Empire Steak House Review - Amazing Quality, Delicious!

As I entered luminous and aromatic Empire Steak House, I was warmly greeted by both the host and the owner of Empire Steak House, Jeff Sinanaj. Jeff, along with his brothers, opened this succulent eatery with decades of steakhouse experience and success already under their belts. This venue is a culmination of their expertise.

The menu presented a vast array of enticing turf selections, as well as a tremendous variety for those of us more interested in selections out of the surf. We began the evening with their well-endowed seafood platter. The platter was so fresh, I felt as though I was sitting sea side, while a fisherman, knee-deep with his catch, stood handing it to me over an imaginary threshold.

There were generous helpings of sumptuous crab, lobster tail, and terrific jumbo shrimp with fresh horseradish. For the more avid meat-eaters, my friends dove in to the amazing steak, lamb chops, and Canadian baconselections; the smell of which could tempt any pescatarian! And yes, I was definitely tempted.

For my entree, I chose the sea bass with a side of sautéed mushrooms, both extraordinary. The sea bass was light and moist, and separated beautifully with a fork. Rather than saturate the fish with spices and sauces, the chef simply enhanced the natural flavor of a already delectable fish. Sea bass is one of my favorites, but too often it is overwhelmed with "expression" from the chef, this is not the case at Empire Steak House. It was absolutely perfectly prepared.

The dessert selection was beyond decadent, with the chocolate mousse cakeexploding with hints of dark and milk chocolates; the apple pie consisted of a perfect blend of tart and sweet; and the homemade key lime pie seemed to hail directly straight from the Florida Keys. Empire Steak House also offered a southern style, no-nonsense bread pudding that was gloriously authentic and all of the dessert selections were topped with homemade whipped cream.

Overall, the experience was wonderful. The atmosphere was elegant, yet inviting. Perfect for a date or for dinner with clients, Empire Steak House is also a great place for family and friends. Although I wouldn't suggest this particular steak house for families with very small children, unless they are quite well-behaved, out of respect for other patrons. The waiters and serving staff were attentive and added to the experience by suggesting wines that complimented both my preferences and my dish. Jeff, the owner is accessible, friendly and genuinely interested in your experience. And the dishes themselves were all presented beautifully and tasted as delicious as the photos and menu suggests. Be sure to check out the Empire Steak House’s full menu and call ahead for reservations.


Empire Steak House

36 W 52nd Street

New York, NY 10019

T: 212.582.6900

F: 212.245.5211


[email protected]



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