The Flavors of Southeast Asia -The Noodle House Review

For those who have never been, Dubai ranks among the most sophisticated and modern cities in the world.  With that sophistication comes  a world class cultural and dining scene.  My wife and I had been in Dubai for about a month. One of the first things that we enjoy doing in a new town is dining on local authentic food and had a chance to do that.  So with that box already checked, a local friend insisted that we try one of the region’s most lauded Asian eateries, The Noodle House.

The Noodle House is the flagship restaurant of Jumeirah Restaurants LLC. Launched in 2002, the brand has grown to 16 restaurants in the U.A.E, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Cyprus, and Pakistan and expanding globally across the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

praw hacao

We decided to try out the original Noodle House restaurant in the Jumeirah Emerites Tower.  It is located between the posh shops of the luxury mall but once inside, you are transported to a place far away from the ordinary.  Do not expect your typical Chinese food joint. The Noodle House is so much more. What they’ve managed to do is to take the best dishes from South East Asia, put their own spin to them, and provide them in a first class dining experience. Clearly this is the recipe for the brand’s success.

As mentioned, once you enter the Noodle House your evening will be transformed. The atmosphere is alive and bustling.  Locals, expats, and tourists dine together on communal tables. The chefs prepare an exhaustive list of menu choices over flaming grills behind a wall of glass so you can see all of the action.

For the menu, expect an encyclopedia or “menu-pedia”.  The noodle house chooses from the best dishes from South East Asia so you can expect to see most of them here. As we’re seated by the friendly host, we look around at the other tables and watch the sizzling dishes, steaming soups, and mysterious bamboo baskets float by leaving scents of tantalizing aroma in their wake.  We look from table to table wonder what everyone else is having ….they all look so good.

So we begin the night with their exotic drink menu start with various concoctions of fresh fruits and ingredients and try out their specially mint and fruit infused iced tea…a perfect start in the Dubai heat to cool one’s parched palate.  From there we order from a menu pad where you check what you want.  This is then passed on to the chefs who whip up your selections in a wink on an eye.

Indonesian chicken curry with steamed egg noodles

We wanted to sample several dishes from different countries. One of our favorites was the Indonesian chicken curry with steamed egg noodles and smothered in a sweet coconut and turmeric sauce . From there we tried the steamed broccoli with oyster and aromatic mushroom sauce and ginger strips. One Noodle House’s favorites is the chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce which is juicy chicken breast pieces grilled to perfection and served with sweet, spicy peanut dipping sauce. After the first bite one can see why it is so popular.

Thai red prawn curry

wok-fried vegetables and crispy coated tofu

My wife opted for the wok-fried vegetables and crispy coated tofu married together with a the  East Asian black bean sauce. She also had the hot and spicy Thai red prawn curry with fragrant basil and sweet coconut sauce given a kick with red chilli. And lastly for a specialty dish, she chose the Nasi goreng with chicken satay and fried egg. The dish was composed of fluffy fried rice full of flavor with succulent juicy shrimps and pungent sambal chilli sauce served with sticky marinated chicken satay and topped with a fried egg.   

Great choices all and with the “menu pedia”, there are so many choices that one can come back time and time again and find a new favorite with each visit.

The Noodle House concept is an obvious hit.  It is to bring the dining experience of  South-East Asian cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok and Jakarta, with a creative  healthy and  delicious fresh food, served in a cheery, communal setting.   It is strongly recommended for the savvy diner looking to enjoy fine dining and affordable fast food type experience.

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