Tongue & Cheek Miami Restaurant Review - Food that Keeps Your Taste Buds Wanting More

During my recent trip to Miami to attend Swim Fashion Week I was told that I had to try “the good eatin’” of Tongue & Cheek restaurant located at 431 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach Fl., 33139.

Tongue & Cheek

Tongue & Cheek - Michelle Esanga

Upon walking into Tongue & Cheek we were greeted by Michelle Esanga, the lovely hostess. Looking inside the restaurant I was suddenly enveloped with the comfortable, homey glow gently emanating from the textured tile walls and illuminated marble bar counters. The sight of many available booths also made me happy.

Tongue & Cheek - Delicious Cocktails

The bar, with its back wall covered in beautiful, shiny subway tile and sparse shelves loaded with bottles and glasses, offered a wide selection of anything that anyone would fancy. Here again, I noticed, the sexy glow coming from the bar top created an interesting air about the area. After being seated, we were quickly greeted by our perky waitress who took our drink order and started us with a couple of cocktails.

Tongue & Cheek - Country style plate with Bourbon mustard and brioche

Tongue & Cheek - Hamachi in black sauce with wasabi and fish eggs

Next we were brought a country style plate with bourbon mustard and brioche; how quaint it looked and what a nice combination. Informed by the promise of an ovational succession of dishes and my abiding love of surprises, I immediately indulged into the next. A dramatic looking plate containing cleverly displayed seafood; clean and fresh with no fishy taste of any kind. The Hamachi was gently laid in a black sauce, with drops of wasabi, and fish eggs.  The lobster meat was artistically placed on top of homemade saltines.

Tongue & Cheek - Lobster crackers

The mushroom dish, was served with lemon, was full of unique flavors and was heavier than the prior dishes so the service of the appetizers was in a very well thought out order starting with the lightest, most delicate dishes leaning towards those that were heavier in flavor.

Tongue & Cheek - Mushroom Dish with lemon

Then we were brought in an amazing dish, it was beautiful and so refreshing and I can still remember the taste: clean delicious refreshing unique blend of the plums with yogurt, and crushed nuts. It not only satisfied our semi sweet tooth, at this point in the meal, but it cleansed our palate to make us ready for the next absolutely amazing dish. It was all of our favorites, and although it seems like such a simple dish the flavor blended the harmony of the ingredients and was unbelievable.

Tongue & Cheek - Plums with yogurt

We were brought a blend of yummy french fries mixed with succulent beef topped off with sour cream and fresh chives. It was truly the flavor of these ingredients that made it just perfect in the gastronomic world. All of us wanted to order another however due to the fact so many more courses were coming we decided not to but this was really an outstanding standout dish.

Tongue & Cheek - French Fries over shredded beef

Now it was time to meet the first entrée. The first dish was cooked perfectly, the tender meat was topped with nuts, little onion rings and a delicious sauce that all made for a blend of a phenomenal unique wake up your taste buds flavor. Then another beef entrée arrived. It had two pieces of meat with russet potatoes, greens, carrots, and a nice sauce to tie it all together. It also, was a unique flavor and totally different from the previous dish.

Tongue & Cheek - Tender meat with nuts and onion rings

Tongue & Cheek - Steak, with russet potatoes and carrots

One of our side dishes was a skillet filled with brussels sprouts, a vegetable I usually stay clear of, but as we were at a restaurant offering such other amazing flavors I went for it and I'm really glad I did. Due to the magical flavoring combinations of brussels, whipped Ricotta, orange, and pistachio’s, it made something I usually do not like into something I really love.

Tongue & Cheek - Brussel Sprouts with Ricotta, Orange and Pistachio's

So here we were, all three of us impressed with all the amazing wonderful meals. Then out comes the scallops complete with seafoam, mushrooms, a bit of squid, on a bed of sauce. Not only did the visual presentation of this dish take my breath, but the taste of the scallops was unlike any other I have ever had. I'm sure you're tired of hearing me say it was the best whatever I ever had but this really was the best scallops I have ever had at least that I can remember.

Tongue & Cheek - Scallops with seafoam

Tongue & Cheek - Lemonade with a sprig of Rosemary

To quench my thirst I ordered a non-alcoholic beverage: lemonade, replete with a sprig of rosemary giving it a delicious flavor. We were all stuffed by this point but of course we pulled out our secondary stomachs, you know there's always a second stomach for dessert, and luckily we did because we were served a gluten-free dessert, as I am gluten-free, a s’more with no crackers. It was, chocolate dipped ice cream, served with burnt marshmallows, mandarin oranges, and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Tongue & Cheek - S'more with no cracker


Tongue & Cheek - Jamie DeRosa

Towards the end of the meal we were able to meet one of the owners, Jamie DeRosa, who is one of the chefs. He was very passionate about his business. He has worked with the Wolfgang Puck restaurant empire, as well as spending some time as a executive chef at Domus in Bejing, China.  DeRosa is an excellent chef, and I am so glad I got to experience a collection of his dishes at Tongue & Cheek in Miami!

For an experience your won't soon forget make sure to order their delicious Frozen Blackberry Margarita prepared at your table, liquid nitrogene and all. 

Check out Tongue & Cheek, call them 305 704 2900 or just stop in for a delightful meal. 431 Washington Avenue Miami Beach Fl. 33139


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