Valentine's Day Food & Beverage Gifts 2015 Above $15 - Food & Beverage Gift Guide Roundup

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Refresh Memory Kit

Here's what is included in the Refresh Memory Kit

Description: It's important to keep things fresh with your loved one. Refresh your Valentine's memory by giving them a Refresh Memory Kit by Refresh Glass. The kit allows anyone to transform the empty wine bottles from a long-holiday weekend or anniversary into personalized keepsakes that will be cherished forever. The Refresh Memory Kit contains six, 12oz glasses; six, 16oz glasses, two custom engraved key chains and all your salvageable wine labels. For an added bonus, the Refresh Memory Kit will be shipped in a reusable custom-made wooden box with a customized engraved lid. Personalize glasses with custom etching such as his and hers name and wedding date or any special message to remind your sweetheart how much you love them. Refresh Glass, founded by Ray DelMuro, began with a simple glass-cutting kit and a desire to make something useful out of old wine bottles. Today Refresh Glass has rescued nearly 500,000 used wine bottles from the trash heap, turning each into a unique, beautiful, and functional work of art such as handcrafted drinking glasses, as well as its collection of carafes, planters, LED candle lanterns, and soy-based scented candles. It’s all part of Refresh Glasses’ commitment to improve our planet, one recycled wine bottle at a time with its stated goal to reduce unnecessary waste here in America through its 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission.

Price: $300.00 Visit the Website

My Candy Basket

My Candy Basket

My Candy Basket creates a unique and beautiful package that is perfect for any occasion, but Valentine’s Day they really emphasize their philosophy that everyone deserves a handmade treat that looks beautiful and tastes decadently delicious. You can order baskets that are designed by My Candy Basket or you can work with them to create your very own basket with your own personal touches, either way you will know that the experience will have been carefully curated, including the paper , trims and the color pallets of each creation. Each piece explodes in your mouth with a rich, glorious avalanche of taste- truly taking you out of this world for a short moment of peace. 10% of all profits go to charitable purposes.

Price: $29.15 and up Visit the Website

Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum Red Head

The Red Room Refresher

Description: Whether Valentine’s Day means date night or singles happy hour before a screening of Fifty Shades of Grey, Sammy Hagar’s world-class premium rum cocktails will have you seeing and sipping RED. These seductive recipes feature the new Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum Red Head, a vibrant red-bodied rum that’s naturally infused with Hawaiian macadamia nuts, and his award-winning ultra premium silver Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum to create The Red Room RefresherThe Maui Mama and Sammy’s Red Rum & Cola.

Price: $24.99 per 750ml bottle Visit the Website

Valentine's Day Couples Rehydration Therapy

Power Up with Sempurna's Rehydration Therapy

Description: Think you'll celebrate Valentine's Day with a few extra adult beverages? What better way to say, "I love you" than, "I don't want us to feel like hell the next day." Couples rehydration therapy is the perfect gift. Our nurse practitioner will hook you up with customized IV fluids to target the classic hangover symptoms. In just 20 minutes you'll be looking and feeling great and ready for brunch! Couples receive a 25% discount on February 15th.

Price: $115.00 Visit the Website

Constellation Chocolate Collection

25 Amazing Chefs, One Incredible Valentine

Description: This once-in-­a-­lifetime collaboration is as unique as your loved one. Alice Waters, Gary Danko, Michael Tusk and 22 award-winning chefs have come together to create a limited-edition constellation of artisan chocolates to benefit charity: water. For each curated chocolate box sold, $45 will bring safe drinking water to communities around the world. This rare collection is a luxurious indulgence and unique glimpse into the creative genius of these legendary chefs. An elegant gift box is included and quantities are limited.

Price: $100.00 Visit the Website

Botticelli-Foods Gift Basket

Gift Basket Arrangement

Description: This Botticelli-Foods Gourmet Package is ideal for the foodie in your life. Spend time in the kitchen preparing authentic Italian meals together and see for yourself how indulgent Botticelli items are. If you or someone you know loves to cook - this is perfect gift for you! The gift basket includes 1 Estate Grown, 1 Extra Virgin, 2 Balsamic Vinegars, 1 Roasted Red Peppers, 1 package of spaghetti for $84.99

Price: $84.99 Visit the Website

Pheasant For Dinner Multi Game Pack

Pheasant for Dinner Multi Game Pack

Description: The Multi Game Pack from MacFarlane Pheasants is the ultimate artisan meats gift for the foodie on your list. This pack features a 2-2.5 lb. dressed pheasant, two 6 oz. venison steaks, one 2.5-3 lb. whole rabbit, two 8 oz. elk steaks and 1 pack of four farm raised whole quail. As the largest pheasant farm in North America, Wisconsin’s very own, MacFarlane Pheasants produces a natural, lean, hearty meat sure to please. Choose from several gift packs that can be delivered to one’s door.

Price: $73.50 to $79.99 Visit the Website


Renovation Cleanse

Description: Since its founding in 2007, BluePrint has pioneered the cold pressed juice industry. BluePrintCleanse offers programs of varying intensity, comprised of six juices per day. Each is made with raw, non-GMO, USDA-certified organic produce. Simultaneously, BluePrintJuice has infiltrated the retail industry, offering the same high quality cold pressed juice for individual purchase at hundreds of stores. BluePrint fans expect the consistently delicious juice made from the best possible ingredients and the accompanying white glove customer service.

Price: $65.00 Visit the Website

Personalized Etched Wine

Custom Etched Wine by Etching Expressions

Description: Etched wine bottles are a unique and personalized keepsake. Carefully hand-made by our team of skilled artisans, each bottle is an individualized work of art. The process of creating your one-of-a-kind gift starts with the selection of a great wine and an outstanding design. Your personalized text makes your selections truly unique and memorable. After we receive your order, we take your selected design and personalized text and imprint it to a stencil-like material called a mask. We remove one or more of the labels from the bottle of your choice and apply the mask. The bottle is then sand carved (similar to sand blasting) in a highly specialized process to create a deep etched recess. Your bottle is then hand-painted by our team of talented artists. Finally we perform a quality check, carefully pack your bottle and send it on its way.

Price: $65.00 to $250.00 Visit the Website

Inniskillin Vidal

Inniskillin Vidal

Description: Inniskillin Icewine is an intensely concentrated sweet wine made from grapes naturally frozen on the vine. With aromatics of tropical fruit including mango and orange, blended with hints of peach, nectarine, and citrus, Inniskillin Vidal is the perfect sweet treat for your sweetheart. Whether you mix up a tasty cocktail, or sip neat, share this dessert wine with your special someone this Valentine's Day.

Price: $60.00 Visit the Website

Michaels Of Brooklyn Authentic Homemade Italian/Neapolitan Tomato Sauces & Gift Baskets

Michaels of Brooklyn Marinara Sauce

Description: Italian restaurant Michaels of Brooklyn's line of outstanding authentic homemade Italian/Neapolitan tomato sauces are the perfect gift for any home cook. Sold nationally in gourmet markets, the sauces come in five flavors: Marinara, Fresh Tomato & Basil, Filetto di Pomodoro, Puttanesca, and Arrabbiata. All are made & bottled entirely on premises in a small factory at their Brooklyn-based restaurant. It's so authentic Italian that the tomatoes are imported from Italy and they use only fresh ingredients (no additives or preservatives). Though they add no preservatives, the sauces will keep indefinitely when sealed, and are approved and certified by Cornell University. They're as close to homemade as you can get! Michaels of Brooklyn offers two gift baskets: a 2 Pack Gift Basket for $60, which includes 1 32oz jar of Marinara, 1 32oz jar of Fresh Tomato & Basil, and 2 bags of assorted pasta, and a 4 Pack Gift Basket for $85, which includes 1 32oz jar of Marinara, 1 32oz jar of Fresh Tomato & Basil, 1 32oz jar of Arrabbiata, 1 32oz jar of Puttanesca, and 4 bags of assorted pasta. The baskets are available online at, along with individual jars, and jars can be found in stores nationwide.

Price: $60.00 to $85.00 Visit the Website

Balblair Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Balblair is the Perfect Gift for Any Scotch Drinker

Description: Balblair Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a unique gift for any collector or connoisseur as it is the only distillery that exclusively releases vintage whisky. What makes one bottling of Balblair differ from another is the time the whisky spends in the cask and the composition of the casks themselves. While all Balblair vintages maintain core characteristics, each has its own distinct favor captured from the moment in time it was laid in the cask and its long maturation. John MacDonald, Balblair's Distillery Manager, handpicks each vintage and only releases them when they're at the peak of their perfection. Each Balblair bottle is presented in a sophisticated display box which beautifully portrays the distillery's surrounding area. Balblair is a perfect gift for any scotch drinker who wants to celebrate or commemorate a certain year and it will capture the moment you want to remember forever this holiday season.

Price: $59.99 to $64.99 Visit the Website

D'Luscious: A Demi-Sec Rose By Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte

D'Luscious: a Demi-Sec Rose by Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte

Description: Valentine’s Day bubbly just got better with the launch of D’Luscious, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte’s brand new Demi-Sec Rosé! Sweethearts will swoon over the champagne’s superbly smooth finish and rich, full-bodied structure that features enticing notes of red and black summer fruits and a long, velvety finish. D’Luscious’s sexy, exotic flavor pairs well with spicy South American dishes and Indian or Asian cuisine, making it the perfect champagne for an adventurous dinner date or relaxing night in. Regardless if you’re with your significant other or with friends and family on the 14th, D’Luscious is sure to be the heart of any Valentine’s Day celebration this year. About D'Luscious: The brand new cuvée is a complex blend of three grape varieties used to make champagne: Chardonnay for finesse and length, Pinot Noir for roundness and structure, and Pinot Meunier for fruit character. D’Luscious was aged for three years in Nicolas Feuillatte’s cellars, giving it harmonious and well-balanced aromatic undertones. (MSRP $59) For purchasing inquiries and more information, please visit:

Price: $59.00 Visit the Website

Project Juice: The Perfect Gift For The Health Conscious

Project Juice Line Up

Description: Project Juice is a Bay Area based, 100% organic and cold-pressed juice company that is on a mission to provide people with easy access to the health benefits of raw produce. Project Juice sets itself apart by incorporating unique ingredients like jalapeno and turmeric into their blends. Available with nationwide shipping,Project Juice is the perfect gift for the health conscious -

Price: $56.00 Visit the Website

Piper-Heidsieck Roseé Sauvage Champagne

Piper-Heidsieck Rosé Sauvage

Description: Founded in 1785, Champagne Piper-Heidsieck is one of the oldest Champagne Houses created by Florens-Louis Heidsieck in Reims, France. A cloth merchant by trade, Heidsieck became involved in winemaking at an early age and showed a unique talent. He developed rigorous quality standards and insisted only the best grapes be used in his Champagnes. His attention to detail enabled him to create an outstanding champagne that was highly recognized, dedicating one of his champagnes to Queen Marie-Antoinette, he was granted the honor of personally presenting her with a bottle. The wines of Champagne Piper-Heidsieck are still highly recognized today. Piper-Heidsieck Rosé Sauvage – French for “wild rose” – is the Audrey Hepburn of ultra high-end champagnes. Specially packaged for Valentine’s day in a lenticular-printed box featuring cascading rose petals, the Champagne’s notes of black cherry, black currant, pink grapefruit and blood orange are offset by a lingering, spice-tinged finish. It provides the perfect compliment to holiday-appropriate aphrodisiac offerings including sushi, oysters and red fruit desserts.

Price: $55.00 to $60.00 Visit the Website

Coffee Bean Direct Favorites 5 Pack Sampler

CBD Favorites

Description: Experience our new Coffee Collections: five-packs of our most popular coffees in 7 categories. Each sampler pack includes five 1-lb bags. CBD Favorites – Fully caffeinated and no flavored coffee in this sampler! Just five 1-lb bags of our most popular coffees. Breakfast Blend City Roast Colombian Costa Rican Tarrazu Italian Roast Espresso Panama Boquete Decaf Coffee – Created special for our decaf-loving friends, this sampler includes some dark decaf and some light decaf. Enjoy! Fair Trade Coffee – Coffee with a social and/or environmental conscience. The bags in this sampler are all certified Fair Trade, fully caffeinated coffee! Flavored Coffee – These are the coffee flavors we cannot make enough of! Our customers love these traditional favorites. Seasonal Coffee – Changing with the 4 seasons, this sampler includes the season’s most popular special flavors. One sampler for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall containing that season’s favorite flavors! Unroasted Coffee – Whether you are just getting started with home roasting or are an old pro, this sampler provides a nice cross-section of beans which can be roasted to various roast levels. Unroasted Fair Trade Coffee – Into home roasting and looking for Fair Trade coffee only? This is just the sampler for you!

Price: $53.60 Visit the Website

CAMUS Cognacs From Île De Ré

CAMUS Cognacs from Île de Ré

Description: Is there an aphrodisiac in your future? With Valentine’s Day around the corner, try pairing fresh oysters with CAMUS Cognacs from Île de Ré. Kissed by the salt air that bathes the grapes, these lovely cognacs come in three expressions: Île de Ré Fine Island Cognac (SRP: $52), Île de Ré Double Matured Cognac (SRP: $66) and Île de Ré Cliffside Cellar Cognac (SRP: $90).

Price: $52.00 to $90.00 Visit the Website

Metrokane Rabbit Decanter Aeration System

Metrokane Rabbit Decanter Aeration System

Description: Take your wine to the next level with the Metrokane Rabbit Decanter Aeration System. Putting oxygen in makes your Cabernet taste that much sweeter. The Metrokane Rabbit Decanter provides fast aeration in seconds, while enhancing taste and smell for the wine drinker in your life. The crystal decanter measures 7 inches in diameter and is 11 inches high, holding 48 ounces of wine. Hand wash only.

Price: $50.98 Visit the Website

NYC Dessert Tour- An Experiential Gift Perfect For Any Occasion!

our logo

Description: Sugartooth Tours is the premier dessert tasting food tour company in New York City. We combine culinary and cultural history with the best desserts in NYC. We guide our guests to the best off the beaten path hidden gems that guests probably wouldn't find on there own. Even locals are surprised by the new shops that we feature. A Sugartooth dessert tour is the perfect excursion for any dessert loving family member, friend, or co-worker. Our tours are great for locals having a "stay-cation", for anyone visiting NYC, and make great Valentines Day, holiday, or birthday gifts. We also do private tours group tours for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, office team building excursions, dating mixers, and more! Our tours include at least 6 delicious tastings as well as a large helping of NYC history- both cultural and culinary. Year round we offer our "Find Heaven in Hell's Kitchen" Dessert Tasting Tour. We offer multiple seasonal tours: Sweetheart's Sweet Tour in February, a "Cupcake Crawl Across Manhattan" April-August, "Ice Cream Summer Sundays" Frozen Treats tour July-September, and our Holiday Market Tour November-December. Tours run 90+ minutes long, are $50 and include 6 tastings. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Feel free to check out our website, or email us at [email protected]

Price: $50.00 Visit the Website

Red Hot Love Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Jalapenos

FTD® Red Hot Love Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Jalapenos

Description: Think outside of the box and spice up your Valentine's Day celebration with the earthy heat of jalapeno peppers dipped in decadent milk, dark and white Belgian chocolate. The FTD Red Hot Love Valentine's Day Chocolate Covered Jalapenos are a Valentine's Day treat for those who want to raise the temperature on February 14. Share these hot, sweet and unexpected treats for $49.99.

Price: $49.99 Visit the Website

Moët Rosé Imperial Black Tie Gift Box

Moët Imperial Black Tie Gift Box

Description: Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial is and extrovert and seductive example of the house's style. It boasts a combination of all three Champagne grapes in noticeable amounts, giving it intensity, subtlety and consistency. TASTING NOTES On the eye, there is a glowing pink color with tones of red and purple. On the nose, there is an intense aroma of red berries, roses and hawthorn. On the palate, Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial is fleshy and juicy, with a firm and subtle herbal finish. PAIRING This pairs well with seafood, red meat and red berries. The food should be intense in aroma, flavor and color.

Price: $49.95 Visit the Website

Organic Pink Gift Basket

The Fruit Company's Organic Pink Gift Basket

Description: This lovely wood slat fruit basket is brimming over with a bountiful selection of nature’s finest fruits: organic apples and pears (some wrapped in pink foil), organic Dagoba® roseberry chocolate bar, and a mouth-watering selection of organic dried fruit medley and yogurt-covered pretzels, beautifully wrapped with a pink ribbon. It’s all certified fresh and guaranteed fabulous! Give the gift that gives back, a portion of the sale of each Organic Pink Basket sold is donated to

Price: $49.95 Visit the Website

Heartfelt Valentine’s Day Treats From Gift A Feast

Description: This year, sweethearts will swoon over delicious, handmade treats from San Francisco’s big-hearted artisan bakers and talented candy makers. A new gift giving option – Gift A Feast – now helps perplexed shoppers nationwide quickly return to the joys of meaningful gift giving by shopping the San Francisco Bay Area’s thriving food scene to create one-of-a-kind “Feasts,” beautifully wrapped by hand and accompanied by a handwritten love note. For Valentine’s Day 2014, Gift A Feast introduces “A Feast of Kisses,” a three-box gift set that includes Coco Tutti’s raspberry and strawberry truffles, Neo Cocoa’s Tasters’ 5 Piece Box with truffles of almond butter and smoked sea salt; zested lime; toasted coconut; mocha cinnamon and crushed cacao nib and, for the first time, Olamola Confectionery’s hazelnut orange meringue kisses. Each box is hand wrapped in festive Valentine’s Day themed paper and tied into a tiered package with a beautiful ribbon. A handwritten note with the gift giver’s personal message graciously accompanies each “Feast.” “A Feast of Kisses” can be purchased at or by calling 800-453-6768.

Price: $49.95 Visit the Website

Cathys Concepts YUM! Shooter Glasses - Set Of 4

Cathys Concepts YUM! Shooter Glasses - Set of 4

Description: Sweeten your dessert displays with the delightful Cathy's Concepts YUM! Shooter Glasses - Set of 4. Crafted of solid, clear glass, this set of four dessert glasses features a fun "Yum!" engraved on each slender frame. Ideal for indulgent mousses or craft cocktails, these mini servers dish up the right amount of sweet every time. Each piece holds up to 2.25 oz. and is dishwasher-safe.

Price: $47.99 Visit the Website

Perrier Jouet Champagne Brut

Perrier Jouet Champagne Brut

Description: Simple, delicious and romantic – why complicate your Valentine’s Day gift when BevMo! has so many fabulous options for your significant wine-lover? Wine is a tried and true gift, and BevMo! allows you and your loved one to discover new tastes and enjoy them together. Set the tone with this XO-worth gift, a bottle of Perrier Jouet Champagne Brut. A gentle mousse nudges the honey, vanilla, citrus & ginger notes across the palate in this round, creamy Perrier Jouet Grand Brut Champagne. It's rich, yet subtly flavored.

Price: $44.99 to $49.99 Visit the Website

Pheasant For Dinner Smoked Pheasant Snack Pack

Smoked Pheasant Snack Pack

Description: For a savory combination the Smoked Pheasant Snack Pack offers the taste of 2-2.5 lb. smoked pheasant and two 6 oz. pheasant summer sausages, 1.5 oz. honey dill mustard and 16 oz. jar of Stump’s Hot Olives. As the largest pheasant farm in North America, Wisconsin’s very own, MacFarlane Pheasants produces a natural, lean, hearty meat sure to please. Choose from several gift packs that can be delivered to one’s door.

Price: $40.50 Visit the Website

Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop

Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop

Description: What makes the Belle-V ice cream scoop better? •The handle is sculpted, weighted and balanced to feel just right in your hand. •The angled head works with -- not against -- the natural rolling action of your wrist to give you maximum leverage to easily drive through the hardest ice cream. •The spade-shaped leading edge helps you get into those hard-to-reach corners at the bottom of your ice cream container. •Belle-V scoops are made from aluminum, chosen for its strength and high thermal conductivity. •Heat from your hand quickly conducts through the handle to the head of the scoop to more easily release ice cream. With scoops priced from $40 to $250 it's the perfect gift for even the fanciest of palates.

Price: $40.00 to $200.00 Visit the Website

Partida Tequila

Partida Tequila

Description: Tequila Partida is an authentic, ultra-premium Tequila made from 100% blue agave in the heart of Mexico's historic Tequila Valley. With a clean, smooth, exceptionally pure taste, Partida takes the utmost care in every step of the process - from agave cultivation and harvest to distillation. Partida produces four unique and award-winning marques - Partida Blanco (SRP $40) unaged, pure agave flavor Partida Reposado (SRP $45), aged 6 months and dubbed "the Bentley of Reposados" Partida Anejo (SRP $50) aged 18 months and ideal for that single malt lover Partida Elegante (SRP $350), aged 40 months, a truly stunning expression of Tequila Made from mature agave plants that are carefully tended and harvested by hand, each marque is simply exquisite and will be a present greatly appreciated by all Tequila lovers.

Price: $40.00 to $350.00 Visit the Website

Bialetti Moka Express

Bialetti Moka Express in blue

Description: Bialetti’s original Moka Express is world-famous and truly loved by its dedicated users. The Moka, best known for its iconic Italian design, brews real, Italian stovetop coffee and is a staple in almost every home in Italy. Bialetti is now offering the Moka in four new bright colors of red, orange, blue and purple that make the perfect gift for any coffee lover. Featuring Bialetti’s trademark figure, L’Omino, the little man with the moustache, the Moka Express has become a trusted symbol of Italian quality. Available in the 6-cup size, the new color Mokas have an MSRP of $39.99 and are currently available at Bed Bath & Beyond,

Price: $39.99 Visit the Website

The Masha

The Masha

Description: NexGenStore's latest innovation that’s rapidly finding its way to staple-appliance status for many chefs internationally is the Masha. This tool – created to perfectly mash potatoes – is very simple to clean, enabling it to be easily used for multiple jobs in one cooking project, and can be used by all ages and ability levels for a wide variety of culinary endeavors. The Masha combines patented, high-power ROTOR-CONE technology, advanced ergonomics and an easy-clean design with a low-speed plastic rotor and integrated mesh sieve to gently and effectively mash or blend foods such as potatoes, cookie and cake mixes, guacamole, baby food, pastry dough and much more without leaving lumps, or structurally changing the composition of the ingredients, unlike bladed products such as an immersion blender.

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

The Fruit Company Valentine Chocolate Gift Basket

The Fruit Company's Valentine Chocolate Gift Basket

Description: Give your heart all over again with the Sweetheart Chocolate Basket. The perfect way to say I love you with luscious heart-dipped cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, Rainier cherry truffle bar, strawberry yogurt pretzels and two perfect pears. What a great way to make Valentine’s Day extra special. Orders received by 12pm PST Thursday 2/13 are eligible for a free expedited shipping upgrade.

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

Summerland: Recipes For Celebrating With Southern Hospitality

Summerland cover

Description: James Beard award-winning chef Anne Quatrano's debut cookbook, Summerland: Menus and Recipes for Celebrating with Southern Hospitality, is the ideal gift for food lovers and cooks on your list. Quatrano takes the reader through a full year, season by season, highlighting the bountiful harvests unique to each season plus menu ideas for the perfect dinner party. With more than 100 of Quatrano's favorite recipes from her 28-year career as well as stories from the family's Summerland farm spread throughout, it is more than just a cookbook; it is the ultimate guide to showcasing the South's best feature - its hospitality - in your own home. Summerland is available at Star Provisions in Atlanta, Ga., or online at for $39.95.

Price: $39.95 Visit the Website

SIMI 2010 Landslide Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

SIMI 2010 Landslide Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Description: SIMI's 2010 Landslide Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon is a full bodied, seductive wine that makes an ideal gift for gifting and sipping with your valentine this holiday.With notes of sweet black cherry, cassis, plum and blackberry, topped with subtle hints of roasted coffee, brown sugar and vanilla, the SIMI Landslide Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon is a sure way to woo the one you love. Whether you pair this wine with a box of chocolates for an old fashioned “I love you,” or serve a bottle to spice up a romantic dinner for two, your Valentine will certainly be impressed.

Price: $35.00 Visit the Website

Lucid Absinthe

Lucid Absinthe

Description: Looking for something different for your man this Valentine’s Day? Why not try Lucid Absinthe. Lucid Absinthe was the first genuine absinthe to be legally available in the United States after a 95-year ban, which we celebrate on March 5th as National Absinthe day! Lucid is 124 proof and available in 750 ml for $59.99 and 375 ml for $34.99! To learn more about Lucid Absinthe visit thier website

Price: $34.99 Visit the Website

Pheasant For Dinner Sausage Sampler With Olives

Sausage Sampler with Olives

Description: The Sausage Sampler with Olives is ready to slice and serve with your favorite cheese and crackers. This gift pack is a variety pack of 5 sausages individually wrapped of pheasant, buffalo, antelope, venison and duck along with a 16 oz. jar of Stumps Hot Olives. As the largest pheasant farm in North America, Wisconsin’s very own, MacFarlane Pheasants produces a natural, lean, hearty meat sure to please. Choose from several gift packs that can be delivered to one’s door.

Price: $34.00 to $38.00 Visit the Website

Round Pond Estate Italian Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Round Pond Estate's Italian varietal extra virgin olive oil is the perfect gourmet gift.

Description: Round Pond's Italian Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil is crafted from a medley of olive trees grown on the estate, hand-harvested at the initial stage of ripeness, and crushed individually by varietal. To capture the fresh and lively, green Tuscan flavors of the olives, Round Pond blends in small lots. Assertive and robust, the Italian Olive Oil is the perfect finishing oil for salads and vegetables.

Price: $34.00 Visit the Website

Garrett Popcorn Shops® The Lover’s Mix

Garrett Popcorn Shops The Lover's Mix

Description: The Lover’s Mix is a sweet and sassy combination of Dark Chocolate Covered CaramelCrisp® and Spicy CheeseCorn™ served in Garrett Popcorn Shops' Signature Striped Pink Tin. The Lover’s Mix is a sweet and sassy combination of Dark Chocolate Covered CaramelCrisp® and Spicy CheeseCorn™, $39 for a One Gallon Tin or $69 for a Two Gallon Tin; or keep them side-by-side in a Two Gallon Tin, $69. For those who only want to indulge their sweet side, enjoy a One Gallon Signature Striped Pink Tin of decadent Dark Chocolate Covered CaramelCrisp, $47. And for Spicy lovers, a One Gallon Tin of Spicy CheeseCorn (available in any Signature Tin design), $31. The Lover’s Mix is available January 31 – February 14 online and at all Garrett Popcorn Shops. For more information or to order online visit

Price: $31.00 to $69.00 Visit the Website

Pheasant For Dinner Smoked Pheasant With Cranberry Mustard Pack

Smoked Pheasant with Cranberry Mustard Pack

Description: Smoked Pheasant with Cranberry Mustard Pack features 2-2.5 lb. smoked pheasant paired with a 10 oz. cranberry mustard. The taste of sweet tart cranberries with golden raisins and cinnamon is a must have for the holidays. As the largest pheasant farm in North America, Wisconsin’s very own, MacFarlane Pheasants produces a natural, lean, hearty meat sure to please. Choose from several gift packs that can be delivered to one’s door.

Price: $30.95 Visit the Website

Vitalicious VitaHearts

Vitalicious VitaHearts

Description: This VitaHeart Gift of Heart Box contains 12 Deep Chocolate delicious VitaHearts, a beautiful greeting card for your personal message and is lovingly wrapped and adorned with a festive ribbon. Each all-natural, Kosher VitaHeart is deliciously low in calories, fat and cholesterol, yet rich in fiber and whole-grains. So it's not only good for you but good for your heart. VitaHearts are made with real cocoa powder, whole wheat & organic sugar and only 90 calories, 1g fat, 9g fiber & 4g protein each.

Price: $29.99 Visit the Website

Luce Della Vite Lucente IGT

Luce della Vite Lucente

Description: Lucente is the perfect balance of Merlot (75%) and Sangiovese (25%) with dark, fruity notes that showcase the perfect Italian expression of these two varietals when paired together. A fitting gift for the wine-lover that blazes his own trail, Luce della Vite was the first ever winery in Montalcino to blend select parcels of Merlot with their Sangiovese to create the commune’s inaugural Super Tuscan. A lush, seductive bouquet offers silky impressions of raspberry and blackberry, followed by roast espresso, white chocolate, and pungent hints of mint and sage. Warm and well-rounded in the mouth, Lucente boasts supple, glossy tannins and a near-endless finale.

Price: $29.00 Visit the Website

Avignonesi Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano 2010

Avignonesi Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2010

Description: The typical color of Vino Nobile is medium ruby red, depending on the blend. It is medium to full-bodied and the aroma profile is characterized by typical Sangiovese fruit, such as red and black cherries, fresh plums and berries, which are underlined by an earthy, forest floor character. The taste is smooth and elegant with silky tannins and a long lingering persistence. In essence, its tasting profile can be summed up by the word “noble” (in Italian, nobile), which captures its refined, gentle, purebred nature.

Price: $29.00 Visit the Website

Caorunn Handcrafted Scottish Gin

Caorunn- Super Premium Small Batch Scottish Gin

Description: Caorunn is a handcrafted Scottish Gin. Artisanal from start to finish, Caorunn is an adventure in itself. Five handpicked Celtic and six traditional gin botanicals are infused to perfection in the world's only working Copper Berry Chamber on Speyside, resulting in a modern London Dry style gin with a crisp aromatic taste. With its fruity, floral notes evoking the Scottish Highlands, Caorunn Gin invites discerning drinkers to celebrate individuality and creativity. Enjoy Caorunn Gin- an aromatic adventure.

Price: $28.99 Visit the Website

EFFEN® Salted Caramel Vodka

EFFEN Salted Caramel Vodka

Description: EFFEN® Vodka introduced EFFEN Salted Caramel Vodka, an extension of the brand’s unique and carefully selected portfolio of flavors this summer. Inspired by the delicate combination of sweet and savory, EFFEN Salted Caramel Vodka evokes the perfect balance of sweetness enhanced with a touch of salt. EFFEN Salted Caramel Vodka offers a unique and unexpected twist to the cocktail experience. The warm and buttery flavor of caramelized sugar balanced with just a hint of salt is a welcome addition to a variety of cocktails, from the light and refreshing to the rich and decadent.

Price: $27.99 Visit the Website

Cilio By Frieling Chocolate Fondue Pot Set

Cilio by Frieling Chocolate Fondue Pot

Description: This Frieling 2-cup Fondue Pot is crafted of porcelain and includes four color-coded forks, a porcelain bowl and base which houses a tea light. This heat-resistant Frieling Fondue Pot is made by Cilio of Solingen Germany. This fondue pot is the perfect finish to a small party. 2-Cup Capacity * Porcelain Bowl * Porcelain Base Houses a Tea Light * 4 Color-Coded Forks * Compact Size for Easy Storage * 5" Diameter * Dishwasher Safe

Price: $27.50 Visit the Website

Ethel M® Gourmet Chocolates

Ethel M 13

Description: Nothing says “Be My Valentine” like a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Ethel M® Chocolates has heart-shaped chocolates in six seasonal colors and flavors. Each piece is actually hand-sprayed with cocoa butter in six colors: light pink, vibrant pink, lavender, purple, red and white. Each hue is a different flavor: solid milk, dark and white chocolate; dark chocolate with lemon; white chocolate with caramel; and milk chocolate with peanut butter. They come in four different sizes of heart-shaped boxes…or put in a brown box with and “Design Your Own” collection. Check out all the V-Day Collections at Use the discount code HEARTBOX14 for 20 percent off orders of $50 or more until Feb. 15.

Price: $26.00 to $95.00 Visit the Website

Brix Collection Chocolate For Wine GiftSet

Brix Collection

Description: A full pound of premium Brix Chocolate, each Brix Collection contains 4 4-ounce bars in each variety of Milk, Smooth Dark, Medium Dark & Extra Dark, as well as a full size tasting guide containing cutting/storage instructions and suggested wine pairings. Suggested wine pairings: Milk: Port, Rose, Dessert Wine, Burgundy SmoothDark: Champagne, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Vintage Port Medium Dark: Merlot, Shiraz, Zinfandel, Chianti, Rhone Extra Dark: Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Bordeaux, Barolo

Price: $25.99 Visit the Website

Vino Vault Wine Cryptex - Brain Teaser Puzzle

Vino Vault Wine Cryptex - Treasure Hunt Adventure for Wine

Description: Now a unique way to gift wine or spirits! Tired of the same old metallic paper bag? When giving a bottle, why not send them off on a treasure hunt adventure, ala Da Vinci Code style, where the prize is wine. Fun entertainment is in store for both you and the person receiving it. Vino Vault turns any ordinary gift of wine into a fun and memorable experience. Choose and set up your own personal five letter code word. Resetting the code is simple and our website has step by step video instructions as well as a CODE BANK of possible five letter words that you might consider. Lock your bottle inside. Be creative in designing your own clues. Deliver them by phone, email, or in any imaginative way you can think of. The game could last an evening, a month, or longer. Clues can be obscure or obvious. Time the delivery of an easy clue to allow the code to be cracked on a birthday or any special occasion. Vino Vault fits many standard wine bottles. The maximum bottle size is: 3-1/4” diameter by 11-3/4” height. Easy to read instructions and a Bottle Size Template are included.

Price: $25.00 Visit the Website

2012 3 Spells Napa Valley Rosé

2012 3Spells Napa Valley Rosé

Description: The thing to remember about a rose is that it must be charming, with a light-on-its-feet quality with expectations of strawberry, honeysuckle and blood orange aspects. Good rose must be fresh and perfumed, not intense, but pretty and worthwhile for fans of pink wine!3 Spells 2012 NapaValley Rose has a fresh floral scent of white peach and apricot aromas on the nose. It’s a Sonia of Merlot and Cabernet, with flavors that reveal strawberry-vanilla and light-bing-cherries. Its crisp acidity is mildly sweet on the refreshing finish.

Price: $25.00 Visit the Website

Chocolate Enrobed Caramel Fleur De Sel Moravian Cookies Topped With Crushed Toffee

Caramel Fleur de Sel Moravian Cookies Topped with Crushed Toffee

Description: Salem Baking Company’s premium caramel with fleur de sel Moravian Cookies are completely enrobed in artisan chocolate and topped with scrumptious crushed toffee. These all-natural cookies are baked with the finest ingredients, such as finely milled wheat flour, pure cane sugar, and whole eggs. 25 individually wrapped cookies are placed into an elegant embossed keepsake box for an indulgent, unique gift.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

Glam Gift Packaging

Glam Presentation Gifts To Present Champagne, Wine, Sparkling Juices, Gift cards, Money, Jewelry & MORE!

Description: Corky Koutures "Glamour Galore Collection" is a fun, glam and surprising way to gift a bottle of wine, champagne, liquor, sparkling juices, gift cards, money, jewelry & more. Ones gifting and personalization options are bound only by ones imagination in Corky Koutures hassle free, customizable or regiftable all inclusive presentation package. No tape or scissors necessary, Corky Kouture is perfect for Anniversaries, Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays, Bridal (Bride & Groom Gift, Brides Maids, Maid Of Honor, Mothers Of Bride & Groom, Guest Gifts, Decorative Pieces,) Corporate Gifting,Christmas Gifts, Debutantes, Ladies Clubs, New Baby Girl Arrivals ,Sweet 16, Pampered Princess Parties, Proposals, and everything in between! Corky Kouture has got your celebration in the bag!

Price: $24.99 to $39.99 Visit the Website

Balls Of Steel Whiskey Chillers

Balls of Steel Whiskey Chillers with a Cause

Description: Balls of Steel™ are whiskey drink chillers with a unique cause. They have the ability to shift your drink down to a more desirable temperature and maintain the delicate flavor balance of whiskey and other robust spirits. Whiskeys have incredibly complexed flavor, the difficulty lies in the relationship between preserving the subtle flavor elements while chilling to the perfect temperature. Using Balls of Steel whiskey coolers provides boosted flavors, and creates a truly unique experience. The enjoyable experience is made possible by the perfect drop in temperature and preservation of subtle flavors which ice normally destroys. By using Balls of Steel you're also contributing to putting an end to testicular cancer. It's natural to speak about our cause while using or gifting these whiskey chillers and 15 percent of all profit goes directly to funding testicular cancer cure research.

Price: $24.99 Visit the Website

Explore ‘World Of Salt’ With The Spice Lab’s Gourmet Sea Salt Collections

Gourmet Sea Salt Collections from The Spice Lab

Description: The Spice Lab’s Sea Salt Collections introduce the ‘World of Salt’ in unique gift pack sampler sets to explore exotic new tastes and enticing aromas. These affordable, portable, and decorative packages come in 4, 6 or 11 test tube sets. Each has a custom, American made wooden base constructed from recycled shipping pallets and other discarded wood. Each Pyrex test tube with all-natural cork stopper contains from .6 to 1.3 oz. of salt, depending on its density, with most having over 1 ounce of sea salt. A reference card offers suggestions on which salts go with which dishes and a bamboo salt spoon also is included.

Price: $24.95 to $59.95 Visit the Website

Tortuga Rum Cake

Tortuga Rum Cake available on

Description: Available from the Caribbean Shopping Channel, the world's premiere Caribbean shopping destination with a whole section full of Caribbean foods, coffees and spices, Tortuga Original Rum Cake, is baked in the Caribbean with only the finest ingredients, including imported walnuts. Each rum cake is hand-glazed with special 5-year-old, oak barrel aged Tortuga Gold Rum then vacuum sealed to lock in the delicious freshness. In addition to the beloved original flavor, this unique treat is also available in flavors such as Coconut, Key Lime Pie and Orange. The 6-Piece Variety Pack of 4oz miniature rum cakes is a wonderful stand-alone present, or great for stocking stuffers for everybody on your list!

Price: $24.95 Visit the Website

The Frotha

The Frotha

Description: For flawlessly frothed or mixed beverages, the patented Frotha features double the power, torque and battery life of other frothers on the market. A convenient stand, small size, ergonomic design and both froth and whisk attachments make the Frotha easy to use at home, office, by bartenders, on-the-go for cappuccino-lovers, or those who regularly prepare protein or health shakes, just to name a few.

Price: $24.95 Visit the Website

Kuhn Rikon Cookie And Cupcake Decorating Set

Kuhn Rikon Cookie and Cupcake Decorating Set

Description: Effortlessly make beautifully decorated cookies and cupcakes. Everything you need to beautifully decorate cookies, cupcakes and cakes. Kid friendly and an easy, fun way for families to bake and decorate together. Kids can make adorable gifts for mom for Valentine's Day. The set includes: * 2 large decoration bottles * 3 small decoration bottles * 5 stainless steel decorating tips * 1 frosting spatula * Recipes & easy to use instructions

Price: $24.95 Visit the Website

Zoku Quick Pop Single

Zoku Quick Pop Single

Description: The patented Zoku Quick Pop Maker freezes ice pops in as little as seven minutes right on your countertop without electricity. Quickly make striped pops, yogurt pops or (for the first time ever at home) flavored core pops. To enjoy Quick Pops at a moment's notice, simply store the compact base in your freezer. The kit includes six durable, reusable plastic pop sticks that have unique ridged designs that allow pops to adhere securely, with special drip guards for tidy eating. A specially designed Super Tool helps to quickly release the frozen treats from their molds. Available in a variety of colors, including red for a great Valentine's Day gift for mom, dad or kids.

Price: $24.95 Visit the Website

Customized Wholefood Bars

Fresh Ingredients You Can Pronounce

Description: lets users design their own custom wholefood bar by selecting organic and conventional ingredients and then personalize the label. Users who want proven taste and nutrition can customize a "popular bar" that has received the most positive reviews by other users of Each energy bar is hand made, packaged, and then labeled with its custom bar name and nutritional information. Element Bars is committed to using unprocessed or minimally processed elements in each bar to retain the most nutritional value.

Price: $23.88 to $35.88 Visit the Website

Arnaldo Caprai Montefalco Rosso DOC

Arnaldo Caprai Montefalco Rosso

Description: In addition to Tuscany, Umbria is also known for producing some of the best Sangiovese-based blends in Italy. Arnaldo Caprai Montefalco Rosso DOC is a delightful blend of Sangiovese, the indigenous Sagrantino grape, and Merlot. Winemaker Marco Caprai brought back the Sagrantino grape back from near extinction, and we're lucky he did - Caprai has successfully put Umbria on the map as a serious wine region with his award-winning wines. Rivaling even the best Chiantis, Caprai's Montefalco Rosso has a lovely nose of ripe, red fruit with delicate hints of vanilla that complements its full but unintimidating structure.

Price: $22.99 Visit the Website

Villa Massa Limoncello

Villa Massa Limoncello

Description: Villa Massa Limoncello is based on a family recipe dating back to 1890. It is made from lemons that are organically grown, in Sorrento, Italy, on shaded hillside terraces, in volcanic soil, overlooking the Gulf of Naples. The superior quality of the Villa Massa products is due to the exclusive use of the raw materials cultivated in the Sorrento peninsula among them the characteristic lemon "Ovale di Sorrento" stands out. Made exclusively from 100% fresh Protected Geographic Indication (PGI) Sorrento Oval Lemon peels, top quality cane alcohol, pure water and refined sugar. Villa Massa uses only 100% natural ingredients—no preservatives, flavorings or artificial coloring. The versatile flavor means it can be served as an aperitif, an after dinner drink, in cocktails, with espresso or coffee, over ice-cream, fruit salad or with any dessert. Be sure to always serve chilled form the freezer.

Price: $22.99 to $24.99 Visit the Website

Mrs. Prindable's Handmade Confections

Mrs. Prindable's Milk Chocolate Delight Jumbo Apple

Description: Known for its handmade, jumbo caramel apples, Mrs. Prindable's has stunning, artfully-designed chocolates, caramels and toffees for every occasion. With its elegant and innovative packaging, Mrs. Prindable’s gourmet caramel apples are perfect for gift giving or entertaining, and offer a deliciously personal way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Items can be ordered via and shipped within 2 days. Pricing for Valentine’s items start at $22.95 and go up from there with baskets and gift sets.

Price: $22.95 to $119.95 Visit the Website

Chocolate Drenched Pecan Halves & Sea Salt Pecans

Pearson Farm's Chocolate Drenched & Sea Salted Pecan Halves

Description: Pearson’s “Pure Platinum” Pecan tin: Extra-large, locally grown Georgia pecans drenched in creamy Belgian milk chocolate pair perfectly with our toasted and sea salted pecan halves! Our special Valentine's Pure Platinum tin is sure to be a delicious, sweet & salty treat for that special someone. Pearson Farm has been growing pecans for more than 100 years in Fort Valley, Georgia.

Price: $22.00 Visit the Website

Tortuga 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee - A Rare And Welcome Treat For All Coffee Lovers

Tortuga 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Available in Whole Beans or Roasted & Ground

Description: There is nothing that a cup of coffee and a slice of rum cake can't solve -- time to try Tortuga 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee - the latest product from the Tortuga Rum Cake Company, and the perfect complement to our authentic and original Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cakes. One of the most sought after coffees in the world, Tortuga 100% Blue Mountain® Coffee is handpicked in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica and roasted by the finest local roast masters just before shipping. It is treasured for its balanced blend of richness, and perfect acidity which creates a distinctive aroma only found in 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee. Choose Ground Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee, vacuum packed immediately after roasting and grinding to seal in the aroma and freshness. Or Roasted Whole Beans frequently preferred by coffee aficionados who want to grind their own. Each 7 oz bag brews 16 to 25 cups.

Price: $21.95 to $23.95 Visit the Website

Ole Smoky Moonshine CHERRIES ‘N BERRIES For Your Sweetie

Ole Smoky Moonshine Cherries

Description: Whether it’s a gift for your loved one or a little self indulgence, Ole Smoky® Moonshine Cherries™ are sure to turn up the heat! Each jar is hand filled with fresh maraschino cherries soaked in Ole Smoky's 100 Proof Moonshine. Each cherry says a sweet hello followed by a warm goodbye. Once the cherries have disappeared, enjoy the remaining Cherry Moonshine straight up or create the ultimate cocktail for your loved one, like the refreshing Strawberry Fields! Strawberry Fields Recipe: • 1 part Ole Smoky Strawberry Moonshine • 1/2 part Ole Smoky White Lightnin' • Strawberry Puree • 2 Parts Soda Water • Orange Slice • Garnish with Ole Smoky Moonshine Cherries For further info check out Currently available in 49 states and Canada, Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine® retails at around $20-$25 per bottle with slight fluctuations by city, state and retailer. You can also find Ole Smoky on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter @OleSmoky and Instagram @olesmokymoonshine.

Price: $20.00 to $25.00 Visit the Website

Love Connection

Dog Haus Love Connection LTO_#Cheapdate #Cheatday #TheAbsoluteWurst

Description: Dog Haus' Valentine’s Day Limited Time offer beginning Friday, Feb 14, 2014. The “Love Connection (Combo)” will be available for $20.00 in all three locations, February 14 – 17th or while supplied last, and is not valid with any other discounts or promotions. Combo Details: • 12” Hot dog topped with arugula, smoked bacon and caramelized onions served on Kings Hawaiian rolls. • Love Boat: Kennebec potato fries or crispy golden brown tater tots, topped with haus chili and haus slaw. • (1) Chocolate chip cookie • (2) can beers or (2) shakes made to order [or (1) beer and (1) shake].

Price: $20.00 Visit the Website

Luscious Chocolate Brigadeiros Made With Organic And Natural Ingredients And Void Of Preservatives.

Brigadeiro Chocolates

Description: My Brigadeiro offers a line of luscious handcraft chocolate Brigadeiros (bree-guy-day-rows). These decadent chocolate balls are made with organic, all natural ingredients and void of preservatives (with the exception of some conventional toppings). We give a great deal of attention and care to ensure you receive the freshness of our sweets. Everything is custom made to order. Brigadeiro a very popular and uniquely Brazilian sweet is refer to many as tasting like soft fudge crossed with decadent chocolate truffles. With so many flavors to choose from, try it and be the judge! Ship to all 50 STATES! For more information, visit our website at: WWW.MYBRIGADEIRO.COM or call us at 802-649-7015. We'll be glad to speak to you!

Price: $19.99 to $59.99 Visit the Website

Shari'sBerries Gourmet Dipped Strawberries

Shari's Berries Gourmet Dipped Fancy Strawberries

Description: This Valentine's Day, treat yourself and your better half to the perfect romantic treat! Celebrate each other this February with Shari's Berries for a gift that is always enjoyable. These gourmet dipped strawberries can be ordered by dozen and half dozen options are available as well. In addition to strawberries, Shari's Berries has a number of treats to offer that are perfect for Valentine's Day including dipped cookies, pretzels, apples and more!

Price: $19.99 to $99.99 Visit the Website

Skinnygirl Prosecco

Skinnygirl Prosecco

Description: Bubbles are beautiful and so is the red and white packaging of the newest sparkling wine option from Skinnygirl® Cocktails, Skinnygirl™ Prosecco! At only 100 calories per serving, it contains a delicate, fruity flavor with a hint of honey and a pleasant acidity. The finish of this Italian wine leaves behind a delicious freshness with a dry, well-balanced taste. Toast with your love or celebrate the single life with your very best girlfriends with this limited-time offering from the go-to low-calorie spirits brand.

Price: $19.99 Visit the Website

Pheasant For Dinner Oven-Ready Pheasant Pot Pie With Wild Rice

Oven-Ready Pheasant Pot Pie with Wild Rice

Description: For a quick n’ easy delicious dinner bring an Oven-Ready Pheasant Pot Pie with Wild Rice. This hearty pie is filled to the brim with flavorful pheasant breast meat and a colorful array of farm-fresh veggies. As the largest pheasant farm in North America, Wisconsin’s very own, MacFarlane Pheasants produces a natural, lean, hearty meat sure to please. Choose from several gift packs that can be delivered to one’s door.

Price: $19.98 to $45.50 Visit the Website

“Native Foods Celebration Cookbook: Delicious Vegan Recipes To Celebrate Every Month Of The Year!”

The cookbook's cover.

Description: Native Foods Cafè, the nation’s ruler of 100 percent plant-based, chef crafted fast casual fare, announces the release of its second cookbook, “Native Foods Celebration Cookbook: delicious vegan recipes to celebrate every month of the year!” (Native Foods Press, 2014) much to the delight of Native foodies, nationwide. The 362 page cookbook showcases unseen recipes and eater favorites developed by the Native Foods culinary team. Now, readers and loyal eaters can make 152 purely plant-based recipes in their own kitchens for holidays and everyday celebrations. Highlights from the new cookbook range from abundantly simple: Cheeseburger Pizza for finicky families, Extra Point 8-Layer Dip for Super Bowl Sunday, Shepherd’s Pie for St. Patrick’s Day, Soba Noodle Salad for spring and Orzo Stuffed Sweet Peppers — to more involved: Truffle Asparagus Risotto, Sriracha “Chicken,” Spring Wellington, Artichoke Hearts with Meyer Lemon Cream Sauce, Raw Salted Caramel Cheesecake and Orange Dreamsicle Cupcakes. In addition to each straightforward and scrumptious recipe, Native Foods Cafè’s culinary team delivers “Vegan Pantry” and “Glossary” sections for plant-eating beginners, as well as restaurant-goers’ favorite dishes available at its 14 locations and counting, nationwide. Included, also, are a hefty serving of recipes for refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including the Bloody Harry.

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website

Zoku Chocolate Station

Zoku Chocolate Station

Description: Dip, drizzle, and sprinkle your Quick Pops with the Zoku Chocolate Station. The Chocolate Station is a great way to add chocolate shells and sprinkles to your Zoku Quick Pops! Easily create beautiful gourmet pops at home like never before. Designed to specifically to work with the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, the Chocolate Station allows you to easily dip and drizzle chocolate on your Quick Pops. The set includes 1 Chocolate Station for easy dipping, 1 Drizzle Spoon to drizzle chocolate, 2 Sprinkle Trays for your sprinkles and nuts, 1 Cover, and a recipe booklet with delicious recipes for pop bases and chocolate shells to make a wide variety of decadent Quick Pops.

Price: $19.95 Visit the Website

Artisan Popcorn Tasting Box

Tasting Box

Description: Why stick with one flavor when you can try them all? This box contains an assortment of our four most popular flavors. It’s an array of sweet and salty treats that will keep your taste buds titillated and satisfied. Tasting box contains: 2 large, resealable pouches (Sea Salt Caramel; Black Truffle + White Cheddar Cheese) and 4 small, single serve pouches (Sea Salt Caramel; Black Truffle + White Cheddar Cheese; Ginger Sesame Caramel; Chipotle + Almonds Caramel) As always, all 479° products are gluten-free, non-GMO, contain no trans fat, and are made from high quality organic heirloom corn kernels.

Price: $19.00 Visit the Website

Frescobaldi Nipozzano Riserva Chianti Rufina DOCG

Nipozzano Riserva Chianti Rufina DOCG

Description: Frescobaldi Nipozzano 2009 from legendary Tuscan producer Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi – a Chianti Rufina Riserva DOCG – has intense dark berry fruit and pepper on the nose that’s enhanced by savory herbs, smoke and a certain meatiness on the palate. This fine Sangiovese would be a great pairing with a hearty winter beef stew but makes an equally fine partner at a spring barbecue. No matter what the season, Nipozzano is an elegantly structured red that deserves to be savored with the special someone in your life.

Price: $19.00 Visit the Website

No Girls Allowed Cookbook For Men

No Girls Allowed Cookbook for Men

Description: If you really love me, you’ll buy me a No Girls Allowed Cookbook for Men by Greg Ford, the ideal book for the new cook. With simple recipes using ingredients found in everyday kitchens, I, and even the kids, will learn how to prepare a great meal in no time flat! With colorful illustrations and humorous commentary, it’s a fun way to cook. You’ll be more than pleasantly surprised! It’s also an “I love you” to our kids who are off to college or on their own, or wherever they are!

Price: $18.99 Visit the Website

Round Pond Estate Cabernet-Merlot Red Wine Vinegar

Round Pond Estate's red wine vinegar blend is made from estate Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes.

Description: Reflecting the grandeur and elegance of its mother varietals, Round Pond Estate's Cabernet & Merlot Red Wine Vinegar offers rich, nuanced flavors of dark fruit with a satisfying dry finish. The small amount of residual sugar that remains in this vinegar seamlessly bring the acidity into perfect balance, while oak barrel aging augments the naturally robust flavors. It pairs perfectly with Round Pond Estate's fresh extra virgin olive oils.

Price: $18.00 Visit the Website

Hand Decorated Sugar Cookie Bouquet

Sweet Valentine Cookie Bouquet

Description: For 30 years Cookies by Design, the original Cookie bouquet company, has been delighting customers with unique cookie bouquets, baskets and gifts. “Sweet Valentine”: Our delicious freshly baked, hand decorated sugar cookie bouquet features HEARTS, STRIPES, POLKA-DOTS and SWIRLS. This is certainly the sweet way to say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Hand delivery available in most areas. Available in Gluten Free.

Price: $18.00 to $99.00 Visit the Website

Sterling Vineyards 2011 Carneros Pinot Noir

Sterling Vineyards 2011 Carneros Pinot Noir

Description: From a legendary growing region, our 2011 Carneros Pinot Noir offers a dark red fruit profile graced with toasty oak complexity. Black cherry and rich toffee aromas open the nose, followed by brambly berry flavors. The sweet scent of forest floor and rich cherry cobbler weave through the smooth and supple palate. The finish is long and satisfying, with a spicy fruit intensity that extends toward a rewarding finale. Roasted duck and other game meats will pair well with the inviting personality of this Pinot Noir. $18 SRP

Price: $18.00 Visit the Website


Spooning Chocolate Gift Set

Description: Spooning Chocolate, The Espresso of Hot Chocolate....Dairy and Gluten Free! The espresso of hot chocolate is finally here! Cocoa Canard's new Spooning Chocolate is the first dairy and gluten free pure non-bitter dark chocolate to instantly dissolve in a cup of hot water water and taste and feel like it's in milk. It's a silky refined version of the pure melted hot chocolate drinks originally served for centuries in old world chocolate houses. Now you can enjoy a little cup of hot chocolate by itself as a wonderful afternoon delight or the perfect end to any meal. It's so luxurious you can eat it with a spoon and someone you love. When high quality chocolate is warmed and isn't overwhelmed by the presence of other ingredients, it's rich, earthy, sensual qualities magically come to the forefront. If you haven't had chocolate like this, you haven't had chocolate! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and each can comes with a wooden mini-molinillo (South American whisk) to whip up a slight cocoa crema to bring out the flavors and enhance the ritual chocolate making experience. Put a few disks in a cup of coffee for a fabulous Cafe Mocha. A small amount of warm melted dark chocolate after a meal or anytime is perfect year round....not just for cold winters. Gift sets come with our hot chocolate, Spooning Mug, and our beautiful linen stationary gift card. The website testimonials say it all!

Price: $17.95 to $24.95 Visit the Website

Decadent And Healthy Jolly Oak S'mores And Dark Chocolate Coconut Good For You Granolas

Jolly Oak S'mores Good For You Granola

Description: Jolly Oak's healthy granola is the perfect breakfast, snack, or dessert. Not only is our granola delicious and nutritious but it comes in a box with 8 single serving bags for built in portion control and to eat clean anywhere! Use Code LOVEJO for a 20% discount. Jolly Oak S'mores Granola provides superior taste with nutritional benefits such as antioxidants from dark chocolate and fiber from lightly sweetened toasted oats. For maximum health, it also contains omega-3s for a heart healthy boost and protein from almonds, walnuts, and pistachios. Delicious, energizing, and good for you! Jolly Oak Dark Chocolate Coconut Granola is a heavenly blend of pumpkin seeds for protein, dark chocolate for antioxidants, and toasted coconut and oats for sweet fiber. It contains flaxseeds for omega-3s which provide fiber and a heart healthy boost. You can enjoy this yummy granola guilt free!

Price: $15.99 Visit the Website

Crown Maple Petite Trio

Crown Maple Petite Trio

Description: Crown Maple's Petite Trio is a refreshing change from the typical box of chocolates for the romantic holiday. Sample light, medium amber and dark amber varieties of pure, regal Crown Maple organic maple syrup. Taste individually, or enjoy a sampling with different delicious recipes! The three bottles in the Petite Trio are also handsomely packaged in a Royal Treatment box.

Price: $15.95 Visit the Website


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