Rocky's Italian Bistro in Delray Beach, Florida - A Gem in a beautiful setting


Did you ever feel ‘down in the dumps’?  That it was ‘that kind of day’ where everything went wrong and you couldn’t wait for the day to end?  Well, as many of our readers know, I’m a real ‘up’ kinda gal and rarely have those days.  But, yesterday, well, it couldn’t pass fast enough.

BUT, alas, before I went to sleep and it was only 6 p.m., our friends called to ask us to go to dinner. I wasn’t even hungry but these are good friends who make me feel better.  So, off to dinner we went.  Dinner became not only the highlight of my day, but it was one of the best dinners I’ve had in a long time.

So, let me tell you about ROCKY’S ITALIAN BISTRO in Delray Beach.  It’s not your typical pasta and sauce eatery and ROCKY is not your typical restaurant owner.  First I must say, I went in to have a quiet dinner and didn’t intend to review this establishment.  And they were as surprised as I was when I gave ROCKY my card and told him I wanted to write a review.  He was thrilled, of course, but more than that ROCKY is a really nice guy.  He comes from New York (I’m prejudiced) and he loves his mother.  Most importantly, the love his mother had for food became part of Rocky’s past and present cuisine.

So, let’s get to the dinner. First the bread.  My husband Jack says that you can tell a good restaurant by the bread.  Well, we went through 3 baskets full and both my friends are ex-weight watcher instructors.  Again, hard to explain but between the bread, garlic oil, fresh parmesan cheese to top it off, even my weight watcher friends didn’t feel guilty eating it.  Lucky for them there wasn’t enough bread left to fit in my purse.


Photo Credit: Ellen Eichelbaum - Splash Magazine

We started off with appetizers which included a yummy goat cheese salad with artichokes, mushrooms, tomatoes, and other tasty ingredients with a warm and a well textured balsamic dressing with Rocky’s special unique ingredients. 

Photo Credit: Ellen Eichelbaum - Splash Magazine

After plowing through the salad and continuing with the bread, we went on to the main courses.  I ate specially prepared sesame crusted spicy salmon on a bed of spinach surrounded by little tulip-shaped pastas stuffed with different cheeses;  unfortunately, I felt compelled to share but managed to eat a few of them.  I don’t know what was better, the salmon or the pasta tulips; it doesn’t matter actually as I managed to finish it all.

Photo Credit: Ellen Eichelbaum - Splash Magazine

My husband ate a Shrimp Fra Diavolo dish recommended by ROCKY, on a bed of linguine spiced with red sauce.  This was the first time he never asked me if I wanted to even taste a shrimp.  Shame on him!

Photo Credit: Ellen Eichelbaum - Splash Magazine

My friend Marilyn had Salmon with Goat Cheese topped with Blueberries, yes blueberries, over spinach.  She loved her dish and managed to finish it in record time.

Photo Credit: Ellen Eichelbaum - Splash Magazine

Her husband, Ira, took the advice of ROCKY and ordered Osso Buco.  Evidently, Ira is an Osso Buco expert, so we all held our breath when he hammered through his meal like it was the last meal he was “ever going to have.  Ira announced to our table as well as called over ROCKY to tell him it was the best Osso Buco he’s ever had.  He left over the marrow bone (he actually had no choice ‘cause you can’t eat that) along with a tiny fork to use to take the marrow out of the bone.  Not one doggie bag was taken home.

Photo Credit: Ellen Eichelbaum - Splash Magazine

As if the food wasn’t a highlight, there was live music by a Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin look-alike who sang the oldies with sheer perfection.

After we paid our bill, we went to thank Rocky who refused to let us leave until we sampled his dessert assortment.   Each dessert, and there were 4 of them, had the influence and recipe of ROCKY’S mom and the others created especially by his chef.  I love to eat a dessert, not really knowing what it is, and then love it.  How many desserts have histories?  ROCKY’S desserts do.  Desserts were Tiramisu, Lemon Cake, Blueberry Pie and Chocolate Almond Cake.  Seriously, for 4 people who were 'stuffed' we found room to finish everything even the drizzles.

We also had lattes and coffee and within those few hours, I forgot the worries of the day.

Photo Credit: Ellen Eichelbaum - Splash Magazine

Thank you Rocky and your entire staff for a very special, unexpected and lovely evening.                            


ROCKY OF ROCKY'S ITALIAN BISTRO - Photo Credit: Ellen Eichelbaum - Splash Magazine

For information and reservations:

Rocky's Italian Bistro


20 SE 5th Ave.

Delray Beach, FL  33483



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