The Biltmore Hotel Fontana Restaurant Review - World Class Luxury Dining

I had the pleasure of enjoying the Fontana’s cuisine, on several occasions, during my stay at the legendary Biltmore Hotel. My dining experiences were deliciously decadent and masterful culinary creations.

The Biltmore Hotel & Spa elegant Fontana

Fontana is The Biltmore's house restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to guests as well as locals. The menu choices are prepared by farm fresh organic ingredients. During the week, early risers can partake in a plentiful continental breakfast buffet or order traditional items a la carte. Those enjoying lunch and dinner will have the pleasure of exploring our Northern Italian menu, featuring house-made pastas, wood-oven pizzas, grilled meats and fish. On Sundays, Fontana is home to the Biltmore’s legendary Sunday Brunch, a spectacle that promises to entice all your senses.

The Biltmore Hotel & Spa Luca Papini - Fontana Maitre'd,Manager

Elegance and romance prevails at Fontana, the Biltmore's lushly landscaped dreamy courtyard restaurant. With its center fountain and views of the Biltmore’s Mediterranean architecture, Fontana offers partons delicious culinary choices unlike any other.

Predrag Starcevic, Fontana Resturant Manager, and Erick Lopez, Fontana Restaurant Supervisor

On my first visit to Fontana I enjoyed a Semi-Boneless Half Chicken Roasted in a Wood Fire Oven. The chicken had a delicious, really, wonderful grilled flavor to it. The dish was served with really delicious gravy and Purple Yams, Baby Arugula, Grape Tomato, Red Onions and Lemon Vinaigrette.  

Chilean sea bass is very nice size, very flaky

It was visually pleasing and very tasty. The gravy was chicken stock, heavy crème, demi-glaze on a reduction with salt and pepper.

Entray to the lush lnadscaped romantic gardens, home to Fontana

The restaurant is just magnificent. They have inside and outside dining options. I chose outside, there is a beautiful fountain, with plentiful table arrangements under the archway as well as the tropical courtyard, with sun umbrellas completing the Al fresco feel.

Risotto di Zucca e Gamberi - Cararoli Rice with Butternut Squash, Rock Shrimp, Aged Grana Padano & Sage

The Fontana menu, in and of itself, is a work of art. Having special dietary concerns, I was pleasantly surprised the menu offered both gluten free and wheat free pasta. The Fontana has a delicious selection to choose and so I decided to try to the local flavor and go with the Chilean sea bass, pairing the entrée choice with a side of gluten free pasta and potatoes. For the appetizer I chose poached shrimp salad. 

The atmosphere is authentic Italian. With the look and feel, you have no idea you’re in the middle of the United States. The wait staff all have distinctive Italian features, all very professional. The manager, one of the managers of the restaurant, very distinguished handsome Italian gentleman, made sure to stop by my table to confirm everything was perfecto!

The Fontana wait staff was very professional and pleasant

My fresh poached Shrimp salad arrived first. The shrimp are poached are cold, which they should be. The flavor is amazing. They’re poached beautifully. They’re soaked in olive oil is my guess. The quality of the Olive Oil is amazing and the bread is delicious. Along with house-made pasta, the Fontana also prepares its own bread daily.  The bread is light, airy, fluffy,  and extremely flavorful. It goes perfectly with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It’s just perfect.

Fresh house made gluten free pasta

The piece of Chilean sea bass is very nice size, very flaky, cooked just right, just enough seasoning but not too much to offset the flavor of the fish; served on a bed of sliced mushrooms. I got a side of potatoes and some gluten free pasta. All the flavors are yummy. It’s was a delicious meal.

an assortment of fresh baked breads

The meal was easily enough for two. I have kept telling myself, don’t eat the bread, you’ll ruin appetite. I’m ½ done and I could share this with someone. But since I’m here alone, I’m have to finish it.

The dessert was as amazing as the rest of the meal! I ordered the Pannacota de vanilla which is a Chocolate tart with Nutella sauce, crispy hazelnut and vanilla ice cream. And it is just viciously good. The crust is crunchy and sweet, very cookie like, the nutella inside, of course everybody knows nutella, and chunks of, it looks like brownie. It’s deliciously decadent! The ice cream is very clean goes with the chocolate, the nutella it’s all wonderful blend, served nicely.

Crostata di Cioccolato e Nocciola - Chocolate Tart with Nutella Sauce, Crispy Hazelnut & Vanilla Ice Cream

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The Biltmore Hotel Spa - For a Celebrated and Lavish Spa Experience

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The legendary Biltmore Sunday Brunch for a culinary paradise

All the managers have stopped by the table. They’re all friendly and personable.  They extended an invitation to attend brunch on Sunday. The Brunch start at 10:00am, with three or four hundred people here, apparently it’s quite well known.

Roasted fingerling potatoes

The service at the Fontana is impeccable.  The Fontana culinary experience was enchanting and the atmosphere; transported me to Italy! It was a magical dining experience, one I would recommend to all!

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