Big Gay Ice Cream Review - Out and Proud

June is Pride Month in New York City and what better way to show your support than by indulging in a tasty treat from Big Gay Ice Cream? With its creative take on soft serve ice cream and friendly atmosphere Big Gay is sure to become a favorite.

Founders, Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff, relax outside Big Gay Ice Cream

Whether you track down the truck or stop by Big Gay’s ice cream shops, Big Gay is sure to expand your ice cream palate. The founders, Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff, created this unique ice cream experience as an experiment in 2009.  Since then, they have opened two store front locations but continue to dispense ice cream and cheer with the BGIC truck. 

The BGIC truck

Their menu is a marriage of high and low.  They take the mundane— vanilla and chocolate soft serve—and make it a novelty.  While ice cream connoisseurs may balk at this un-gourmet ice cream base, Big Gay proves that the magic is in the toppings and execution. Toppings range from sea salt to key lime curd, ginger syrup to Trix cereal.  This variety can be an overwhelming experience; first timers should to stick to Big Gay’s creative classics. 

The Salty Pimp. BGIC's daring flavor combination

With names like Salty Pimp, American Globs, and Cococone, Big Gay sells ice cream and ambiance in equal parts. These tried and true combinations provide the ideal introduction to the inventive world of ice cream.  The well-known Salty Pimp is a combination of dulce de leche and sea salt over vanilla soft serve, and smothered in chocolate dip.  While the mixture of sea salt and dulce de leche might, at first, sound off-putting this juxtaposition of flavors begs to be sampled.   

Big Gay's signature ice cream

Following the dessert trend of salty-and-sweet, American Globs is an enduring mixture of pretzels, sea salt, and chocolate dipped vanilla soft serve.  While not as exotic as Salty Pimp, American Globs is still a tasty treat.

Customers can also choose their own toppings and flavors

The more adventurous ice cream fans can sample Cococone.  This startling mixture of curried coconut flakes and vanilla soft serve elevates the ice cream experience.  Although this combination is not for everyone, it expands the boundaries of traditional ice cream.  Fans of the Cococone should also try Big Gay’s Ginger-Curry Shake.

The Cococone

But even the most conservative ice cream fan will find a favorite at Big Gay. On the sweeter side, Gobbler is a vanilla soft serve with pumpkin butter and maple syrup or apple butter and bourbon butterscotch.  Pie pieces and whipped cream add the finishing touches to this ice cream.  Gobbler is a more traditional, sweet dessert that, as the name implies, evokes Thanksgiving pies.

Serving ice cream with a smile

Big Gay Ice Cream deserves to be recognized for its inventive ice cream creations and its support of local organizations dedicated to the LGBT community. Big Gay supports the Ali Forney Center, which provides crucial services to homeless LGBT youth.  Their recently created the Bea Arthur Residence, in the East Village, coincides with Big Gay’s signature Bea Arthur.  This sweet combination of dulce de leche and crushed `Nilla wafers atop vanilla soft serve is a classic and sure to satisfy any sugar craving. Big Gay also supports True Colors Residence.  This branch of West End Intergenerational Residence gives homeless LGBT youth a permanent place to live.


Big Gay Ice Cream makes it possible to have your dessert and feel good about it too. What could be sweeter?

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