La Frida Restaurant Review - The Finest Dining Experience in Mexico

It is rare to find a restaurant with two entirely separate personalities, but La Frida in Cabo San Lucas has just that. The amazing history of La Frida provides the setting and award-winning chef Antonio de Livier provides the imagination, heart and exquisite food.

The interior styling of La Frida

The restaurant is named for Frida Kahlo and everything about it says Frida. The restaurant is really part museum and part restaurant. The walls are covered with art and other assorted memorabilia from Frida that allow you to really feel her historical importance. La Frida opened in 2005 at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, giving diners one of the best views of the Pacific Ocean that you will find anywhere, if you are looking for a romantic setting, don’t look any further.

Outdoor dining at La Frida

What sets La Frida apart from any other restaurant with a Mexican menu is what Chef Antonio does with his menu. He has taken on several popular menu items and put his own twist on it. The combinations are unexpected and original, giving you a new taste sensation with every course.

Sea Bass

One of the more popular dishes on the menu and my personal favorite was the Sea Bass. A delicate fish that is prepared to a tender and moist completion, the flavor takes you everywhere. Chef Antonio created a sauce for this dish that begins with smoked tea and is combined with soy sauce and completed with a trio of onion, garlic and ginger and it is completed with citrus to help balance the dish. An incredibly unique flavor that compliments the bass perfectly. Fish plays a prominent role in the menu and not only does Chef Antonio search out for only the finest fish in the region he keeps his stock at a minimum to make sure what you are served is always fresh.

Ceviche is an immensely popular dish in Mexico and being so near to the ocean it is abundant, but what Chef Antonio did was to put a bit of a surprise on the menu with his ceviche caninias. He went as far away from fish as you can get by using the rib eye lip as the focal point of this ceviche. Two other great appetizers that have Chef Antonio’s original signature on are the tuna tostado with an amazing avocado mouse and the cod and potato gordita with a spicy jalapeno viginerette. Finally if you want to steer away from fish, the pressed pork ampanada is a full flavored treat. The pork is cooked so tenderly that it is falling apart on its own and the meat that takes no effort to eat.

Those are just a few of the great menu items that will entice your taste buds with something new and original, but don’t worry as Chef Antonio’s menu will please everyone. From steak to chicken and pasta you certainly can’t go wrong with any choice, but I’d say take a little chance and venture out of what you might normally eat and enjoy the creativity of Chef Antonio.

Chef Antonio de Livier

“People who come to La Frida could have come to so many other restaurants so I do whatever they want,” chef Antonio said. To get a sense of the quality that he strives for, on this night I asked him about the scallops and he said was not serving them because the only scallops that they had were frozen and he would not serve scallops unless they were fresh. Chef Antonio is certainly one of the more accommodating chefs you will ever find and the pride he takes in his restaurant and his staff exudes from his personality.

Chef Antonio is also the corporate chef for Pueblo Bonito, meaning that if you visit Filini’s, Matz or Paloma’s, you will get to experience some of his other creations. In addition to a spectacular menu at each restaurant you will find service that will leave you feeling treated as if you were the only person in the restaurant, every detail is taken care of.

The mobile bar

One of the great treats that La Frida has to offer is the mobile bar. The bartender has a cart that he brings right up to your table and makes your drinks right in front of you and there isn’t anything that you can think of that he can’t make. There is only one way to finish off your evening and that was the Mexican coffee prepared by our bartender Christian. The taste of this coffee that is prepared with tequila and Kahlua is splendid but the taste is an afterthought, it is the preparation by itself that makes this drink worth ordering.

A fresh margarita

If you are looking for what is likely the finest dining experience in all of Cabo San Lucas, make your way over to Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach and take in both personalities of La Frida while you also enjoy some amazing culinary treats.

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