Savor Our City - A fabulous foodie tour of the restaurants of Delray Beach


There’s never enough food to taste, but we surely got our fill of specialty items in some of the most interesting restaurants in Delray Beach.

Denise Righetti, founder and CFO (Chief Foodie Officer), of Savor Our City, led us on the most fascinating restaurant tour for drinks, dining and, of course, dessert.  I really couldn't say that  one restaurant was better than the next, because each stop had a character of its own, as we took in the beautiful interiors of each establishment.

Photo Credit: Savor Our City - Denise Righett

Each restaurant had a story to tell, from the way people used the alleyway in the 1920’s to get their secret fill of liquor, to how many different toppings you could choose from the Popbar

City Oyster & Sushi Bar greeted us with a taste of their famous creme brule french toast with a choice  a bloody mary or a mimosa.  Those drinks got everyone in the mood.

Photo Credit: Savor Our City - Denise Righetti


At the Office Delray, we consumed their famous parmesan (truffle) fries and a huge bite of their burger.  Both were delicious.  The décor, although it looked like an office, was perfect for weary end-of-workday crowds, who could eat and drink their fill to get relaxed.

Photo Credit: Savor Our City - Denise Righett

Off we went to Smoke BBQ with Pitmaster Bryan Tyrell, where we were served brisket sliders and chopped brussel sprouts fried with just the right seasoning served family style.  Everyone tried to be polite but all the plates emptied in record time.  Bryan gave us an interesting history of Kansas City barbeque and how he developed his skills as the Pitmaster.  He is a welcome addition to the Delray food scene.

Photo Credit: Savor Our City - Denise Righett

Our next stop was Caffe Martier where GM Chris shared some famed tales of the Prohibition era at The Old Arcade.  It was there we had flatbreads seasoned perfectly with shaved brussels, parmesan and caesar dressing along with delicioius avocado bruschetta. 

Photo Credit: Savor Our City - Denise Righett

At The Original Popcorn House, housed in a building constructed in 1909, there were zillions of varieties of popcorn, in every flavor and seasoning possible.  Chocolate popcorn was my favorite.

Photo Credit: Savor Our City - Denise Righett

We ended our tour with The Popbar, where we picked our own bar of gelato from a vast selection of flavors and varieties, and also has the choice of as few or as many toppings as we desired.  Again, I ran to the chocolate.

Photo Credit: Savor Our City - Denise Righett

We took a tour of The Colony Hotel, which is gorgeous, distinctive and a Delray Beach landmark.  Book your reservations soon, because they sell out quickly. 

Thank you, Denise, for sharing your expertise with our wonderful group.  We all got to know each other and share stories along the way.  We also appreciated learning the history of this city.  Among many interesting facts,  we learned about the Linton Family, the Swinton Family and the Boynton Family.  Note:  it’s not a coincidence that streets and towns are named after these families.

If you take your tour on Saturdays, you can experience the vast array of exhibitors at the Green Market.  The Delray Beach Green Market is open Saturday's from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in season, from October to May.

We left with a lovely goodie bag with contained some foodie surprises and discounts for those of us returning to some or all of the delicious establishments where we dined.

And, finally, parking in the garage is free before 4:00.  What a deal!


To make a food tour reservation, contact Denise at:


Denise Righetti

Founder/C.F.O. (Chief Foodie Officer)

Savor Our City, LLC


Twitter: @SavorOurCity

Instagram: @SavorOurCity


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