Kobe Club - Sizzling Up South Beach

The Kobe Club originated in the frigid air of New York, but they decided to take its exquisite menu down the east coast to the glamour and glitz of South Beach for the opening of its second restaurant, which hit the Miami restaurant scene with all the pizzazz of a red carpet premiere.

The name “ Kobe Club” certainly does not hide the fact that Wagyu (kobe beef) is the centerpiece of the menu. That might be an understatement, as the Kobe Club offers kobe and kobe-style beef from; America, Australia and Japan. The can’t miss item if you really want to find out what kobe beef is all about is the mix and match availabilities that the menu offers, giving you the chance to partake in a smaller portion of each type of kobe beef, allowing you a chance to taste the differences in each variety. If you are looking to try just one, the kobe beef from Japan is the way to go. Although it is a little pricier, the flavor and amazing tenderness is truly unmatched.

Emperor's Flight - Entree For Two

The setting of the Kobe Club is cozy and intimate, most definitely a spot that caters to a perfect romantic evening with a very dark setting. There is limited seating inside which adds to the private and secluded feeling that you get, but if you are looking for a bit more of the Miami setting, there is plenty of room outside and this is a great setting for a group of friends to hang out.

The Kobe Club is not all about Kobe beef. They offer a number of great shellfish combinations, with sizes to fit any appetite. The raw bar offers up; oysters, clams, shrimp, crab legs and lobster. To allow you to enjoy a little of everything, the Kobe Club again offers plates that give you the chance to try everything and you can do it in a size that is right for one person or you can go with a much larger plate that would cater to a group of diners.

Grilled Hudson Valley Foie Gras

As tantalizing as all the of the entrees are on the menu, there is one combination that I would not only suggest you try, but I would say if you didn’t try it you could be missing out on of the great flavor sensations you will ever experience. It all begins with the starter menu, where the choices seemingly just top one another in excellence. To start with, you need to order the Slow Roasted Applewood Smoked Back and Black Truffles to go along with the Grilled Hudson Valley Foie Gras “Steak.” The flavor fireworks will be set off in your mouth as you take a piece of bacon and combine it with the Foie Gras and what you get is a smoky, sweet and robust flavor that just lingers on your taste buds. Now the kicker to add even more to this flavorful combination is to order a dessert wine and take a drink after each bite and you will find that the fireworks you were just experiencing somehow turned into a full-blown explosion, as the wine just intensifies the experience.

Tuna Tartare and Kobe Club Beef Tartare

Not far behind that on the appetizer list is the American “Kobe” Beef Cheek Ravioli. This dish is really only ravioli in name and appearance. At first bite, you will realize this in not your everyday ravioli. The kobe beef cheek and the tender pasta surrounding it provides the substance, but it is the black truffle sauce that puts this dish into another stratosphere of taste. As with many of the dishes on the menu, Executive Chef Tim Nickey does magical work with truffle sauces and truffle oil, always bringing out an added flavor. He came up with another magical combination with his corn, as he used white truffles and added sake to give it an original taste.

Hennessy Mojito

To finish off your meal, the honey praline ice cream, covered with meringue on top of a cookie, to go along with a chocolate truffle add a sweet, flavorful, yet not overpowering desert that will give you just enough to feel complete, while not being so rich that it makes you forget the incredible meal that you just enjoyed.

Honey Praline Ice Cream covered in Meringue

Two tips for you before coming to the Kobe Club in Miami, first off plan to eat late and make sure to put your reservations in early. Second, don’t fill up on the bread. This might sound like common sense, but after tasting this puff pastry that is cooked in truffle oil and then topped with parmesan and sprinkled with more truffle oil, you just might find that basket very difficult to push away.

Outdoor dining at the Kobe Club

For more information on the Kobe Club in Miami, visit: www.chinagrillmgt.com/kobeMI

For reservations in Miami call: (305) 673-5370 

For reservations in New York call: (212) 644-5623

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