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T's Organic Gourmet Hot Sauce And Bloody Mary Mix

T's Organic Hot Sauce and Bloody Mary Mix

Description: T's Organic Hot Sauce and Bloody Mary mix is made with the finest premium hand selected ingredients. We use zero artificial ingredients, colorings, or prrservatives. All of our products are low in sodiuum, gluten free, and just plain delicious. 50% of the net profit from all of T's Hot Pink Sauce is donated to various breast cancer organizations. We are about to launch T's Solar Hot Sauce to generate revenue to promote green energy and self sustainable manufacturing facilities. T's Hot Sauce - "Anything but a tease!"

Price: $4.99 to $42.99 Visit the Website

Gluten-Free Foods

The Gluten Free Bistro's Products

Description: The Gluten Free Bistro’s mission is to provide modern, healthy and divine foods for all to enjoy. We believe that food free of gluten should not be food free of taste, quality and nutrition. Our products are whole grain, contain non-GMO ingredients and are delicious. We know you will not be disappointed.Find our products retail and in restaurants. Enjoy!

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California Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup

California Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup

Description: Our better tasting California Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup boasts over four pounds of fresh Roma tomatoes in each bottle. By sun drying them, the tomato flavor is intensified. We then blend the sun dried tomatoes with traditional spices to create our award-winning condiment. California Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup should be considered as an addition to your condiment collection, not a replacement for whatever ketchup you already enjoy. Our ketchup is great on burgers and fries, but also a delicious addition to eggs, pasta, grilled cheese, chicken and fish as well as a tasty ingredient in sauces and marinades.

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Foxy's Frozen Yogurt

Four Foxy Flavors!

Description: Foxy’s Pash is a guilt-free alternative to fattening, high-calorie ice creams, and contains live cultures (which aid digestion and boost immunity). Made with real California milk, Foxy’s Pash is rich and creamy, yet contains only half the calories, fat, and sugar of most name-brand ice creams. Nothing Like a Hot Pash! ‘Pash’ is an Australian term for smooching. Foxy’s knows that not all pashes are the same-- some pashes are romantic, some are fun, and some are just downright naughty. Foxy’s Frozen Yogurt puts the sensations of a pash into a delectable dessert. You can never have too many pashes in a day, or in your freezer! Feel the Love in These Flavors! For every fancy or feeling, Foxy’s has a flavor (complete with cheeky advice on how to score a pash or two): Let spoonfuls of Sassy Pash (vanilla bean with real strawberries) melt in your mouth, or treat yourself to a Sneaky Pash (wild berry frozen yogurt with chocolate flakes) made with real berries and chocolate. Cheeky Pash (a blend of mango and passion fruit) is the perfect treat for bikini season or everyday indulgence, and Naughty Pash (honeycomb flavors with chunks of caramel) satiates sweet cravings guilt-free!

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LoSalt (original)

Description: LoSalt® is the U.K.’s leading healthy, reduced sodium alternative to salt. Great tasting, it can be used just like regular salts in cooking and on the table. It is sold worldwide and in more than 4,500 stores in the United States, including Whole Foods, Safeway and Kroger. Unlike other alternatives/substitutes on the market, it tastes just like regular salt – making it ideal for seasoning food on the table and in all cooking. A great source of potassium, LoSalt is a natural product with no artificial flavoring. Allergen free, it is simply a blend of two naturally occurring mineral salts, sodium chloride and potassium chloride. LoSalt is the only widely available Kosher (Parev/Passover) certified salt alternative. It is also Halal suitable.

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Kate Farms' Komplete Ultimate Meal Replacement Shakes

Komplete Cocoa Fudge

Description: Kate Farms’ flagship product, Komplete is the world's first line of certified made with organic ingredients dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free ready to drink meal replacement shakes! A Kompletely creamy blend of all-natural ingredients made with more fruits and veggies than any other product on the market. Komplete brings together plant based proteins including Pea and Organic brown rice to create the perfect amino acid combination. These hypoallergenic meal replacement shakes offer a delicious and pure indulgence without the guilt. Komplete brings you everything your body needs, without unwanted ingredients, in a convenient, on-the-go shake. All Kate Farms products are soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, Kompletely non-GMO & vegan, and made with organic rice protein and 21 Superfoods including acai berries, blueberries, green tea, and sweet cherry. Komplete shakes are available in three flavors - Cocoa Fudge, Vanilla Bliss, and Jav’a Latte.

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IMUSA Lemon & Lime Squeezer

IMUSA Lemon & Lime Squeezer

Description: The IMUSA Lemon & Lime Squeezers are the ideal gadgets for making freshly squeezed drinks, cocktails and more. They make extracting citrus juice a breeze, and the hand-held press has an ergonomic design for comfort. Small and sleek, they also make the perfect stocking stuffer gift for the cook or foodie in your life! Lemon squeezer available at for $4.19; Lime squeezer available at for $8.49

Price: $4.19 to $8.49 Visit the Website

Give The Gift Of Eating Meatless With Veggie Patch!

Veggie Patch Meatless Meatballs

Description: For the meatless eater in your life, Veggie Patch offers delicious, healthy and convenient vegetarian foods and meatless options ideal for snacks, lunch and dinner. Veggie Patch allows your loved one to still eat some of America’s favorite foods, but in a healthier way by eliminating extra fat, calories and other concerns posed by meat. Products include family-friendly main dish items, vegetable and cheese bites, and other tasty appetizers.

Price: $4.00 to $5.00 Visit the Website

Andean Dream Quinoa Products Are A Healthy Alternative! Gluten Free • No Trans Fats • No Cholesterol.

Andean Dream Chocolate Chip Cookies

Description: Andean Dream Quinoa Cookies are made with organic Royal Quinoa, which is grown only in the Bolivian Andes, which produces the finest quality quinoa in the world. Quinoa is delicious and nutritious, rich in high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals, and all eight amino acids essential for nutrition. Our individually wrapped cookies come in five varieties: Orange Essence, Chocolate Chip, Cocoa-Orange, Raisins & Spice, Coconut, and our newest flavor, Coffee. Andean Dream Pasta contains 24 grams of protein and 21 amino acids in an 8 oz. box. Our pasta cooks to an excellent flavor and texture, never mushy. Especially easy to cook, it can be enjoyed year-round because it is versatile and light. Andean Dream Quinoa pasta is not only gluten free, but is also organic, and kosher. It is also completely corn and soy free. Andean Dream Quinoa soup is gluten free, organic and vegan as well. Likewise, it is rich in protein and essential amino acids. Our soup contains Quinoa noodles, Quinoa grains, organic vegetables and a vegetable-based seasoning packet. The soup cooks in minutes and has 5 servings. It is truly a convenient and nutritious meal solution!

Price: $4.00 to $4.50 Visit the Website

POM Wonderful's POM POMS Fresh Arils

POM POMS Fresh Arils 8oz Size

Description: POM POMS, POM Wonderful’s package of ready to eat pomegranate arils, are perfect for festive holiday entertaining, healthy snacking in the New Year, and for Valentine’s Day cooking. Available from November through February, POM POMS are perfect for those who want to try, enjoy or cook with pomegranates but don’t want to take the time to open the fruit. Uses: • Entertaining Made Easy: Perfect for the hectic holiday hostess, use POM POMS at your next dinner party to add an additional pop of flavor and vibrant color to any festive party dish or cocktail. • Healthy on-the-go Snacking: Pomegranates are the perfect snack for people looking to stay healthy now through the New Year, who do not want to sacrifice flavor for health. Bursting with a sweet, tart taste, POM POMS are not only delicious, they deliver antioxidants and minerals such as polyphenols, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium and fiber. Packaged in a resealable container, the 4.3oz comes with a removable spoon. • Valentine’s Day Cooking: Add a touch of festive ruby red to Valentine’s Day cocktails or dishes. And, you know what some people say about pomegranates… POM POMS are available nationwide in the cut-fruit section of the produce department in most grocery stores just after the start of fresh pomegranate season beginning in November.

Price: $3.99 to $5.99 Visit the Website

All-Natural Tribe Hummus!

Tribe Hummus Mediterranean Style

Description: Available in a variety of handcrafted flavors, Tribe Hummus is an all-natural hummus that uses only the highest quality ingredients and has created the most flavorful, satisfying hummus on the market, perfect for dipping, using as a spread and including in recipes. Tribe’s products are kosher-certified, vegan-friendly and are free of artificial flavors, preservatives, cholesterol, hydrogenated oils, and high-fructose corn syrup. From Classic, to Mediterranean Style to Sweet Roasted Red Peppers, this hummus satisfies everyone's palate.

Price: $3.99 to $4.99 Visit the Website

GH Cretors Gourmet Popped Corn

GH Cretors popped corn

Description: With a lineup of Chicago Mix, caramel, cheddar and kettle corn, G.H. Cretors keeps to tradition by making its popped corn the good old fashioned way (by hand in copper kettles) and adds a new healthy twist, making its snacks completely free of GMO’s, artificial colors or flavors. GH Cretors popped corn is available at select natural food and mainstream grocery stores across the country and at and Enjoy individual bags or a variety pack containing one of each flavor.

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LoSalt: The Healthy Low Sodium Alternative To Salt


Description: LoSalt launched in the UK in 1984, creating the reduced sodium salt market—and have continued to lead the way ever since. LoSalt blends two natural mineral salts (sodium chloride and potassium chloride) while providing a healthier alternative to regular salts with the same salty flavor. A reduced sodium salt alternative that contains 66% less sodium than table salt, LoSalt retains the look and taste of conventional table salt. Sold in over 25 countries worldwide, including most of Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australasia, LoSalt is produced in the UK by Klinge Foods, based south of Glasgow in Scotland, UK.

Price: $3.99 to $6.99 Visit the Website

Pereg Quinoa

Pereg Quinoa Canisters

Description: 2013 has been declared “The International Year of the Quinoa” by the United Nations but it is still an intimidating dish to cook. Pereg has made it simple with a line of delicious mixes now available in new family-sized resealable containers that are painless to cook as boiling water. Combining naturally gluten-free quinoa with the finest of ingredients like gourmet mushrooms, robust vegetables, and elegant spices perfectly blended for a quick and easy side dish with 5 star chef taste. Quinoa is an excellent source of protein and combined with flavorful vegetables it’s a wonderful vegan dish even meat-lovers will enjoy. The “superfood” line of 26 scrumptious products comes in 2-4 serving size boxes. Gourmet Quinoa, Couscous, Israeli Pearl Pasta Couscous, and Basmati Rice blended with unique, flavorful & healthy ingredients like spinach, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and many more. The mixes are all pre-seasoned and ready to cook – simply measure & boil, 15-20 minutes later you’ll be enjoying a delicious & healthy side dish, perfect for weeknight dinners or holiday meals. Pereg Gourmet products are certified OU Kosher, 100% natural, vegan and use only the highest quality ingredients – never any preservatives, fillers, additives or MSG.

Price: $3.99 Visit the Website

Sheila G's Award-Winning Brownie Brittle

Indulge in Sheila G's Original Award-Winning Brownie Brittle!

Description: Get your snack on with Sheila G's award-winning Brownie Brittle(tm)! If you know someone who loves the crispy rich chocolaty edges of the brownie, then they'll go crazy for Brownie Brittle(tm)! We promise there'll be no more fighting for that corner piece(tm)! Sheila G's Original Brownie Brittle(tm) comes in Chocolate Chip, Toffee Crunch, Salted Caramel and Mint Chocolate Chip flavors. Brownie Brittle(tm) was listed by as a hot item at only 120 calories/ounce! Indulge your loved one for any occasion by giving them Sheila G's Brownie Brittle(tm). Who knows, maybe they'll even share some with you?!

Price: $3.99 to $4.99 Visit the Website

Mrs. Renfro's Ghost Pepper And Chipotle Nacho Cheese Sauces

Mrs. Renfro's Ghost Pepper Nacho Cheese Sauce

Description: Not only has the original Mrs. Renfro's Nacho Cheese Sauce moved to all natural ingredients and is gluten-free, but two new nacho cheese products have been added to the category -- Mrs. Renfro's Chipotle Nacho Cheese Sauce and Mrs. Renfro's Ghost Pepper Nacho Cheese Sauce. With the heat factor in foods still trending high in the marketplace, different peppers were chosen rather than adding more jalapenos -- chipotle was selected for medium heat and ghost pepper for hot. The new Mrs. Renfro's Chipotle Nacho Cheese Sauce combines the tasty blend of cheese sauce with smoky chipotle pepper. For those seeking more fire in their queso, Mrs. Renfro's Ghost Pepper Nacho Cheese Sauce features ghost pepper chiles. Both are great as dips and sauces. And like its sister product, Mrs. Renfro's Ghost Pepper Salsa which has become the company's fastest-growing new product in the company's 73-year history, sales for Mrs. Renfro's Ghost Pepper Nacho Cheese Sauce has taken off, as has its Chipotle Nacho Cheese Sauce. All three products are packaged in 16-ounce jars.

Price: $3.99 Visit the Website

All Natural Crunchy Cookie Chips

All Natural Crunchy Cookie Chips

Description: All Natural Crunchy Cookie Chips™ are made with only whole food ingredients such as milled cane sugar, rBST hormone free butter, cage free eggs, fine chocolate, and pure bourbon vanilla. They contain no artificial flavors, colors, trans fats, GMOs and are 120-130 calories per serving. Cookie Chips™ are available in four delicious flavors Original, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Sugar, and Sea Salted Peanut Butter.

Price: $3.99 to $5.99 Visit the Website

Guilt-Free Sweetness With Nectresse Natural No-Calorie Sweetener

Nectresse Natural No Calorie Sweetener Single-Serve Packets

Description: NECTRESSE Natural No Calorie Sweetener is the 100% natural sweetener made from the goodness of monk fruit extract, bringing you the rich sweet taste of sugar in all your favorite foods and beverages, without the added calories of sugar. Leading nutritionist and author of “The Beauty Diet,” Lisa Drayer, M.A., R.D., recommends introducing this sweet substitution into your daily routine as a delicious way to sweeten your favorite beverages. "Use a sprinkle of NECTRESSE Sweetener to add the perfect amount of all-natural sweetness to your morning tea. When your afternoon sweet tooth kicks in, try a Pomegranate Iced Green Tea with a dash of NECTRESSE Sweetener. It’s a satisfying and refreshing, low-calorie option offering a range of benefits that won’t derail your diet." NECTRESSE Natural No Calorie Sweetener is available in convenient single-serve packets and easy to hold canisters with a multipurpose lid for sprinkling, pouring or spooning. NECTRESSE™ Natural No Calorie Sweetener is available at grocery stores, drug stores, supercenters and online. For recipes, samples and more information on NECTRESSE™ visit

Price: $3.99 to $6.99 Visit the Website

Lindt Milk Chocolate Bear

Lindt Milk Chocolate Bear

Description: Lindt Bear brings excitement and joy to the Christmas season. Made with Lindt’s Finest Milk Chocolate, the Lindt Bear is lovingly dressed in gold foil and finished with a red ribbon. His friendly smile and kind heart are sure to warm your home this Holiday Season. This chocolate treat is perfect for filling a stocking or decorating a table this Christmas.

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Michel Design Works

Christmastime Collection

Description: Bringing the magic of the holiday season into the home just got a lot easier! Home décor designer Michel Design Works has just unveiled three new lines for the 2013 holidays: White Christmas, Sleigh Ride and Christmastime. These three themes are carried throughout the company’s product offerings, which include bath and body items, fragrant soy candles, decorative trays and caddies, and newly introduced kitchen products like aprons and oven mitts. Available at major retailers nationwide including Sur la Table and hundreds of regional boutiques. The entire collection is also available online at

Price: $3.75 to $62.50 Visit the Website

Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free Desserts Cupcakes, Spoonfuls, Cookies And Anytime Cakes


Description: We have the most moist and delicious cupcakes on the market. We cover a lot of allergies gluten, soy and dairy free. We also have vegan spoonfuls they are truffles on a spoon. We are a women owned company with a story and a purpose. Our company is Sweet Megan named for my niece who passed away from a brain tumor.

Price: $3.50 to $5.00 Visit the Website

Santa Barbara Bar

Santa Barbara Bars

Description: Santa Barbara Bars are nut, fruit, and seed based. The combination of ingredients will give you a flavorful mouthwatering taste that will sustain your energy when you need it most. Best of all, Santa Barbara Bars are gluten free, super food rich, contain no added soy protein, and are a good source of protein. The tasty and nutritious bars are loved by all age groups. These conveniently scrumptious bars are available in three flavors: 1. Cranberry White Chocolate contains no added soy proteins and is gluten-free. 2. Peanut Chocolate Cherry contains no added soy protein, is gluten-free and GMO free. 3. Coconut Almond is gluten-free, has no refined sugar and is GMO free. Order a box of Santa Barbara Bars at

Price: $3.50 to $23.88 Visit the Website


Organic, Vegan, Healthy

Description: OH BAR, a product of Four Hands Healing Foods, is an Organic Health bar that is quite possibly the most vibrant, delicious, and nutritious energy bar ever! All ingredients are organic, raw, sourced from local providers, and loaded with protein, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and other healthy and tasty stuff. OH BARs are available in two flavors, Original and Cacao/Goji Berry, made in small batches entirely by hand as gently as possible so the seeds remain in their most natural and nutritious state. No chopping or smashing allowed! The bars are dehydrated at low temperatures, never baked, so they are chock full of the living enzymes your body craves. All seeds are pre-soaked in filtered water, which enhances their nutrient value, makes them easy to digest and absorb, and cuts the fat content in half. OH BARs are packaged in BPA-free, biodegradable, non-polluting cellophane bags made from cottonwood trees. The cellophane provides an oxygen barrier that is 100 times greater than plastic. Passionate about awakening the body’s own healing potential via a healthy lifestyle and mindful eating, Four Hands Healing Foods' mission is to create the most delicious raw food imaginable.

Price: $3.50 Visit the Website

Wild Planet Albacore Tuna

Wild Planet Albacore

Description: Imagine opening a can of tuna that has no water or oil to drain, has 600% more natural Omega 3 than any big three tuna brand and less than half the mercury levels because only smaller, individually-caught Pacific Northwest Albacore are used. This is a deliciously different tuna. Unlike mainstream brands, sustainably-fished Wild Planet Albacore Tuna contains a whole tuna steak, hand-packed and cooked only once in the can to capture the fresh, natural flavor and to retain six times the valuable Omega 3 as conventional brand albacore tuna. Packed with no additional water, oil, preservatives or chemicals, there is 50% more great tasting tuna by weight as well. OU Kosher certified and available in a variety without added salt.

Price: $3.49 Visit the Website

Chronic Jerky

One of our flavors

Description: Chronic Jekry is a healthy alternative to other beef Jerkys and is based in Huntington Beach, Calofornia, Showcased at the Ditch Gifting suite at the 2013 BET Awards party after. Chronic Jerky is high in protein and has no saturated fats. It is also low calorie and no carbs. Cut from only the finest meat, the USDA approved product can be found all across the West Coast.

Price: $3.49 to $7.99 Visit the Website

Best Maid Farm To Market Pickles

5 different flavors for every kind of taste bud!

Description: Traditional Southern favorite, Best Maid Pickles, reveals a brand new product line that will put a new “spin” on the company’s seasoned legacy. The Farm to Market™ specialty label is introduced with five unique, pioneer pickle flavors that emphasize natural goodness. Bloody Mary freshly harvested, crisp cucumbers in a savory, peppered tomato brine Chipotle Lime freshly harvested, crisp cucumbers in a roasted jalapeño brine with lime zest Garden Fresh freshly harvested, crisp cucumbers in a mixed vegetable brine with an aroma of herbs Garlic Baby Dills freshly harvested, crisp cucumbers in a zesty brine with chopped garlic & red pepper Sea Salt & Peppercorn freshly harvested, crisp cucumbers in a peppered brine balanced with sea salt. The Farm to Market™ Single Barrel pickles differ from the traditional pickle in their natural, fresh taste, combined with unique, high quality ingredients. The wholesome and fresh nature of this line is conveyed on the jar label using the imagery of a 1940’s red truck parked at a classic farm scene. The five new items are differentiated from one another by flavor descriptors unique to each item. Visit the Farm to Market™ website at

Price: $3.00 to $5.99 Visit the Website

Pirate Jonny's Caribbean BBQ Rubs Seasonings And Sauces-Gluten Free, Low Sodium Blends That Help Make Cooking Easy!

Pirate Jonny's Caribbean BBQ Rubs and Seasonings

Description: Welcome to Pirate Jonny’s Caribbean BBQ Rubs, Seasonings and Sauces. Pirate Jonny’s Barbecue Sauce and Seasoning blends are derived from the geographical maritime region of the Caribbean basin. Our Rubs offer a touch of the classic barbecue dry rubs, combined with the flavors of the Caribbean. Our seasonings are not like anything you have had before. It’s all flavor, without the excessive amounts of salt and sugar typically found in seasonings. Many people use Pirate Jonny’s as a “Food Staple” because this is all you need in order to get full flavor without having to cut up the typical onions, pepper’s, garlic, etc. These products are also very healthy, No MSG, no Gluten and low sodium. It is a MUST for the family, moms, dads and kids! They also make great gifts to give your meals loads of flavor without a lot of preparation. Please feel free to check out the many recipes that are available from Pirate Jonny's or simply rub it on, add into your vegetables, salads, anything! It's good on everything....

Price: $3.00 to $20.00 Visit the Website

Pirate Jonny's Caribbean BBQ Rubs, Seasonings And Sauces

Pirate Jonny's Sauce Combo Pack

Description: PIRATE JONNYS CARIBBEAN RUBS & SEASONINGS This Clearwater local business specializes in a gourmet line of products that are gluten free, MSG free & low sodium. Pirate Jonny’s seasonings have won awards for their excellence from the National BBQ Association, the Hot Pepper Awards of New Jersey, the Scovie Awards and many other local awards for their seasonings,Chili and Sauces. Pirate Jonny’s makes cooking easy with many uses from simple sprinkling on salads, to rubs for meats in grilling, for wings, vegetables, dips, etc. Also, new to the line are Pirate Nuts made with the Caribbean roundup Seasoning and Sweet Island Nuts made with our Sweet Island Seasoning & now to you! Check out our newest recipe with bacon using our Caribbean rub. All recipes are available on our website, You can also enjoy Holiday gift sets, here. After all, Tis the Seasoning! ENJOY YARR MATEYS! JON & TERRI TONER,

Price: $3.00 to $20.00 Visit the Website

Stonefire Authentic Naan Flatbread

Stonefire Original Naan

Description: Stonefire Naan is the #1 naan in North America. Hand stretched and prepared with Ghee (clarified butter) and fresh buttermilk, following a traditional recipe, this light, naturally smoky-tasty naan is ready within seconds of being placed in an oven that mirrors the intense heat of an ancient tandoor. Stonefire’s naan is made with all-natural ingredients, free of preservatives, additives, artificial colors, trans fat and hydrogenated oils. Stonefire Naan is available in original, whole grain and fire roasted garlic varieties at select grocery stores nationwide. Recipe ideas and preparation instructions can be found at

Price: $2.99 Visit the Website

CrispRoot Chips

CrispRoot Sea Salt

Description: CrispRoot Ridged Cassava Root Chips are delicious! Not only do they have 30% less fat and double the fiber of regular chips, they are also Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Vegan friendly. Sumptuous flavors include: Sea Salt, Original, BBQ Bliss and Thai Ginger. All natural, with no artificial ingredients, they are the better for you chip that is thick, crunchy and perfect for dips! CrispRoot Chips are made from the root of the cassava shrub, a primary source of energy for 800 million people worldwide, and now available as a healthy snack. Available at natural food retailers. To find a store near you, look here.

Price: $2.99 to $4.79 Visit the Website


KEEN-WAH Decadence Bars: A perfect gift for the healthy snacker!

Description: The world's only 100% organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free protein bar made with the natural goodness of heirloom quinoa! KEEN-WAH DECADENCE bars are made from a powerhouse of organic ingredients, including sprouted quinoa flower, quinoa crisps, chia seed, almond butter, high-antioxidant raw cacao, and low-glycemic coconut nectar. With no hydrogenated oils or refined sugars in the core, KEEN-WAH DECADENCE bars offer unforgettable taste that is truly an "Intelligent Indulgence"! Available in three luscious flavors, KEEN-WAH DECADENCE bars make the perfect, inexpensive gift for anyone who wants to balance healthy eating and snacking with an amazing taste sensation! Available at retailers nationwide, they can be ordered by the bar or by the box (for an incredible gift they'll always remember!) at

Price: $2.50 to $3.00 Visit the Website

Iberia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Iberia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Description: Iberia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the healthy stocking stuffer idea for the cook in your life. Made from hand-selected and harvested olives processed in Spain, this 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides the rich aroma and flavor of quality, Spanish olives. Your friends and family will love this original and tasty gift. Available at select retailers, including Walmart. Visit for more information.

Price: $2.49 to $8.69 Visit the Website

Active D'Lites

Indulge in Wellness

Description: Founded in 2010, Active D’Lites spent years in research and development to deliver an all-natural, GMO-free, low-calorie, low-carb, low sugar, probiotics-powered chocolate and ice cream product line. The company uses a proprietary blend of DuPont™ HOWARU® Premium Probiotics which includes: Bifidobacterium Lactis HN019 and Lactobacillus Acidophilus NCFM in the formulation of its Active D’Lites products. It leverages the benefits of this unique blend of probiotics to help assist digestion and enhance weight loss through its Active D’Lites chocolates and ice creams that come in all-natural almond, peanut butter, and caramel flavors. Proudly made in the U.S.A., all chocolate and ice cream bars contain probiotics and prebiotics – a combination known as synbiotic – that work together to help promote and sustain digestive health and a lifestyle of wellness.

Price: $2.19 to $30.66 Visit the Website

Healthy Gourmet Cookies Sweetened By Nature With Fruits, Veggies & Grains!

Fabe's Mini Cookies

Description: Fabe’s All Natural Bakery is a leader when it comes to baking healthy, delicious desserts that are Sweetened by Nature™ with fruits, veggies and grains. Fabe’s cookies, pies, cakes and cupcakes contain no preservatives, no trans fats, no GMO, or artificial ingredients. They use only the highest quality pure ingredients, and offer a variety of gluten free, whole grain, vegan and organic desserts. Fabe’s delivers a gourmet taste that both kids and grown-ups simply love! Co-founder and CEO Steve Fabos started Fabe’s in 1989 when his daughter began displaying hyperactive behaviors after eating desserts made with sugar, food dyes and preservatives. Do you know what’s in the cookie you’re eating? Fabos states, “There’s NO dairy, eggs, cholesterol, trans fats, GMO, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, or artificial ingredients in any of our cookies (or any of our desserts). There’s NO evaporated cane sugar/juice, no refined sugar, no brown sugar, no high fructose corn syrup … NO added sugar period!” Fabe’s truly is the only all-naturally sweetened cookie you can feel good about eating, and feeding to your kids – ingredients and taste you can trust!

Price: $2.00 to $60.00 Visit the Website

RealBeanz Iced Coffee


Description: RealBeanz® is a richly indulgent beverage created with premium brewed coffee, fresh reduced-fat milk, naturally wholesome ingredients, remarkable flavors and enhanced with vitamins and potent herbs for the best in health and flavor. RealBeanz does more than just satisfy your taste buds - it helps you get through the day and enhances your lifestyle without subjecting your body to harmful chemicals or unhealthy ingredients. Whether it's powering up with energy-infused herbs or slowing down with relaxing floral extracts, RealBeanz will help brew the mood you desire. Available in 7 different flavors: Cappuccino ("Energize") Diet Cappuccino ("Trim & Fit") Caramel ("Focus") Mocha ("Resist") Vanilla Nut ("Relax") Cappuccino with Coconut Water ("Refresh") Dark Roast with Coconut Water ("Refresh")

Price: $1.99 to $2.49 Visit the Website

Wholesome Shelf Safe Milk Is Regular Grade A Milk... Unleashed!

No preservatives, just nutritious milk - unleashed.

Description: WHOLESOME GOODNESS. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Shelf safe milk is Grade A fluid milk that requires no refrigeration until the package is opened, thanks to ultra pasteurization and the special Tetra Pak carton. This special packaging preserves all the wholesome goodness of milk and helps kids get the vitamins and nutrients of milk anytime, anywhere. It makes it easy for moms to provide real milk safely to their children – without the restrictions of refrigeration. IT’S MOO-TRITIOUS TOO. Milk builds strong bones, lowers blood pressure, and reduces the risk of diabetes and some cancers. A carton (8 oz.) of shelf safe milk has 8 grams of protein and 9 essential nutrients – calcium, Vitamins A, D and B12, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, riboflavin, niacin and zinc – nearly half of the daily recommended vitamins intake! For more information, visit or follow Milk Unleashed on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Price: $1.99 to $4.99 Visit the Website

Single Serve StarKist Creations Pouches

Gluten Free single serve StarKist Creations Pouches

Description: Single Serve StarKist® Creations Pouches are perfect for a celiac patients’ gluten-free needs! Whether putting the contents on gluten-free bread for a quickly made sandwich, or tearing open and eating straight out of the pouch as a mid-day snack, these pouches provide a guilt-free, easy option for anyone with Celiac diet restrictions. Ranging between 80-110 calories per pouch, these new single-serve portions are available in the same great Creations flavors we’ve all come to love. The convenient Flavor Fresh Pouch allows you to enjoy a health-conscious portion on-the-go – just tear open and toss the pre-seasoned tuna right onto a salad, eat straight out of the pouch, or add to your favorite recipe for a flavor and protein boost! All pouches are gluten-free with the exception of the Herb and Garlic Variety.

Price: $1.79 Visit the Website

Alrite - GABA Rice Age Defying Drink (IQ Plus Beauty)

Alrite - GABA Rice Age Defying Drink (IQ plus Beauty)

Description: Maintain your ageless appearance with Alrite - GABA Rice Age Defying Drink. New and innovative drink from whole grain Germinated Thai Black Jasmine Rice + Grape Seed Extract + GABA. Germinated Thai Black Jasmine Rice is a source of Anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant. Just a spoonful of black rice bran contains more health promoting Anthocyanin antioxidants than are found in a spoonful of blueberries, but with less sugar, more fiber and vitamin E. The rice is rich with Gamma Oryzanol that fights against free radicals and provides multiple nutrients necessary for your beauty & healthy lifestyle: Amino Acid, Peptide, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Dietary Fiber, Folate, Niacine, Lysine, Inositols, Ferulic Acid, Phytic Acid, Tocotrienols, Prolylendopeptidase Inhibitor, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc. It passes germination (sprouting) and extraction process that gives only single molecule nutrients, so your body can absorb all good things right away without digestion. Grape Seed Extract contains Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs) that works to protect the loss of collagen and elastin. Natural GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) from rice stabilizes brain by keeping your brainwaves in balance and promotes a healthy nervous system. It’s 100% natural, no sweetener added. Have a toast to your beauty! Now available online at

Price: $1.79 Visit the Website

Alrite - GABA Rice Brain Power Energy Drink (EQ Plus Energy)

Alrite - GABA Rice Brain Power Energy Drink (EQ plus Energy)

Description: Boost your brain power with Alrite Up – GABA Rice Brain Power Energy Drink. New and innovative drink from Whole Grain Germinated Thai Jasmine Rice + Gotu Kola & Guarana Extract + GABA. Germinated Thai Jasmine Rice that passes sprouting and complicated extraction process gives single molecule glucose and other nutrients which allow the body to easily absorb them and gain energy right away without digestion. Thai Jasmine Rice is also a source of Gamma Oryzanol antioxidant and multiple nutrients necessary for your active lifestyle: Carbohydrates, Amino Acid, Peptide, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Dietary Fiber, Folate, Niacine, Lysine, Inositols, Ferulic Acid, Phytic Acid, Tocotrienols, Prolylendopeptidase Inhibitor, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc. Gotu Kola Extract (Centella asiatica) boosts brain capacity. It is a brain food that helps improving intelligence and reflexes. Guarana Extract infuses energy and fights against fatigue in a healthy way. GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) stabilizes brain by keeping your brainwaves in balance and promotes a healthy nervous system. It keeps you away from stress, resulting in higher EQ. It’s 100% natural, no sweetener added. Have a toast to your brain power! Now available online at

Price: $1.79 Visit the Website

Health Warrior Chia Bars

Health Warrior Chia Bars

Description: Packed with superfood nutrients, each bar contains 1000mg omega-3, 100 – 110 calories per bar and only four grams of sugar. They contain omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, protein and fiber. Available in chocolate peanut butter, coconut and acai berry flavors. A tasty and filling snack that will keep you going through the day. Available in the Whole Body department at Whole Foods Market locations nation-wide.

Price: $1.69 Visit the Website

Crispy Green Crispy Fruit And FruitziO Freeze Dried Fruit

FruitziO Line

Description: Light, sweet and crunchy, Crispy Green’s Crispy Fruit® and FruitziO® all-natural freeze-dried fruit snacks are a perfectly portable and mess-free alternative to fresh fruit and a great guilt-free substitute for other snacks that fill your kids with fat, sodium and empty calories. All Crispy Green products are packed with 100 percent real fruit taste: are free from preservatives (including sulfides), fat, cholesterol and sodium; and are vegan-friendly, peanut-free and tree-nut-free, gluten-free and kosher certified, making them a delicious, healthy snack choice that is full of natural fruit flavor and available at your fingertips.

Price: $1.49 to $3.49 Visit the Website

Gift Of A Gourmet Breakfast With Better Oats

mmm...Muffins Blueberry Muffin instant oatmeal is a must for the cold season!

Description: When holiday parties come around, guests usually bring their hosts a bottle of wine or a gift card. Or maybe you're looking for an office exchange? The team at Better Oats has a unique twist to a holiday gift basket that might be interesting. How about giving the gift of breakfast? Imagine the comfort this gift brings: a fluffy bathrobe, a new mug for coffee or cocoa, a cute bowl and spoon set, and some good-for-you and delicious oatmeal – all to make a cold, winter morning just a little bit better. What makes Better Oats unique and innovative is its 23 flavors, ranging from the totally indulgent (chocolate, chai spiced, oatmeal raisin cookie and blueberry muffin) to the classic favorites (cinnamon spiced, very berry and strawberries and cream). Made with real fruit and 40 grams of whole grains per serving, this gift basket is sure to be one of the lucky recipient’s favorites of the season. Better Oats’ cleverly lean packaging makes it a great stocking stuffer, too. Oh, and it’s only about $1.69 a box, so it’s also easy on those holiday-stressed wallets!

Price: $1.49 to $1.79 Visit the Website

Ips All Natural Egg White Chips

ips All Natural Egg White Chips

Description: Snack smarter with ips - the world's first egg white chip! ips harnesses the power of egg whites to provide 7 grams of protein — the equivalent of two egg whites - per serving, with just half the fat of leading fried potato chips. The idea for ips first hatched when founder Sean Olson was making breakfast for his kids, who loved the crispy edges on the eggs he prepared. These gluten free snacks are available in four varieties, including Aged White Cheddar, Barbeque, Sea Salt & Black Pepper, and Cinnamon Sugar for an egg-citing snacking option any time of day!

Price: $1.49 to $1.99 Visit the Website

Healthy Meals In Minutes

Cooked Organic Brown Rice Bowl

Description: Who has time to cook brown rice? You do! Well, you do have 90 seconds don't you? Our fully cooked, quick, convenient microwaveable 100% Organic Brown Rice Bowl leaves you all the extra time. It’s vegan, kosher, gluten-free, shelf stable and comes ready to heat-and-eat in a self-serving bowl. While wholesome and delicious as is, add some freshly steamed vegetables and/or a few pieces of pre-cooked chicken for a hearty meal in minutes. In a world where time is money, our fully cooked 100% Organic Brown Rice Bowl are phenomenal value!

Price: $1.49 Visit the Website


Kleenhanz towelettes

Description: Kleenhanz® is the antimicrobial wellness towelette that cleans, sanitizes and removes germs on hands. Developed with more than 10 years of research, Kleenhanz® represents a revolution in consumer germ prevention by killing 99.99% of bacteria and germs, making Kleenhanz® the next best thing to soap and water. Kleenhanz® is alcohol free and uses quaternary compounds, Benzethonium Chloride and Benzalkonium Chloride, to kill and remove germs with long-lasting protection. Kleenhanz® does what alcohol-based sanitizers cannot by effectively cleaning, sanitizing AND removing germs from hands. Kleenhanz® towelettes are used in many schools in South Texas as well as hospitals, clinics, restaurants, fitness centers and many other areas. Kleenhanz® is distributed through Texas’ largest grocery retailer, H.E.B. as well as Valero Corner Stores. For more information on Kleenhanz®, visit

Price: $1.45 to $15.95 Visit the Website

Sparkling ICE

Sparkling ICE "Imagine a World Without Breast Cancer" - Sip Pink (Pink Grapefruit)

Description: Each October, companies across the nation step up to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But wouldn’t it be cool to see a National brand that gives directly back to the communities where people have donated toward these “Pink” initiatives? As part of the Sparkling ICE mission to “Imagine a World Without Breast Cancer” from October 1-31 Sparkling ICE donates $.01 per bottle of Pink Grapefruit Sparkling ICE to help find a cure for Breast Cancer. Best of all, proceeds go directly back to the community where the product was sold. By working closely with each community, Sparkling ICE allows them to select the charity right in their region that they would most like to offer the donations to (i.e. Susan G. Komen Affiliates, Local/Regional Breast Cancer Research Foundations, etc.) Sparkling ICE, a beverage of Talking Rain Company, is also a Susan G. Komen Puget Sound Affiliate Promise Partner, the highest tier of recognition awarded to corporations, foundations, and 3rd party fundraising organizations/events that provide exceptional financial or in-kind resources throughout the year to the Komen Puget Sound Affiliate. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for further information on Sparkling ICE “Pink” initiatives, arrange interviews with Nina Morrison, VP of Community and Customer Relations, or for product samples. Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Price: $1.19 to $1.29 Visit the Website

The Queen's Bakery & Cafe

The Queen's Bakery & Cafe

Description: Perfect for any occasion, Cupcake or Cookie Decorating Kits from The Queen’s Bakery & Cafe are a fun and stress-free way to bring family and friends together and make for a great and tasty gift too! Founded in 2011, the bakery hosts parties for all occasions and is available to book for parties. The interior of this modern “royal kingdom” is beautifully decorated and designed with bright, chic and festive colors and features plush, oversized armchairs and cushions. Queen Kathy strives to ensure that all her guests are treated like royalty and it makes for a great location to add an extra special touch to any occasion. As OC’s Premiere Venue for Private Parties & Afternoon Teas, they have a delicious selection of cupcakes, cookies, cakes and teas, handcrafted salads and sandwiches that are baked fresh daily.

Price: $1.00 to $10.00 Visit the Website

Salba Chia Boost: The Easiest Way To Boost Your Daily Nutrition

Salba Chia Boost Whole Seed

Description: Salba Smart has launched a truly innovative new product to make Salba Chia an easy component of their daily routine. Salba chia Boost in Premium Ground and Whole Seed are individual servings of organically grown and non-GMO Project Certified Salba Chia. These packets fit easily into a purse, briefcase or backpack to make getting a daily boost as easy as sprinkling a packet over lunch, into a smoothie or an afternoon snack.

Price: $0.99 to $13.99 Visit the Website

Rockin'ola Healthy Whole Grain Snacks - With REAL Yogurt Drops - For Kids

Rockin'ola ChocoBerry

Description: Rockin’ola is a unique new line of outrageously good 100% whole grain snack products! Rockin’ola was developed as a healthy snack or breakfast component to meet the 2014 USDA guidelines for creditable whole grain for the Child Nutrition Program for Schools – and adults love it just as much as the kids do! Rockin’ola is a mix of flavorful 100% whole grain Granola Clusters and REAL Yogurt drops - freeze-dried! It contains NO artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, NO HFCS, and is LOW in Sodium. Rockin’ola is made with NO hydrogenated oils and is Cholesterol-free, Saturated fat-free, and Trans-fat-free. Rockin’ola makes a great portable satisfying snack that can be tossed into a purse, pocket, lunchbox, backpack, briefcase, or keep a stash in the car! Currently available in single serve 1.1 oz. packages. ChocoBerry – Rich Chocolate Granola with Strawberry Yogurt drops. BerryBerry – Yummy Strawberry Granola with Mixed Berry Yogurt drops. Made in the USA, peanut-free, WBENC certified.

Price: $0.75 Visit the Website

Bottle Your Brand Customized Wine Labels

Bottle Your Brand Customized Wine Labels

Description: Have a special occasion coming up? Customize a bottle of wine with custom printed labels from Bottle Your Brand! Choose from hundreds of pre-designed labels and customize with your information and pictures, or start from scratch and design a label that's totally unique! Everybody loves getting a nice bottle of wine - now you can make it an even more personal gift with custom labels. They're printed in full color on waterproof vinyl, so spills won't affect the color or quality of your design.

Price: $0.13 to $0.99 Visit the Website

Edamam - A Unique Recipe Finder

Search Recipe's by Ingredient, Diet or Calorie Count

Description: Edamam's mobile app and recipe finder allows you to search for millions of recipes through its smart, curate engine. Edamam offers multiple ways to search and filter recipes by ingredient, diet (such as vegan, gluten-free, low-sugar), or calorie amount- making it easier to find and narrow down that perfect recipe you're looking for. The recipe finder also provides a shopping list for each recipe that lets you to check off items on the app as you shop!

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

Shrimp Burgers By Chef Big Shake

CBS Logo

Description: From the full fat beef burger, to the lean turkey burger, all the way to the veggie lovers dream burger, there has literally been a burger for everyone. Or has there? Thanks to Staten Island’s very own Shawn Davis, a.k.a Chef Big Shake, the founder of CBS Foods -seafood lovers there’s finally a burger for you! The Original Shrimp Burger™ gives health fanatics a burger that is high in protein, low in fat, and delivers a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Chef Big Shake recently appeared on Shark Tank, and the famous Mark Cuban is quoted saying "He was the one that got away!" Make sure that The Original Shrimp Burger™ doesn’t get away from your radar by trying one of the 5 delectable flavors: Original, Jalapeno, Cajun, Teriyaki, and Chesapeake Bay flavor. CBS Foods, Inc. also offers lobster sliders, lobster pot pie, and lobster mac and cheese. If you’re looking for a "meat alternative" but tired of the same old beef, Shake It Up With a Shrimp Burger! To purchase The Original Shrimp Burger in any one of the 5 delicious flavors visit

Price: $0.00 to $10.00 Visit the Website

Global Travel Insights: Food, Travel Products And Cultural Experiences

We Blog the World: Events, Featured and Experiences

Description: We Blog the World combines the magic of an online culture and travel magazine with a global blog network, where independent voices capture the best cultural experiences, events, ideas and stories for the discerning, educated and savvy globetrotter. From unique travel and technology products, to unique cultural and food experiences, recipes, services and suggestions around the globe, you'll learn about unique discerning things off the beaten path for the savvy traveler. Also unique is that we are the most comprehensive travel and culture site to learn about compelling international festivals and events around the world.

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

Annie's Garden Funder To Fund The School Or Garden In Your Community

Annie's Garden Funder

Description: Give a gift that gives back! Help give your child's school or your community the gift of fresh, whole food with a donation to your local organization via Annie's Garden Funder. By helping children learn where food comes from though school gardens, Annie's helps kids understand that real food tastes great and encourages them to start making better choices at a young age.

Price: $0.00 Visit the Website

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