The B-Line Diner at The Peabody Orlando Hotel

The B-line Grill

The B-Line Diner

Housed at the Peabody Orlando Hotel the B-line Grill is a great escape into the 50's with its chrome bar, open kitchen and delicious menu selections. Open 24 hours it provides exactly what the weary traveler just arriving or the midnight 'snacker' needs to indulge. With everything from grilled burgers to seafood pasta to a display case of outrageous desserts the B-Line Grill has something to offer for everyone.

Set in a relaxed 1950's style cafe the restaurant while very cozy seemed to able to accommodate large and small groups alike. Some people enjoyed milk shakes while others feasted on steaks and seafood. A real old style c.d. jukebox fills the air with sounds from that decade as you relax in comfortable padded booths or at the giant chrome bar lining the entrance.  Drop a quarter in a be transported back to the older days when bobby socks ruled.

The robust menu serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The late night dinner I experienced there was perfect for the mood of my party. Everyone ordered various choices that suited them. I enjoyed and was surprised to see an oriental noodle soup called 'The Asian "BIG" Bowl', while other member of my party dived into the B-lines hearty chicken pot pie. The other two order tasty looking pasta dishes one with 'a catch of day' and one with grilled portabello mushrooms.

The service was prompt and courteous and even suggested a few things from the menu. The waiter was extremely diligent and it was nice to have the extra attention in a casual setting.  Everyone was stuffed  from the generous portions but having seen the desert display no one could resist I ordered the double chocolate truffle mousse which was exquisite. I could not resist when my friend offered a bite of her Bavarian Fruit Cake which seem to consist of every fruit imaginable wrapped around a white cake with a light cream filling.

Tower of class the Peabody Orlando Hotel

The following morning we enjoyed a luxury breakfast of the famous Peabody Hotcakes with light sour cream base, a fabulous rock shrimp scram with potatoes and I myself enjoyed the 'Handled Hash and Eggs' dish. The rooms full with happy smiling people enjoy what is obviously a delicious breakfast/\.

Truly a haven of casualness in a midst of grandeur at the Peabody Orlando Hotel, the B-line Grill is a must from travelers and locals a like. Wish they had a B-Line Grill in my city!

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