The Aquarium Restaurant Yas Island Marina, Delicious in every way


On a lazy Friday afternoon, my wife and I decided to go to the Yas Island Marina to take in the sights and to have dinner. After walking along the yachts and beautiful marina, we deiced on seafood and sushi and chose the Aquarium Seafood Restaurant. We couldn’t have made a better choice.   


The Aquarium Restaurant Yas Island Marina in Abu Dhabi is a fantastic seafood restaurant offering the freshest catches of the day and fantastic indoor and outdoor seating options with views.  It was dusk when we settled in and the sun was starting to set beyond the marina. It was the perfect setting to dine alfresco while yacthties and tourists strolled around the marina complex.


As we walked up, warm and smiling faces immediately greeted us. The venue is special and as you walk along the humongous fish tanks with a wide variety of fishes and coral, you could not order anything else but seafood. There are selections of fresh fish and crustaceans on display similar to a fish market.  Having said that they do have other choices on the menu as well.   


Indoors there are tables set around the fish tanks and through the doors provide views of the marina. Outside there are tables along the marina walkway as well as couches providing more of a lounge setting. There is a large central bar providing cocktail and libations of every concoction to guests sitting inside or out. There were various groups there from ladies chatting, men enjoying shisha, and families with children. All seemed to enjoy the night and each other’s company.


We chose to sit outside and ask it got darker the place began to fill.  In the background, we heard music from the classic soul music to some cool rock and roll; all setting the tone for an enjoyable evening. Marvin Gaye, Seal, and Billy Joel, along with some smooth Arabic music added to the ambiance.   On various nights of the week they have different types of entertainment form Ladies night to men’s night and so forth. They had a DJ playing music to ensure the energy level is just right.  


The charismatic manager, Noa, checked in with us to see how we were getting along. He gave us a quick tour around the restaurant and shared some interesting information. He spoke about the importance that the guests, whether they are locals or tourists, enjoy each experience at the Aquarium Seafood restaurant. He was very personable and checked in with each guest chatting freely and giving special attention to make sure each had a good evening.  


Noa and the Aquarium has empowered their staff so they can make decisions necessary to delight each customer. The bartender asked me a few questions about myself and then began to suggest a special cocktail made in my honor called the Glenstone. It was a blue cocktail and a mix of triple sec, vodka, rum, and tonic. It was refreshing, tasty and just what I needed. Beyond that I really liked it and the fact that he made it just for me which made me feel special and, as a result,  enjoyed the evening that much more.

I asked the sushi chef what made his sushi different than the sushi anywhere else. What he shared was that in addition to buying the finest and freshest ingredients available, he listens to the customs and is always willing to try something new to make them happy. He really meant it and went on to prepare a sushi platter for us that fantastic. We had a wide variety of tastes and textures that did not disappoint. Colorful, tasty, crunchy and delicious are the words that come to mind. My wife has the tasty sliders with various toping from caramelized onions to guacamole.  For the main course we had the grilled snapper, which was also delicious with a great presentation.  



Overall it was a wonderful evening. We chatted away over the great music, enjoying each other’s company along with the meal.   The setting was beautiful with the attentive service, and delicious food. But it was the extra and unexpected efforts, which made our night enjoyable, are what I remember most. 

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