Tørst Beer Bar Review- Quench Your Tørst: New Craft Beer Bar in Greenpoint Exceeds Expectations

Quench Your Tørst: New Craft Beer Bar in Greenpoint Exceeds Expectations



Beer geeks, weekend sippers and the casual craft consumers can all find a home at the newly opened Tørst, a craft beer bar inconspicuously located in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood. Tastefully designed by Evil Twin brewer Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø and chef Daniel Burns (known for his R &D involvement with Momofuku, among other things), Tørst lends an upscale, classy ambiance with its long marble countertops and mirrored bar menus, but still offers a welcome, neighborhood feel with its wooden tables and unassuming street front. We visited on the Saturday afternoon after the opening on Friday, March 8, and were not surprised to find the place a-buzz with eager beerheads.


The staff is friendly in a no-nonsense way, and super knowledgeable on all things beer; my request for suggestions on which brew to try were acknowledged with plenty of background information and samples (who doesn’t love shot-glass sized beer samples?) to aid me in my final decision. I went for Evil Twin’s Ron and the Red Ryan, a summery saison that felt just right on a day when the weather was hinting at the coming spring. Served in a wine-style goblet, the Red Ryan was crisp and a beautiful golden color, with hints of grapefruit and something that danced like coriander on the taste buds. My friend, who is also the biggest beer geek I know, went for a Gueuzerie Tilquin, a brew that displayed a dry sourness without overpowering.


We sat at the counter in the back so we could have a full view of Daniel as he worked his magic, skillfully poised at the slicer. Daniel says that Tørst plans to expand their menu sometime in Spring, but for now, be sure to sample the meat and cheese platters, invitingly served on wooden slabs and, at $12 each, a more-than-reasonable snack that will make that already delicious beer even better. The ultra-thin Kentucky ham and Olympic Provision’s cacciatore salami shone when tasted individually, but became otherworldly when eaten paired with Daniel’s house-made Danish style bread, served warm and crisp. Daniel seemed particularly proud of the bread, mentioning that it is not easy to come by in these parts.


After reincarnating our thirst with the savory meat platter, I tried another of Evil Twin’s brews, this time the Bikini Beer, an IPA I found surprisingly easy to drink and not overly hoppy. Next came the cheese platter, served with more of that wonderful Danish bread, a Montgomery cheddar, Vermont Hooligan and German Alps bleu cheese. All three struck harmonious chords with both bread and beer, and the bleu cheese was pleasantly mild and creamy.


We left Tørst sated, but already planning our next trip back and which beers to sample. If you are in need of a good craft brew, snacks, and an unpretentious atmosphere, it’s best to make the pilgrimage to Greenpoint. Be sure to say “hello” to Daniel in the back, and maybe even thank him for creating the respite from the world that Tørst is.



615 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint

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