Quattro Gastronomia Italiana Review - Authentic Atmosphere and Culinary Genius

Quattro Gastronomia Italiana brings the authentic tastes of Northern Italy across the Atlantic to South Beach’s stylish Lincoln Road.

Entering Quattro Gastronomia Italiana the central focus is the two exquisite refrigerated wine towers hidden behind the green glass bottle design

KNR Restaurant Group, the dynamic group whose partners include Karim Masri (Astor Place in the Hotel Astor, Metro Kitchen + Bar and Bambu), Nicola Siervo (Joia and Metro Kitchen + Bar), Nicola Schon andRony Seikaly, has created an authentic Italian trattoria and gastronomic oasis in the heart of Miami Beach.

Quattro Gastronomia Italiana packs a double culinary superpower with the identical twin chefs, Nicola and Fabrizio Carro. The identical twins hail from the Piemonte region of Italy in the Province of Alessandra and are cooking for the first time stateside. They are introducing their stylish creations, awakening the senses and creating culinary experiences that are not soon forgotten to locals, tourists and travelers.

Caviar Tasting Menu

While in Miami, I had the opportunity to dine for lunch at the incredible Quattro Gastronomia Italiana

Lenticchie Di Norcia Con Pomodorini, Centriolie Aceto Di Barolo - Black Lentils, Cucumbers and Cherry Tomatoes with Red Wine Vinnigrette

My impression of Quattro was that it is, very elegant, classy and authentic Italian. With both indoor and alfresco seating, Quattro brings the warm Italian charm into the streets of South Beach with dining in the center of Lincoln Avenue which is a wonderful old Miami location with specialty shops. It reminded me of the Santa Monica Mall. We chose to eat inside because it was simply too hot.

Mini Arancini De Prosciutto, Mozzarella E Porcini - Mini Arancini with Ham, Mozzarella and Porcini Served with Marinara with Fresh Wild Mushrooms

I felt transported to Italy. The central focal point of interior décor is a pristine marble bar trimmed with ebony. It is situated between two exquisite refrigerated wine towers, which showcase the restaurants’ extensive wine collection. Each green glass bottle is individually lit inside the glass towers. A chrome library ladder slides between the towers, allowing access to the wines.

Burak, the Maitre’d, began to explain the Quattro Gastronomia Italiana Lunch specials.  So, on the first page we have a caviar tasting created by our identical Chef’s Fabrizio Carro and Nicoli Carro.

Lawrence Davis:  Are they identical twins?

Burak, the Maitre’d, “Yes. From the Piemonte region of Italy. The menu basically consists of six different plates, very small portions, for you to be able to taste the caviar. We have three different qualities, Venice, white sturgeon and O-set-tra, they all imported from Italy. The menu starts with cold appetizers, followed with soup, and finished with Lobster Risotto and followed with Brazino Intero In Crosta Di Sale Marino -Mediterranean Sea Bass, Baked in Salt Crust with Sautéed Julienne Vegetables.“

Brazino Intero In Crosta Di Sale Marino - Mediterranean Sea Bass, Baked in Salt Crust with Sautéed Julienne Vegetables

“Besides that menu,” he continued flavoring the descriptions with his Italian accent, “I also have some other specials on a regular basis. As an appetizer, we have a plate, its creamy Borato cheese Soffice Burrate Fresca in Foglia Con Olio Della Riviera Di Ponente - Burroto Cheese, Imported from Puglia, with crooked black pepper and extra Virgin Olive Oil, it’s stuffed with truffle paste and served with Porcini Mushrooms. It’s a very nice appetizer to start.

Antipasti - Vitello Tonnato Con Capperi - Thinly Sliced Veal with Feriganna Tuna Sauce and Capers

“And,” As he continued describing the incredible selections,  “then for the risotto today, I have the same Risotto that we have on the special tasting menu, but it’s a big portion as a meal you can have  which is cooked  in a Burroto Cheese sauce with about a half pound of fresh Maine lobster chucks.  Then it’s served with tender white sturgeon caviar on the table. We do the service on the table.  Pasta of the day we have the handmade tribolini; it’s a thin, noodle looks like spaghetti, but is a fresh pasta we make it here. It is cooked in Italian butter sauce with a touch of white truffle oil. Then it stuffed with about 5 grams shaved black truffles from center of Italy. It’s a very nice meal.”

Parmigiana Di Melanzane in Forma - Baked Organic Eggplant Layered with Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese, Tomato Sauce and Basil

Finally he added, “Meat of the day we have a prime cut on the charcoal grade.  Meat of the day we have charcoal stuffed with porchini mushroom sauce oven roasted fingerling potatoes Branzinni.   Last dish is the fish of the day, which is baked in white wine, we filet the fish no bones, these are the other good options.

During my culinary experience at Quattro Gastronomia Italiana I and my guest decided to start with an Antipasti selection of Vitello Tonnato Con Capperi -Thinly Sliced Veal with Feriganna Tuna Sauce and Capers followed by a traditional salad Lenticchie Di Norcia Con Pomodorini, Centriolie Aceto Di Barolo - Black Lentils, Cucumbers and Cherry Tomatoes with Red Wine Vinnigrette followed by Agnolotti Piemontesi AlloStufato, House-Made Beef Ravioli with a Braised Beef.

Burak, the Maitre’d explained my selection, “Handmade ravioli stuffed with braised beef and stuffed with Piemontaisea sauce, which is they braised the beef and use the same juice darkened re-sauce and stuff with sage and cheese on top.

Agnolotti Piemontesi Allo Stufato, House-Made Beef Ravioli with a Braised Beef Sauce

The ravioli is so beefy. It’s just so beefy, it’s like it was born in the beef stock, it’s just concentrated flavor really well seasoned. And Wow! I don’t know. There’s just . .  so much flavor. The handmade ravioli is nice and simple, it’s not at all tough, it’s smooth but the flavor of the stuffing, the beef, it’s cooked in the beef, and seasoned and I’m imagining reduced. The flavors are clear and clearly defined.

I must admit I was stunned by the flavors. So it’s the Chef’s own beef braised ravioli?

One of the twin chef’s, I’m not sure which one, explained why the flavors simply popped beginning with the pasta which is “made in house, obviously, with a traditional comontaise sauce. I can’t tell you too many details about the sauce but it is something unique to Miami and in all my travels I don’t think I’ve experienced anything quite like it. I think it goes very well together. It’s not too overpowering but it’s extremely traditional and extremely delicious.”

I replied, “It’s as if this is what Beef was supposed to taste like and you never knew it. Yes. The flavor tones are just elevated and the clarity of each individual flavor is something you’ve tasted little bits when you’ve had short ribs, or when you’ve had different types of beef,  you’ve had little bits of this flavor, but this is so concentrated and focused it’s shockingly delicious!

Risotto Ai Frutti Di Mare - Risotto with Seafood and Tomato Sauce Caviar added at the table

So again onto the Risotto, the chef explained, Risotto Ai Frutti Di Mare - Risotto with Seafood and Tomato Sauce they add the imported Italian caviar with the lobster at the table.

It’s the best risotto either of us have ever had! We are anxious to try the fish it’s so beautifully presented. I’m sounding redundant but it’s true, honest it’s true. The fish, just before I tasted the fish, I thought the Risotto was my favorite, but the fish Brazino Intero In Crosta Di Sale Marino - Mediterranean Sea BassBaked in Salt Crust with Sautéed Julienne Vegetables is amazing. It is so un-fishy, so smooth, it was like eating butter. It has a texture of its own. It’s not like a fishy texture at all, the flavors, the tones, the depth of the flavor, the olives on top really enhance it as well as the cooked tomatoes; it’s a whole different flavor set.

Torta Di Cioccolato Fondente – Warn Chocolate Molten Cake with Fior di Latte Gelato

Um . . here we go again. I got the Torta Di Cioccolato Fondente – Warm Chocolate Molten Cake with Fior di Latte Gelato. It tastes like bittersweet chocolate, and it’s so perfect. It’s all flowing raw inside, remind you of the batter; at least it reminds me of the batter I used to have it when my mom would make chocolate cakes.   I’d have the batter before she cooked it. So it has this wonderful blend of cake, and raw cake almost with the molten part, and the gelato is the most refreshing raspberry on top and blueberry on top and it is really delicious.

Quattro Gastronomia Italiana

Quattro offers seating for 170 people, accommodating 85 guests inside the luxurious modern dining room and another 85 guests in their outside on Miami’s stylish Lincoln Road. Quattro is open for lunch, Sunday - Friday, from Noon - 3:30 PM and dinner, Sunday - Thursday, 7:00 PM - 11:30 PM and Friday - Saturday, 7:00 PM - 12:30 AM.

I was truly impressed with my dining experience at Quattro Gastronomia Italiana! My lunch guest and I declare it is the best eggplant parmesan we had ever tasted. The flavors, the service, the atmosphere! Delicious! Incredible! Grazie!

For more information on Quattro Gastronomia Italiana 

Quattro Gastronomia Italiana

1014 Lincoln Road

Miami Beach, FL 33139

305-531-4833 / 305-695-0284 fax

[email protected]


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