Birmingham’s Rib-It-Up Restaurant Review – Tasty, Authentic BBQ

Rib-it-Up is also conveniently located near a central Birmingham highway


Drive around Birmingham for a few days and it will come as no surprise when Morgan Berney, Director of Marketing and PR for the city’s landmark Vulcan Park, mentions that the Director of Alabama Tourism had made one year’s tourism theme for the state simply BBQ.   There are BBQ signs galore throughout town, and often with the good aromas that invite you in. 


As you walk in you walk up to the counter to place your order you place your order at the counter, you receive a number that is called when your food is ready for pickup at the counter


How wonderful to find one of the best BBQ places in this “Magic City” so centrally located—Rib-it-Up, in Birmingham’s downtown and a very convenient and tasty pit stop to make during a Civil Rights Tour


Yum!-- BBQ tips, fried okra, cornbread, and collard greens


Walk in at lunchtime and you’ll see many people who look like the most regular of regulars.  Your eyes are seeing correctly, according to Manager Brittney Taylor, who glanced around the room while we were chatting to confirm that many of the people eating lunch there that day came several times a week.


You'll find many regulars in the dining area who eat at Rib-it-Up several times a week


Think rib tips (their most popular dish), corn muffins with cracklins inside (another specialty), catfish dinners, mac ‘n cheese, BBQ chicken, pork chops, collard greens, fried green tomatoes and especially the fried okra, a side that was our top favorite. 


BBQ pork sandwich. Photo courtesy of Rib-it-Up


Rib-it-Up feels so much like a city institution that you’ll likely to be surprised to learn it’s relatively new on the scene. 


Manager Brittney Taylor shares that their delectable BBQ recipe comes from her maternal grandmother


Brittney Taylor recounts Rib-it-Up’s history saying “We are a family business that started Rib-it-Up in 1992 when my father and his two brothers bought this property, originally for parking for our family business nearby.  My maternal grandmother used to do the BBQ for a big blues festival in Arkansas, and it occurred to my Dad that we could open a restaurant with her recipe here.


Whiting fish dinner. Photo courtesy of Rib-it-Up


“The pit master and the primary cooks have been here the whole time we have been open.  I grew up with them…originally I was in banking but then came to work in the family business about three years ago…”


Chicken dinner. Photo courtesy of Rib-it-Up


This is a stick to your ribs big meal, especially if you are getting one of the dinners.  We came hoping to eat light, but the sights and smells before us quickly changed our minds.


Most of the staff at Rib-it-Up have been there since its opening


For more information visit the Rib-it-Up website .



830 1st Ave. North | Birmingham, AL 35203


Photos:  Peter Kachergis, unless otherwise indicated


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