Lime Rooibos Flash Chill Iced Tea

Description: TAKEYA's Coconust Lime Rooibos Flash Chill Iced Tea blends earthy Green Rooibos with rich coconut, papaya, pineapple and zesty lime peel to send your taste buds to the tropics. Harvested in South Africa, Green Rooibos leaves are unoxidized, caffeine-free and brew to reveal a smooth and grassy flavor. Each TAKEYA Flash Chill Iced Tea is designed to ensure the most flavorful iced tea using foil packets to lock in freshness and flavor. The packets are pre-measured to take out the guesswork, use one packet for the 1 quart Tea Maker and two for the 2 quart. Simply tear open, brew, chill, and enjoy the most delicious sip, every time.

Price: $7.99 Visit the Website

Eliminate The Hang Over With Liquid IV

100% Natural Liquid IV

Description: Liquid I.V. is premium all natural hydration therapy. Based on Oral Rehydration therapy, the makers of Liquid I.V. have devised a precise ratio of electrolytes, glucose, and water that enter the bloodstream more rapidly than plain water. Liquid I.V. was specifically formulated to rehydrate the body as quickly and efficiently as possible, while simultaneously aiding the body’s natural process of eliminating unwanted toxins. As a result, Liquid I.V’s all natural ingredients eliminate the miserable symptoms that come with dehydration, the root cause of a hangover. Packaged in convenient powder packets, Liquid I.V. can be mixed into 20 oz. cup of cold water, or even easier, one of the reusable Liquid I.V. bags. Purchase a pack of four Liquid I.V.s for $7.99 or purchase a Hangover Party Pack of 40 Liquid I.Vs for $74.95. Work hard. Play hard. #LIV hard.

Price: $7.95 to $74.95 Visit the Website

Le Grand Courtâge Is A New, Award-winning, French Sparkling Wine, Which Is Designed To Excite And Encourage People To Live Their Most Effervescent Life.

Le Grand Courtâge Portfolio

Description: Embrace Life. Dream Big. Accept all Invitations. Le Grand Courtâge, an exquisitely designed award-winning bubbly offers an affordable luxury that is perfect for “courting life” and celebrating its special occasions, as well as all of the simple every day moments in between. The Blanc de Blanc-Brut, with undertones of Granny Smith apples, honeysuckle, strawberry & toasted brioche is available in full-size as well as a ‘Courtâge cutie’, a stylish 187ml bottle that's perfect for a gift-on-the go. With fresh and fruity with aromas of young strawberry, raspberry and notes of lilac and violets. The rosé compliments an array of foods.

Price: $7.00 to $25.00 Visit the Website

No More 'to Go' Weekly Meal Planning Website

No More 'to go' Weekly Meal Plan website

Description: After planning meals for 13 years for 3 kids, Mom Stacey Strout Stabenow developed a plan for other parents to eat well. With her “Shop, Cook, Save, Relax” motto view, No More ‘to go’ Weekly Meal Plans include recipes for 5 meals with sides and bonus recipe for the weekend (all recipes include a photograph). She has an easy A to Z list for groceries to help you get quickly in and out of the store you can print or use on your mobile device.  She offers great variety of cuisines, proteins and seasonal ingredients, suggestions for modifications for vegetarian, gluten free and selective eaters. 

Price: $7.00 to $64.00 Visit the Website

Pure Taste, Less Waste With Flavrz

Mix It Strong Or Mix It Light

Description: Flavrz Organic Drink Mix is a liquid organic drink concentrate made with the real stuff - organic fruit juices, fruit flavors and botanical extracts. The result is a delicious, refreshing and organic drink made simply by adding Flavrz to still or sparkling water. Mix it strong or mix it light, at the table or on the go - it is totally up to you. All Flavrz are USDA Organic, Gluten-Free and Non-GMO. Recognizing that ninety-eight percent of Americans have easy access to plain old, yet healthy, tap water, it became obvious that making a drink concentrate to be mixed at home would be ideal. It would also be less packaging, less waste, and no tractor-trailers filled with heavy bottles. Flavrz is organically delicious with nothing artificial, ever -- the perfect alternative to high sugar sodas and fruit drinks that are loaded with the bad stuff. Flavrz ‘pure taste, less waste’ mission really is refreshing America, the healthy way. It's been a delicious, healthy drink journey at Flavrz. With the launch of Flavrz2Go, the great taste and organic goodness of Flavrz is now available in convenient and handy single serve packets. Ideally sized to make twelve to twenty ounces of organic refreshment when mixed with water, Flavrz2 Go is ideal for work, home, school or play. Available Flavrz2Go include Superfruit Sport with Electrolytes, Fruit Punch Energy, Citrus Hibiscus Immunity and our original fruit flavors, Cherry Berry, Lemon Lime and Tropical Peach available in Flavrz2Go packaging.

Price: $6.99 to $39.99 Visit the Website

Mighty Leaf Calypso Mango Iced Tea

Mighty Leaf Calpyso Mango Iced Tea, a luscious blend of mango, tropical fruit, and whole South Indian black tea leaves.

Description: Indulge yourself with this luscious blend of mango, tropical fruit, and whole South Indian black tea leaves. Our all natural iced tea is free of sugar, calories, and artificial flavors. Mighty Leaf Calypso Mango Iced Tea comes in a pouch that is four times larger than a typical tea bag, perfectly portioned to make half a gallon of iced tea. Fresh brew your own iced tea – it is easy, frugal, and eco-friendly when compared to bottles.

Price: $6.25 Visit the Website

Organic, Handmade, Preserves, Teas And Scones, Salts And Sauces

May all your moments be delicious!

Description: Are you ready for this jelly? The Jelly Queens create sassy, organic, handmade, jellies, jams, sauces, salts, teas and a 500 year old scones recipe that has been passed down from Kerr Castle.Packed with personality and a Texas punch, think Raspberry Chipotle Jam infused with Belgium lambic beer or Black Garlic Rosemary Sauce laced with Texas red table wine or a California Champagne Jelly instead of plain grape!

Price: $6.00 to $10.00 Visit the Website

Papa Murphy's Take 'n' Bake HeartBaker Pizza

Papa Murphy's HeartBaker Pizza

Description: Share the love this Valentine’s Day with the entire family over the Papa Murphy’s HeartBaker® Pizza. Celebrating over 30-years, this Valentine’s favorite is freshness you will fall in love with! The HeartBaker is the original Valentine pizza that starts with our fresh, scratch-made dough and is topped with our traditional red sauce. Next, we add generous portions of freshly grated 100% whole milk mozzarella, cheddar and provolone cheeses and premium pepperoni. Papa Murphy’s offers a convenient way to celebrate with a fresh meal without all the kitchen time needed to make your own premium, great tasting dinner from scratch. Our HeartBaker Pizzas bakes at 425 degrees and comes piping hot from your home oven in just 12 – 18 minutes.

Price: $6.00 Visit the Website

Sweet Rose Creamery Celebrates Valentine's Day With Bon Bons & Raspberry Semifreddo

Raspberry Semifreddo Cake

Description: Small batch ice-cream shop Sweet Rose Creamery is featuring two limited-edition sweet treats perfect for Valentine's Day—a Bon Bon gift pack and a heart-shaped Raspberry Semifreddo cake! The Bon Bon gift pack (three for $6; six for $12) offers delicious bites of either spicy chocolate or strawberry ice cream or guava frozen yogurt dipped in Guittard Chocolate (pictured below). Romantics may also pick up or stop by one of Sweet Rose Creamery’s three locations, including their new shop on Beverly, for a heart-shaped Raspberry Semifreddo, served atop a Valrhona chocolate genoise, available for $12. Limited quantities are available in stores now through February 14. About Sweet Rose Creamery: Recently welcoming its third location (on Beverly Blvd.), Sweet Rose Creamery is one of the few artisanal ice cream shops that truly makes everything from scratch, right down to its dairy base—for which it has a pasteurizing license. Executive Chef/Co-Owner Shiho Yoshikawa’s menu consists of imaginative homespun frozen desserts and ice cream treats, using exclusively organic dairy products and farmers’ market fruits and produce. The shop features 12 regularly changing flavors, sourcing the best local ingredients available for a pure and seasonally inspired taste. Currently on the menu, fans may enjoy scoops of Earl Grey, Stout, Port Fig with Toasted Walnuts, Candied Kumquat, and Cherimoya, among other flavors.

Price: $6.00 to $12.00 Visit the Website

Bulgarini Gelato Hearts - A Must For Food Lovers!

Bulgarini Gelato Hearts

Description: Say I love you with Bulgarini Gelato's Heart Shaped Cremino Bars. Artisanally crafted and hand dipped in chocolate, these delectable treats are sure to please the most discriminating palate. Flavors like pomegranate & custard, strawberry & vanilla, dipped in white or dark chocolate. And classic gelato bars in almond or hazelnut. Sold individually or assorted in a gold presentation box. We have a number of other treats perfect for Valentine's Day. We invite you to come in and taste for yourselves! Acclaimed by food critics and food lovers alike, Leo Bulgarini's gelato is made in the style of the Italian masters: from scratch, with fresh, natural and whole ingredients. We use locally sourced fruits and the best whole nuts and chocolates imported from around the globe. Free of preservatives, stabilizers and pre-mixes. Gluten free and with substantially LESS FAT than traditional ice cream. We are sure you'll fall in love.

Price: $6.00 to $20.00 Visit the Website

The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Cookbook

The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Cookbook Cover

Description: Grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food. It can be simply made from bread, cheese, and butter, or it can become a gourmet meal with the addition of more sophisticated ingredients. The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Cookbook transforms the humble grilled cheese into something ‘more’. This full color cookbook features 20 original recipes for gourmet grilled cheese. These recipes are divided into four sections: Vegetarian, Meat, Seafood, and Add Ins. The Add Ins section is where cheese lovers will find stand-alone recipes for items that are used in some of the grilled cheese recipes. About the author: Kit Graham is the author of thekittchen.com, a food site focused on original and practical recipes. Kit’s work has been featured on Refinery 29, Eater, The Frisky, 300 Sandwiches, One Woman Shop, Break Thru Radio and The Urbaness. Kit contributes to CheekyChicago and Career Girl Network. She is also a founding member of Cinq: A Chicago Food Wine + Social Club and the Windy City Blogger Collective.

Price: $5.99 to $20.00 Visit the Website


BluePrint Red Juice

Description: This Valentine's Day give the gift that truly says "I Love You"... the gift of health! Tell your loved one that you want you around longer than the morning with BluePrintJuice! *BluePrint Red Juice is a healthy way to increase iron intake for both vegetarians and meat eaters. Loaded with Beets and Apples, it is a great source of iron, potassium and folate. Available at your local Whole Foods locations nationwide. Be still my beating heart! *BluePrint Mimosa* - The alternative to a mimosa! Making your sweetie breakfast in bed? BluePrint Orange Grapefruit makes a healthier substitute to OJ!Three kinds of citrus means loading up on Vitamin C, which can promote a healthy cardiovascular system and fight infections.

Price: $5.99 to $10.99 Visit the Website

Garlic Gold

The Garlic Gold Gift Box has everything you need!

Description: Garlic Gold is a locally made, handcrafted, artisanal, gourmet garlic food line that you'll always want to have a spot for in your kitchen cabinet. Made from two of the original super foods, Organic Garlic and Extra Virgin Olive oil, their crunchy flavored nuggets, oils, spreads and vinaigrettes, are the perfect condiment(s) to sprinkle or drizzle onto your food! For those “grill masters” out there, Garlic Gold not only offers a tasty twist to the food being prepared, but will make your taste buds burst whether used to sauté, roast, scramble, or simply shake on your favorite treats! Aside from health benefits, one of the best things about Garlic Gold is that kids love it. There is no better way to get kids to eat their vegetables; just sprinkle some Garlic Gold on it and watch what happens - guaranteed to turn “Yuck” into “Wow. “Find and own your only little piece of Garlic Gold and turn any meal into a guest-pleasing culinary adventure.

Price: $5.95 to $52.95 Visit the Website

All Natural Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallow

Description: Xan Confections tempt the taste buds and satisfy the soul. Unique, indulgent artisan chocolates, caramels and other handcrafted treats feature startling, distinctive flavors and the world's finest, all-natural ingredients. Collections of alternative functional confections accommodate dessert lovers with special dietary needs. Xan Confections ships worldwide, and are sold in nearly 300 locations in 37 states across the country. For specific locations and to place an order, visit our website at www.xanconfections.com or call 877-578-7267.

Price: $5.00 to $25.00 Visit the Website

Coolhaus Ice Cream

Coolhaus Logo

Description: Coolhaus Architecturally Inspired Ice Cream. WHAT IS COOLHAUS?OUR STORYHOW IT ALL HAPPENS COOLHAUS is a triple entendre – a play on three of our favorites: [1] Bauhaus, an influential modernist design movement of the 1920′s and 30′s. [2] Rem Koolhaas, the famous Dutch Architect and Theorist who challenged the mantra "Form follows function" [3] "Cool house," isn't that what you're eating – an ice cream sandwich deconstructed into a cookie roof and floor slab with ice cream walls?

Price: $5.00 to $60.00 Visit the Website

Saint Valentine's French Fries

Saint Valentine's Fry

Description: For the three months surrounding Valentine’s Day only, French Fry Heaven locations across the country are serving the “Saint Valentine’s” fry, which consists of sweet potato fries topped with pink vanilla and strawberry icing. French Fry Heaven is the first franchise in the gourmet fry category, serving up to 50 different flavors of French fries at their 15 locations across the country. French Fry Heaven serves two kinds of fries, Angels and Saints. Angels are classic fries served Belgium style and topped with a cacophony of the greatest flavors imaginable which represent the favorite flavors from around the world. Saints are delicious Sweet Potato fries served either salty, with the Angel toppings or dessert style rolled in cinnamon and brown sugar and covered with things such as caramel, vanilla or marshmallow. Come try the Saint Valentine's fry at one of our 15 locations! You can find us in Jacksonville, FL., St. Augustine, FL., Lubbock, TX., The Woodlands, TX., Worcester, N.J., Paramus, N.J., Baton Rouge, LA., Woodbridge, N.J., North Olmstead, OH., Seattle, WA., North Attleborough, MA., Sugar Land, TX., Towson, MD., and Lakeland, FL.

Price: $5.00 to $10.00 Visit the Website

Gluten-Free Foods

The Gluten Free Bistro's Products

Description: The Gluten Free Bistro’s mission is to provide modern, healthy and divine foods for all to enjoy. We believe that food free of gluten should not be food free of taste, quality and nutrition. Our products are whole grain, contain non-GMO ingredients and are delicious. We know you will not be disappointed.Find our products retail and in restaurants. Enjoy!

Price: $4.99 to $6.99 Visit the Website

Foxy's Frozen Yogurt

Four Foxy Flavors!

Description: Foxy’s Pash is a guilt-free alternative to fattening, high-calorie ice creams, and contains live cultures (which aid digestion and boost immunity). Made with real California milk, Foxy’s Pash is rich and creamy, yet contains only half the calories, fat, and sugar of most name-brand ice creams. Nothing Like a Hot Pash! ‘Pash’ is an Australian term for smooching. Foxy’s knows that not all pashes are the same-- some pashes are romantic, some are fun, and some are just downright naughty. Foxy’s Frozen Yogurt puts the sensations of a pash into a delectable dessert. You can never have too many pashes in a day, or in your freezer! Feel the Love in These Flavors! For every fancy or feeling, Foxy’s has a flavor (complete with cheeky advice on how to score a pash or two): Let spoonfuls of Sassy Pash (vanilla bean with real strawberries) melt in your mouth, or treat yourself to a Sneaky Pash (wild berry frozen yogurt with chocolate flakes) made with real berries and chocolate. Cheeky Pash (a blend of mango and passion fruit) is the perfect treat for bikini season or everyday indulgence, and Naughty Pash (honeycomb flavors with chunks of caramel) satiates sweet cravings guilt-free!

Price: $4.99 Visit the Website


Stem from Quirky.com

Description: Stem $4.99 When life gives you lemons, you should hope to have Stem in hand. It sprays juice directly from any citrus fruit with the press of a finger. No cutting, no skinning... just liquid zest for your food and drink that comes straight from the source for any of your cocktail or cooking needs. Stem was invented by Tim Houle from Hazel Park, MI.

Price: $4.98 to $4.99 Visit the Website

Amore Made Easy!

Spice things up!

Description: Get your Valentine something truly unique and special with a range of amazing and delicious Italian products. From a cocktails collection you can use to toast your love to some sweet conserves to help you make breakfast in bed extra amazing, you'll find an range of amazing gift ideas that are all 100% Italian, 100% natural and 100% delicious — and now 25% off for the month of February. Come be our Valentine today!

Price: $4.95 to $39.95 Visit the Website

Good Earth Tea Pomegranate Burst

Good Earth Pomegranate Burst

Description: Good Earth Tea¹s Pomengranate Burst is perfect to tickle the taste buds of tea drinkers this Valentine's Day. Pomegranate Burst blends the goodness of green tea and the unexpected tart flavors of pomegranate and cherry for a burst of bright flavor. It tastes great hot or iced -- and needs nothing added, it's naturally sweet. It's just one of Good Earth Tea's all-natural, zero calorie herbal fusions.

Price: $4.49 Visit the Website

Reusable & Dishwasher Safe Red Cups

Red Cup Living Family of Reusable Red Cups

Description: Red Cup Living is a lifestyle company that pays homage to an American party icon-a cultural staple-the famous red cup. (You know the one.) Meet the Red Cup Living family of products--the first ever reusable and dishwasher safe red cups! These cups are meant for good times and command smiles wherever they go. They are great for parties, entertaining, BBQs, tailgating, beach, pool, camping, boating or just hanging out. Imagine a red cup for wine (yes, it is a red cup on a wine stem), or one for coffee or even a margarita! Durable double wall construction makes our red cups super strong and break-resistant. Enjoy a drink, pop it in the dishwasher and do it all over again! All our red cups are BPA and phthalates free.

Price: $4.00 to $10.00 Visit the Website

Sheila G's Award-Winning Brownie Brittle

Indulge in Sheila G's Original Award-Winning Brownie Brittle!

Description: Get your snack on with Sheila G's award-winning Brownie Brittle(tm)! If you know someone who loves the crispy rich chocolaty edges of the brownie, then they'll go crazy for Brownie Brittle(tm)! We promise there'll be no more fighting for that corner piece(tm)! Sheila G's Original Brownie Brittle(tm) comes in Chocolate Chip, Toffee Crunch, Salted Caramel and Mint Chocolate Chip flavors. Brownie Brittle(tm) was listed by WeightWatchers.com(r) as a hot item at only 120 calories/ounce! Indulge your loved one for any occasion by giving them Sheila G's Brownie Brittle(tm). Who knows, maybe they'll even share some with you?!

Price: $3.99 to $4.99 Visit the Website

All Natural Crunchy Cookie Chips

All Natural Crunchy Cookie Chips

Description: All Natural Crunchy Cookie Chips™ are made with only whole food ingredients such as milled cane sugar, rBST hormone free butter, cage free eggs, fine chocolate, and pure bourbon vanilla. They contain no artificial flavors, colors, trans fats, GMOs and are 120-130 calories per serving. Cookie Chips™ are available in four delicious flavors Original, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Sugar, and Sea Salted Peanut Butter.

Price: $3.99 to $5.99 Visit the Website

Rabitos Royale: Chocolate Enrobed Figs

Rabitos Royales: chocolate enrobed figs

Description: Imported fresh from Spain, Rabitos Royale are made from select tender young figs that are filled with a mousse made from dark chocolate and a hint of brandy. Each one is then hand dipped in even more rich dark chocolate. Finally, each individual Rabito Bonbon is sealed in a foil envelope so that it will always taste as fresh as the day they were made. Rabitos Royale are packaged in boxes of 3, 9, 18 or 55 pieces.

Price: $3.95 to $79.95 Visit the Website

Valentine's Day Desserts With Sea Salt

Available at: Amazon.com, select Burlington Coat Factory, Homegoods, Marshalls, Ross and TJ Maxx stores nationwide

Description: Nothing says “I love you” like a homemade baked treat for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Make this year’s menu extra special down to the smallest detail with sea salt that is as romantic and vibrant as you are. Gourmet Nut Himalayan Pink Salt is a unique way to spice up your Valentine’s dessert with one of Feb. 14th’s signature colors. Hand-mined deep inside the Himalayan Mountains, the salt’s natural pink color comes from its mineral content. If you are feeling creative, one of these recipes might serve as inspiration for a sweet (and a little salty) treat for your sweetie (who can also be a little salty sometimes, I’m sure!). • Microwave sea salted caramels can be an easy dish to make that looks as if you’ve slaved over the stove for hours! • Homemade peanut butter cups with sea salt are a fun take on traditional candy. • Chocolate chip cookies with Himalayan Pink Salt add some pink pizazz with a dash of cinnamon to the classic cookie. Himalayan Pink Salt is great for more than just festive baking for a romantic meal—it’s perfect for seasoning chicken, fish or vegetables any time of the year.

Price: $3.79 to $7.99 Visit the Website

Gimbal's Cherry Lovers

Gimbal's Cherry Lovers

Description: Gimbal's Fine Candies Cherry Lovers are delicious fruit chews that are made with real cherry juice and are high in antioxidant vitamin c. Each bag contains a blend of chocolate cherry, bing cherry, cherry daiquiri, wild cherry, cherry vanilla, cherry cheesecake, black cherry, kiwi cherry, and cherry cola. These heart shaped candies would make a great addition to any Valentine's gift lineup!

Price: $3.29 Visit the Website

Delicious, Authentic Flatbreads From Stonefire

Prosciutto and Arugula flatbread pizza

Description: Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads, makers of the #1 naan in North America, make authentic, freshly-baked naan, pizza crust and pita pockets, all of which are made without artificial preservatives, additives, artificial colors, trans fat and hydrogenated oils. They are a versatile base for creating nutritious and delicious meals such as flatbread pizzas topped with fresh, seasonal ingredients. A perfect solution for family dinner or for entertaining a crowd.

Price: $2.99 Visit the Website


KEEN-WAH Decadence Bars: A perfect gift for the healthy snacker!

Description: The world's only 100% organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free protein bar made with the natural goodness of heirloom quinoa! KEEN-WAH DECADENCE bars are made from a powerhouse of organic ingredients, including sprouted quinoa flower, quinoa crisps, chia seed, almond butter, high-antioxidant raw cacao, and low-glycemic coconut nectar. With no hydrogenated oils or refined sugars in the core, KEEN-WAH DECADENCE bars offer unforgettable taste that is truly an "Intelligent Indulgence"! Available in three luscious flavors, KEEN-WAH DECADENCE bars make the perfect, inexpensive gift for anyone who wants to balance healthy eating and snacking with an amazing taste sensation! Available at retailers nationwide, they can be ordered by the bar or by the box (for an incredible gift they'll always remember!) at www.keenwah.com.

Price: $2.50 to $3.00 Visit the Website

Iberia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Iberia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Description: Perfect for the at home chef that can’t get enough flavor, Iberia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is created in Spain from carefully hand-picked olives that are harvested and processed to create a savory and simple oil that is great served on its own with a plethora of other dishes. Forget the excess seasoning and marinades as Iberia EVOO draws out the natural flavors of ingredients and creates a tasty (not to mention light) meal on its own. Available at select retailers, including Walmart, for $2.49-$8.69.

Price: $2.49 to $8.69 Visit the Website

Cosmos Creations

Cosmos Creations Flavors

Description: Cosmos Creations, a premium baked corn, is a delicious alternative to traditional popcorn that is sure to be a hit! In every bag, the baked corn is gluten-free, trans fat free, non GMO and has no kernels or hulls! The flavors vary from Salted Caramel, Caramel, Cinnamon Crunch and Sea Salt & Butter. Products are available for purchase online and at select retailers.

Price: $2.49 to $8.99 Visit the Website

New And Refreshing Coco Fresco™ Enlightens Coconut Water Fans

Coco Fresco

Description: Known among healthy beverage drinkers as a guilt-free natural energy drink, Coco Fresco is produced in premium batches of coconut water that guarantee a pure and delicious taste. Contributing to its exceptional taste, Coco Fresco is made purely from green coconuts. Unlike other coconut water drinks that mix the fatty, milky juice of aged brown coconuts with the green coconut water, Coco Fresco is sourced and made from pure young and fresh green coconuts. Coco Fresco’s fresh green coconuts are picked at the best age in Southeast Asia’s tropical forests to extract the sweet coconut water that is fat- and cholesterol-free, rich in potassium, and naturally full of electrolytes. Beautifully bottled in appealing and eco-friendly glass packaging, Coco Fresco comes in four all-natural, low-calorie flavors: Natural, Strawberry, Watermelon and Banana.

Price: $2.45 to $2.99 Visit the Website

Mrs. Freshley's Fudge Cremes "Conversation Cookies"

Mrs. Freshley's Fudge Conversation Cookies

Description: Use Mrs. Freshley's delicious Fudge Cremes to create a special saying for your loved one this Valentine's Day. Mrs. Freshley's Fudge Cremes are delectable creme filled fudge cookies and make the perfect platform to create a Valentine's Day treat for that special someone. This quick and easy dessert recipe is the perfect way to let your family or special someone know how you feel in a cute and tasty way. Mrs. Freshley's Conversation Cookies Recipe Ingredients: • Mrs. Freshley’s Fudge Cremes • Heart and letter stencils • Powdered sugar • Sifter Directions: 1. Place stencil on top of a Mrs. Freshley’s Fudge Creme. 2. Sift some powdered sugar over the stencil and Fudge Creme. 3. Remove the stencil, revealing the desired designed.

Price: $2.29 to $2.99 Visit the Website

Healthy Gourmet Cookies Sweetened By Nature With Fruits, Veggies & Grains!

Fabe's Mini Cookies

Description: Fabe’s All Natural Bakery is a leader when it comes to baking healthy, delicious desserts that are Sweetened by Nature™ with fruits, veggies and grains. Fabe’s cookies, pies, cakes and cupcakes contain no preservatives, no trans fats, no GMO, or artificial ingredients. They use only the highest quality pure ingredients, and offer a variety of gluten free, whole grain, vegan and organic desserts. Fabe’s delivers a gourmet taste that both kids and grown-ups simply love! Co-founder and CEO Steve Fabos started Fabe’s in 1989 when his daughter began displaying hyperactive behaviors after eating desserts made with sugar, food dyes and preservatives. Do you know what’s in the cookie you’re eating? Fabos states, “There’s NO dairy, eggs, cholesterol, trans fats, GMO, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, or artificial ingredients in any of our cookies (or any of our desserts). There’s NO evaporated cane sugar/juice, no refined sugar, no brown sugar, no high fructose corn syrup … NO added sugar period!” Fabe’s truly is the only all-naturally sweetened cookie you can feel good about eating, and feeding to your kids – ingredients and taste you can trust!

Price: $2.00 to $60.00 Visit the Website

Tastykake Tender Loving Cakes

Tastykake Tender Loving Cakes

Description: To celebrate Valentine's Day, Tastykake has introduced a delicious limited edition treat sure to satisfy your Valentine's sweet tooth -- Tender Loving Cakes. Tastykake's Tender Loving Cakes combine delicious coconut cake with a dark chocolate flavored coating, providing a tasty treat for your sweetie this Valentine's Day. These sweet treats are an excellent alternative to traditional boxed chocolates, providing that special someone with the chocolate they crave in the form of fresh, delectable cake. About Tastykake For nearly 100 years, the iconic Philadelphia snack cake company, Tastykake, has baked the freshest cakes, pies, cookies and doughnuts to satisfy their devoted followers' craving for indulgent little treats, creating a celebrated line of classic snack cakes nationwide. Visit www.tastykake.com to learn more.

Price: $2.00 to $4.00 Visit the Website

PEEPS® Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Crème Flavored Chicks

PEEPS® Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Crème Flavored Chicks

Description: Celebrate the holiday of love with fun and sentimental PEEPS® to make your Valentine’s heart flutter. PEEPS® Valentine’s Day treats can serve as a token of affection for your loved ones or adorable accents to baked good for your sweetheart. Try one or all of the seasonal varieties and express your PEEPSONALITY®! Three delectable strawberry crème flavored marshmallow chicks dipped in either dark chocolate or milk chocolate in packaging adorned with hearts – perfect for the one you love.

Price: $1.89 to $2.29 Visit the Website

CoverMate Food Covers

CoverMate Food Covers Brought to you by Touch

Description: CoverMate Food Covers are the anti-plastic wrap and foil solution that effortlessly covers, uncovers and covers again in seconds. Forget endless searches for matching Tupperware tops that never seem to be where you left them. Not only does CoverMate effortlessly fit to any shape or sized serving dish thanks to its FlexBand technology, but this food-grade plastic cover is BPA free, dishwasher safe and microwave safe. This innovative vented plastic is perfect for the transition from fridge to microwave to dishwasher. Great for home or outdoor entertaining needs- CoverMate keeps your food fresh and shielded from the elements.

Price: $1.79 to $3.99 Visit the Website

Amy And Brian's Coconut Juice

Amy and Brian's Coconut Juice

Description: Amy and Brian's Coconut Juice is an all-natural beverage that sourced from young green coconuts in Thailand, which gives it a sweeter, more substantial flavor with no added sugar. Amy and Brian's Coconut Juice is high in potassium and other electrolytes, making it a healthy and delicious beverage. Amy and Brian's Coconut Juice is available in three varieties: Coconut Juice, Coconut Juice with Pulp, and Coconut Juice with Lime. Amy and Brian's Coconut Juice can be found at natural and mainstream food markets (Whole Foods, Fresh & Easy, Kroger's, etc.)

Price: $1.50 to $3.00 Visit the Website

The Queen's Bakery & Cafe

The Queen's Bakery & Cafe

Description: Perfect for any occasion, Cupcake or Cookie Decorating Kits from The Queen’s Bakery & Cafe are a fun and stress-free way to bring family and friends together and make for a great and tasty gift too! Founded in 2011, the bakery hosts parties for all occasions and is available to book for parties. The interior of this modern “royal kingdom” is beautifully decorated and designed with bright, chic and festive colors and features plush, oversized armchairs and cushions. Queen Kathy strives to ensure that all her guests are treated like royalty and it makes for a great location to add an extra special touch to any occasion. As OC’s Premiere Venue for Private Parties & Afternoon Teas, they have a delicious selection of cupcakes, cookies, cakes and teas, handcrafted salads and sandwiches that are baked fresh daily. www.queensbakerycafe.com

Price: $1.00 to $10.00 Visit the Website

Roger Clyne's Mexican Moonshine Tequila

the award-winning marques of Mexican Moonshine

Description: Mexican Moonshine Tequila is an ultra premium, 100 percent Blue Agave tequila born in Mexico and raised in Arizona. This border-bridging Silver, Reposado and Anejo tequila is available around the country, but its soul is in the Southwest. It is served in fine restaurants and establishments but is equally at home when shared slowly around a fire in the company of great friends and good conversation. Mexican Moonshine Tequila is brought to you by Roger Clyne, who created national radio hits (and the theme song to the TV show “King of the Hill”) with the seminal ‘90s band The Refreshments. He tours nationally with his current band, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, considered one of the best live bands in America.

Price: $0.01 Visit the Website


Published on Jan 21, 2015

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