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Capriccios Grill Restaurant - Brunch

Cappricco Steakhouse

If you are in Orlando on a Sunday between 10 and 2 pm visit Capriccio's Bar and Grill at The Peabody Hotel for a mega-brunch!
Fine dining and a bar are available at this large and inviting restaurant. Upon entering you will immediately notice the very classy and comfortable over stuffed chairs lining a glass wall of windows adjacent to the full bar. This bar area is perfect for a cocktail or a coffee. However, when I arrive Sunday  for brunch the glass wall was lined with at least a half a dozen tables beautiful displaying 'finger foods' including fruits, vegetables, a full salad bar and various pates'. As my eyes roamed the mounds of deli meats and  various prepared salads like the crab, lobster and shrimp salad I noticed another room!

Helping myself to a bit of the pate and salad my eyes lead me into yet another beautiful display of culinary indulgence.  A chef and his knife await with meats such as Lamb, Roast and Pork all cooked to a juicy perfection.  This room offered a wall of elegant silver warming trays that opened to revel an assortment of potatoes, bacon, eggs and toast.  Once again I helped myself to a few items and proceeded to the main dining hall. An elegant room with semi private alcoves as well as plenty of open seating for large groups.

As I walked toward our table and into the main dining room I was 'wowed' at yet another full length buffet this one filled with a colorful assortment of deserts, fruits and creams. Everything from Pistachio Creme Brule', chocolate eclairs to fresh raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. Yum!

Finally, I made my way through the nice brightly lit packed dining room, our waiter was very prompt and had at least one waiter standing by to assist him. I would like to add that the waiter Juan was extremely diligent in keeping our table free from dishes and trash, brought fresh silverware each time anyone revisited the  buffets and  explained, to my amazement that across the room was yet another line up of hotcakes, Belgium waffles and Pizza! Of course I had to visit. The open hearth fire place warming the backside of the grill as I gathered a small plate of waffles, cream butter and warm maple syrup.

Everyone in my party left feeling positive and of course stuffed! I would absolutely recommend this delightful Sunday experience to Orlando's visitors and locals alike! A feast fit for a king!

The Peabody Orlando

Capriccios Grill Restaurant - Dinner

The best fillet mignon in the city - any city, a sign boast in the hallway. That being said I wanted to find out since I have
sampled fillets in restaurants from Florida to Hawaii!

The night time dining experience at Capriccio's bring out the cozy
\warmth of the hearth fire backing the huge grill and the feeling of classy elegant dining. I noticed the main dining room was again full as we were escorted to our table. The waiter informed us of some delicious special entrees including the fact that all the meat served at this revered steakhouse is freshly cut and sent from Colorado.

 Of course I ordered the fillet with and with generous double portioned side items we elected to try a variety of such as mashed potatoes, creme spinach and a sauteed mushroom medley. Also, I liked that I had the choice of spinach, ceasar, side salad or caprese (sundried tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil).
A very nice presentation and the meat was melt in your mouth delicious! A cut above the rest!

For dessert we were offered a choice of their signature dessert shooters.This eight pack rack of mini deserts inside short slender glasses was appealing treat. I choose the strawberry truffle cup and it was creamy, delicious and the perfect ending for my palette.

The service was excellent and the food very well prepared. A nice inviting dining experience located in the Peabody Orlando Hotel.

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