Yusho Las Vegas Restaurant Review – A Culinary Canvas Painted with Flavor

Fusing regional cooking styles is certainly nothing new, but Yusho Japanese Grill & Noodle House at Monte Carlo Resort & Casino went about creating a fusion in a different way. Yusho took fine dining, fused it with a casual and fun setting and then threw in an artistic flare to create what has been one of the most talked about restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip in recent years.

Logan Poser Ramen

Yusho quickly became a Las Vegas favorite after opening in 2014. Yusho racked up a number of various awards, including Executive Chef Brian Lhee being named “Chef of the Year” by Eater Vegas. Chicago Chef Matthias Merges brought his successful blueprint of a restaurant to Las Vegas and it immediately became the jewel of the Monte Carlo outdoor plaza with a wide ranging and flavorful menu. Yusho has a little something for everyone: duck, octopus, tofu steak and a ramen list that out ramens any other restaurant in Las Vegas.

Pork Belly

You can find variations of ramen all over Las Vegas, but Yusho has taken its elevated cooking style and incorporated it into all of the ramen dishes, creating an unmatched congregation of flavors. The ramen parade at Yusho begins, but certainly doesn't end, with Logan Roman Ponser. It will take a little work to mold this into the dish you want, but that is half of the pleasure of eating this – dissecting it so you get all of the flavors in every bite. You begin by taking the crispy fried pork off the stick that sits above the bowl and tossing it into the pork broth and breaking it apart, allowing it to absorb the flavorful broth that is highlighted by Thai chilis. One bite with a little egg, the perfect noodles and the still crispy and now shredded pork pieces make for a bite worth savoring. You can also find a number of other great ramens including: shrimp, mushroom and the monster, which contains seemingly a little of everything and is big enough to feed a large group. If that wasn't enough and somehow you are missing something, you can just add a number of ingredients, including fried chicken, to your ramen.

Duck Breast

Yusho is a lot more than home to the best ramen in Las Vegas. If you are looking for pure artistry, the duck breast is an amazing visual dish. The thinly sliced duck surrounds shitake mushrooms, giving it the appearance that the mushrooms are sprouting out of the duck pieces. A genius presentation and amazingly, it tastes as good as it looks, with the tender duck combining with the powerful flavor of the mushrooms; each bite is simply perfection.


Yusho certainly didn't come across as the kitchen of one of the best pork bellies around, but it is. A well prepared pork belly almost gives you a little sinful feeling with each bite as it so indulgent and yet so good. Yusho takes it a little further, using kurobuta pork and then combining it with the hint of sweet and tart from sliced Fuji apples, topping it off with subtle but rich French curry.

Mushroom Ramen

Yusho serves up a number of fabulous Japanese beers that can be paired with any dish on the menu, but don't miss out on the Gin & Tonic. If a drink was ever made to enjoy on the Yusho patio it was this cocktail. Light and refreshing, this will bring you relief from the Vegas heat and the in-house tonic really brings this drink together. Yusho has a unique craft cocktail menu that is worth a look when you visit.

Yusho Interior (Photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International)

If you have the opportunity to grab a table next to the kitchen I would suggest you take it. The opportunity to see this finely tuned kitchen at work is a real treat and to see the amazing ingredients Chef Brian and his staff put together to create the masterpieces presented at your table is worth the price of admission.

Yusho is casual in a comfortable way, with a staff that makes you feel as if you are a welcome guest in their home as opposed to a patron. From there the food takes on fine dining in a similar unpretentious manner, all leading you to realize that Yusho is the epitome of what a dining experience is meant to be.

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