Meat Market Miami Beach Review - Great Atmosphere and Service

Meat Market Miami Beach, under the Direction of Executive Chef Sean Brasel, offers patrons masterful culinary creations in a sexy, chic restaurant and lounge.

Meat Market Miami Beach

Chef Brasel’s use of uncommon ingredients such as Truffles and Truffle oil, Foie Gras and bacon along with an infusion of local fruits added and his preparation style especially the use of wood grilled enhances each dish bringing out the deep flavors that resonate with every delicious bite.

Meat Market Miami Beach

Specialty Steak Butters, that catapults any offering into the stratosphere of culinary delights, include Lobster Butter, Blue and Boursin Butter, Chili Mole Butter and A-100 BBQ Butter.

Speciality steak butters to enhance every morsel

While in Miami, I had the opportunity to dine at the fabulous Meat Market. I invited a local journalist, as we were attending the Miami Fashion Week SWIM shows.

Meat Market Miami Beach

My first impression of Meat Market is it is very New York looking, very sexy, with a beautiful wine closet. The menu is beautifully descriptive and the food looks spectacular, with a reserved cut menu section that offers selections from around the globe including a 28 oz., Tomahawk Rib Eye Kobe Beef, a 6oz. A5 Kobe Filet MignonGreat Plains Buffalo Tenderloin and a Chicago Short Rib & Lobster Risotto.

We both were very impressed with the service. Our meal began with three kinds of pre-appetizer nuts, there’s Wasabi NutsSpanish Nut Mix. Our waiter, Garrett, was kind enough to explain each course beginning with the nuts. First he stated, “We have a Spanish Nut MixChoc Loco Spanish Peruvian Corn lightly fried and tossed with a little bit of spices; and the third is Wasabi Peas.”

Meat Market waiter Garrett serves a selection of house made breads

Then onto the breads, again our waiter, Garrett, explained “I’ll go through all of them. First of the breads, we have a French baguette, raisin cranberry nut butter, we have pumpernickel, we have a sweet onion and we also have a potato roll.”

The bread and butter were surprisingly good. The Raisin Cranberry nut bread is just amazing.

According to Garret, the appetizer butter is “Cedar cin de cemacho – A little truffle oil, Yuzu, Japanese lime, fried Yucca, fresh jalapeno, and cilantro.”  

It was time to order. From excellent menu choices, I chose the half filet and Lobster Tail. Jeff ordered the Sea Bass and New York steak. I was torn between the New York and filet, back and forth, back and forth; I chose the filet, because it was the prime and so tender even though the New York was more flavorful. Garrett, our waiter, was recommending the rib eye which was prime but very large so I passed on that. 

Sea Bass served with Fava beans, corn, bacon in jus

All the staff at Meat Market Miami Beach are very professional, it has a very professional demeanor, lots of nice candles, very attractive people, the flatware, the dishes, the stemware all unique and beautiful; it’s very classy and in a great part of town. They have center seating in causeway as well.

New York Filet cooked to perfection

Hamachi appetizer

Our salads came first, the Hamachi was very tender, very flavorful and very unique the way they added the various ingredients. The salad was delicious and fresh organic greens.  The candied pecans really added some yumminess to it. The dressing was light, the salad was crisp, and it was just fine, just perfect. Now we’re waiting for the main course.

A delicious salad

Garret, coming to the table explained each entrée as it was served, “Sea Bass. It is a Pan seared Sea Bass, served with a truffled nauge, wild mushrooms, a little edo momie, and some corn as well. Very delicious.” He continued, “This is Atomic horseradish first sauce; second one is our Touch of Fire, a scotch bonnet and mango sauce, middle is an extra virgin olive oil vernaise, wild mushroom truffle sauce and cabernet reduction.

Classic Surf n' Turf, Lobster Tail with Filet

Lobster mashed potatoes

So my Lobster tail is amazing; the filet is not amazing. It is sort of, it’s grainy or gritty, and it’s not real smooth.  Everything is cooked perfectly of course. The beets are beautiful; the asparagus is beautiful, the Lobster Mash potatoes served really lovely. So the sauces have sort of rescued the filet, its tasting better. The Sea Bass is very good. Jeff loves the beets.  Everything is served ala carte; and the sides are family style, there nice and big. The Chef seems to work with people. Jeff wanted half fish, half steak and that’s what he got. It’s not on the menu and still they were able to accommodate him.

Fresh beet salad

So neither of us like the seasoning on the asparagus, the Sea Bass was very good but the bed it was on was sort of strange, I just didn’t like the peas. The Lobster was delicious; the steaks mediocre, the Lobster mash potatoes just fair, the beets were good, the bread amazing, and the butter delicious.

Chocolate Temptation - A Chocolate Molten Cake with Coco Nibb. Tuile, salted caramel ice cream

For dessert I ordered the Meat Market’s Lava cake which is listed as Chocolate Temptation, Chocolate Molten Cake with Coco Nibb, Tuile, salted caramel ice cream.

For atmosphere I give Meat Market Miami Beach high marks; Service, excellent marks; food, good marks.

For more information on Meat Market Miami Beach 

Meat Market Miami Beach

915 Lincoln Road Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 532-0088


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