Triple George Grill Review - Focus on Freshness and Friendliness

Triple George Grill * Photo by Burt Davis

Being relatively new to Las Vegas, I have missed the camaraderie of a simple neighborhood bar. You know, a place where everybody knows your name. Yes there are local establishments, but for me they all seem to be either chain restaurants or aimed at pleasing the tourists. But that all changed recently when several of us dined at the Triple George Grill, located at 201 N 3rd Street in downtown Las Vegas, adjacent to the Downtown Grand.

Photo courtesy Triple George Grill

I was quite pleased from the moment I walked in.  The ambiance, the décor all welcomed me with the feeling of reuniting with a long, lost friend. Dark, rich wood outlined the comfortable bar area. The bar itself is a masterpiece of architectural wonder modeled after a restaurant in San Francisco.  It is easily fifty feet long and wraps around the front of the room. 

Pre dinner drinks were reasonably priced. * Photo by T. White


Photo by Burt Davis

The restaurant offers a variety of reasonably priced happy hour specials. A board outside the restaurant certainly functions as an enticement to enter and enjoy the food.

My favorite appetizer was the Baked Goat Cheese Marinara. * Burt Davis


The bar staff was not only friendly, but very knowledgeable about the establishment. Turns out that when the grill opened ten years ago it was owned by three men. The term "George" was a Vegas euphemism for a person who was always over-tipping, dapperly dressed and had a flamboyant personality. It seemed natural to these three men to coin the phrase, "Triple George".

Shortly after they opened, a board of directors was formed and each of these board members were invited to hang a picture of the person that had most influenced them in their lives. Consequently, the walls are covered in vintage 1940 - 1960 photographs. A story lies behind each one. 

We enjoyed our dinner in a seculded booth. * Photo by T. White

The restaurant has three dining areas, two larger dining rooms, and a more private, secluded area next to the bar. Each of the tables in this section is enclosed in a booth, reminiscent of a cathedral confessional that offers not only privacy but buffers the noise of the other patrons. We were lucky enough to dine in one of these booths.

Steak Tartar * Photo by Dianne R. Davis

Between the three of us we selected three diverse meals. Starting with several more appetizers we split the Calamari and the Steak Tartar. The Steak Tartar was particularly delicious. It was a perfect blend of spicy.

Caprese Salad * Photo by T. White

George's Chopped Salad * Photo by T. White

Between the Caesar Salad, the Chopped Salad and the Caprese we were torn, each was equally wonderful.

Chicken Christopher * Photo by Dianne R. Davis

Blackened Ahi Tuna * Photo by Dianne R. Davis

For our entrées, we ordered the Chicken Christopher topped with garlic lemon butter sauce, the Charbroiled Ahi Tuna, and the Porcini Crusted Rib Eye Steak

Porcini Crusted Rib Eye * Photo by Dianne R. Davis

The Porcini Crusted Rib Eye may very well have been the best steak I have ever had, tender and moist, cooked to perfection and a coating of porcini sauce that curled my toes. This is a most highly recommended entrée choice. 

Vegetarians will enjoy the grilled vegetable plate. * Photo by Dianne R. Davis


The service was superb. The management was tremendously helpful and overall the evening was very enjoyable. Now, no place is perfect and in all honesty there were two glitches. Portions of the Calamari were over-cooked giving it a burnt taste. The ones that were not over cooked were quite good.

Also, the Chicken Christopher topped with the lemon garlic butter sauce, which sounded so very tasty, arrived and the chicken was breaded. Some people may not have minded or even cared about it but for me, I am a carb counter and it took the wind right out of my sails. Also, if you were ordering expecting a gluten free meal, you would have been disappointed. This may be a personal choice but had it been a grilled chicken breast it would have been amazing. I ended up dipping the Porcini Crusted Steak in the lemon garlic sauce and found heaven.

Cream Brulee * Photo by Dianne R. Davis

For dessert we enjoyed a slice of cheese cake, some carrot cake and cream brulee.

If you are looking for a friendly, warm place for either lunch or dinner with good quality food and reasonable prices, I highly recommend The Triple George Grill.


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