Arabelle Restaurant Review – Fresh, Sophisticated and Innovative

Arabelle Restaurant at the Hotel Plaza Athénée is a charming gathering spot for neighborhood locals and sophisticates from all over the world.



Arabelle offers modern American cuisine with a fresh seasonal menu focusing on high quality foods from local and certified organic farms and naturally raised meats and seafood. 




Executive Chef Tyson Jordan plans the eclectic menu around the quality and availability of seasonal offerings. To illustrate; Chef Tyson shared with me how last autumn he had an entire menu selected around pumpkin and when Mother Nature held an early frost and there were not enough pumpkins available. His entire menu had to quickly be rewritten featuring available produce.


The first thing one may notice upon entering Arabelle is the famous gold domed ceiling. Then perhaps the buttery chiffon walls and then the intricate molding details adorning the walls, the effect is having entered an elegant private Parisianne salon. The interior has been under a painstakingly detailed restoration process. A specialized restorationist has been slowly inch by inch cleaning and restoring the walls and ceiling. The level of craftsmanship that has gone into this restoration is inspiring and the results are beautiful.



I dined at Arabelle for lunch. The meal started out with the surprising blend of an apple parsnip soup. An inspired combination perfectly blended and delicately flavored. My companions both ordered the moist and flakey King Salmon. I tried the tender and juicy organic roasted chicken. There was a butter poached Main Lobster which started to melted when the fork touched it. Chef Tyson has an artist’s eye and a talent for blending flavors. Add to that the freshness and high quality of the ingredients used and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a delicious and sumptuous meal.  


Arabelle Restaurant is beautiful, sophisticated and elegant. On any given day you are likely to see a mix of neighborhood New Yorkers, celebrities and heads of state. The food is fresh, expertly prepared and extremely delicious. Yet what ultimately caught my attention was the level of customer care. I felt like I was a VIP.  




I found it fascinating how flexible and tuned in the entire hotel and restaurants staff is to their guests. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to be working there. I was intrigued to learn that most of Arabelle’s wait staff had worked there over a decade. Every member of the hotel and restaurant staff I met was attentive to and even anticipatory of their patrons needs.


An example of this; when it became obvious that their Chinese guests were missing some of the comforts from home. Hotel Plaza Athénée began efforts to make them feel even more welcomed. “With an increase of 4% of Asian guests over last year, we decided it was appropriate to incorporate new services and items that cater to the Chinese guest’s needs.” Hotel Manager Sebastian Wurst explained.




One of those offerings they added is a complete Chinese Breakfast. This unique breakfast option is filled with foods a Chinese guest might eat at home. An egg cooked in tea for eight hours; steamed shrimp and vegetable dumplings; pork, bean paste & egg cream steamed buns; jasmine tea and freshly squeezed juice.


Many other diners would see the steamed buns going by their table and become very excited to try a completely different breakfast offering. Since its addition this breakfast choice has become a very popular menu item. “Although the Chinese Breakfast is a recent addition to our menu and has aimed at pleasing our guests from China, American diners seem to become very fond of it,” Wurst says.



Yet another unique menu option Arabelle’s has implemented is their Flavor Palate. It was designed for busy business executives who are on a true “lunch hour”. This prix fixe menu choice features an entrée, salad, side & desert all served on the same plate. Items such as roasted king salmon, organic roasted chicken breast, sautéed spinach with pine nuts and raisins, herbed fries, fig and beet salad, ceasar salad, crème brulee toile and pineapple galette; are artfully arranged on a plate, and quickly served to a hurried diner.




You will find Arabelle located on the upper east side of Manhattan, in the landmark Hotel Plaza Athénée on64th Street between Madison and Park Avenues.

Arabelle at the Hotel Plaza Athénée 

37 E. 64th St., New York, NY 10065

For reservation: 212 606 4647

For more information and menus :



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