360 Degrees Restaurant in Muscat, Oman - A culinary journey around the world.

I was in Muscat for the first time and wanted to try a special restaurant away from our hotel.  My research directed me to Restaurant 360 Degrees that is in Central Muscat. It is located in the penthouse of a tall building with panoramic views of the city below. The menu was beyond extensive and I received  exceptional service while enjoying the great views.  I enjoyed my evening as I was taken on a culinary journey around the world. 


As you enter the building where the restaurant is located, a nattily dressed hostess greets you at the elevator and checks your reservation. When you arrive at the penthouse venue, the staff is there to greet you and bring you to your table.


The entrance to the 360 Degrees is impressive.  You pass the marble compass emblem on the floor and then enter the main area.  I was struck by the dramatic lighting throughout the high domed ceiling.  I decided to walk around the restaurant to see what everyone is raving about.  I see expats next to locals throughout the expansive venue. There is a mixture of couples and families chatting away while enjoying their meals. 


The name 360 Degrees was not chosen by accident. The restaurant is created in a huge circular dome and, in addition, the restaurant serves dishes from around the globe. The menu is literally international with food choices from Oriental, to Indian, Arabic and European dishes.  The compass is their logo and references are found throughout the menu and dining experience.


Expansive Views of Muscat from the Penthouse Terrace

Outside there are spectacular 360-degree views of the city below. Seating is available for dinner or group events and on the other side there is a shisha and bar area. The 30 and 40 somethings are relaxing and enjoying their shisha (Arabic Water pipe also knows as hookah) and cocktails. There is also live entertainment on certain nights of the week.


The Teppanyaki Bar

Back inside there is a Teppanyaki bar where the chef prepares Japanese dishes live on a iron surface in front of a full table of guests. You hear the sounds of shrimp and meats sizzling and the clatter of his utensils while the guests watch with while their mouths water in anticipation.


The Shrimp Martini

I take my seat and immediately know that I’m in for an impressive evening.  The menu is beyond extensive and there are so many choices from every corner of the world. I decide to try some of their signature dishes and start with the Shrimp Martin.  It is a creative twist on shrimp cocktail and the presentation is wonderful as it is served in a large martini glass. The taste is as good as the presentation with the shrimp well prepared with tempura batter, honey glaze and a spicy sauce with the perfect amount of kick.


My Sushi Platter

From there I went on to the sushi platter the presentation was again as amazing as the taste.  The platter had several different sushi options including Dragon Roll, Crispy California Maki and a host of other types. It was crunchy and with the perfect amount of spiciness and flavor. There was not too much spice to be overpowering or not too little to be boring. It was just right.


The Miso Salmon..Yum!

I was starting to get a little full when my main course came along. I’m glad I saved enough room. I chose the salmon that was marinated with fresh miso and served with snow peas. There was a delicious miso sauce as well. The presentation was again exceptional and it was wrapped in banana paper.  It was cooked to perfection and the taste was exquisite. There’s so much available on the menu, but for me, this was the right choice.


Chocolate Sweets

Just when I consider passing on desert I see another guest delighting in a presentation of various chocolate treats. I give way to my temptation and the waiter tells me that it is the chocolate cake and ice cream. Again another great choice as the warm cake is a yummy complement to the creamy chocolate ice cream.


By now my hunger has been well satiated. I sit back and take a drink from my tasty fruity mocktail and take in more of the sights and sounds of the restaurant. It is a wonderful evening and I’m truly enjoying my experience.


Service was on par with what you would expect from a fine European restaurant. The ratio of waiters to guests was good and the waiter anticipated my requests. They were friendly and professional throughout from the hostess to the waitress to the servers. 


360 Degrees is worth the trip for locals or tourists in the Muscat area.  You’ll find a creative and extensive menu options from every part of the world. The venue itself if spectacular and the perfect setting for a great meal at a good price.  It is easy to recommend for an enjoyable evening and dining experience. 

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