Tilted Kilt Pub Las Vegas Review – Hooley Menu and So Much More

Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery is well known for having lovely servers and a welcoming and festive atmosphere. March is when Tilted Kilt really turns up the fun, St. Patrick's Day, March Madness and now the Irish flavored Hooley Menu

Tilted Kilt in Las Vegas was part of the newly developed LINQ in what has become one of the new hot spots in Sin City with an assortment of shops and restaurants that can keep you occupied your entire vacation. The Tilted Kilt certainly fits with the Las Vegas setting as you pass by as you are engulfed by the beauty of not only the waitresses, but of the glorious restaurant itself. Tilted Kilt provides you with a classic Irish Pub feel with tables that make you feel as if you are part of a large Irish party taking place inside of the restaurant. Then you also will find televisions in every nook and cranny and a breathtaking bar that overlooks all of the activity going on at the LINQ.

Fish & Chips

That is enough to get you in the door, but inside is what will make you stay. While the Tilted Kilt girls are pretty enough that they have created a TK calendar, these girls aren’t just a bunch of pretty faces. Great service and making sure you always have cold drink at your table make for a great experience. From a Black & IPA to an Irish Car Bomb to quench your thirst and such menu items as Scotch Eggs and Corned Beef Hash and Eggs, you know you are in for a tasty experience with the Hooley menu.

Black & Blue

You might make your way into Tilted Kilt just to enjoy a Guinness, the new Hooley menu was created to show you that food is not secondary. The Tilted Kilt puts as much thought into their food as they do everything else. The Hooley menu is all about bringing the classics to the Tilted Kilt menu. If you are just coming in for a beer the Hooley dip is an amazing appetizer to get you Tilted Kilt experience started. A combination of chilled corned beef and creamy horseradish dip comes with a powerful punch of flavor and you can take in all of that flavor with the crunch of the pub-made chips. If you have ever ventured into an Irish pub you know that Shepherd's Pie and Irish Stew set the tone for any dining experience. Tilted Kilt put together a long list of flavors in creating the One Shot Johnny Shepherd's Pie. It begins with the Tilted Kilt seasoned ground beef, vegetables, a rich mushroom gravy and then topped off with  parmesan and baked mashed potatoes provides you with everything you could ever want in an Irish meal. The Olde Dublin Irish Stew again takes all of the classic flavors that you have come to love in an Irish Stew and the flavors are all brought together in a slow-cooked Guinness beef stock. 



There are a few dishes that will put an Irish Pub to the test and first and foremost will be fish & chips. The Tilted Kilt fish & chips are about as good as you will find as they start off with a great cod fillet and then they use a light Samuel Adams Boston Lager® beer batter. The fish avoids being overly greasy and the breading is light and crispy allowing the flavor of the cod to really shine in this dish. 

There are plenty of original cocktails to go along with the Hooley menu. A little sweet but with a whiskey kicker, the Lucky Kiss is a drink anyone will love. Malibu Rum, Midori and pineapple juice is finished off with the great flavor of Jameson Irish Whiskey. You might never think you would find green tea at Tilted Kilt, but they added it to the menu with their adult twist. Peach Schnapps, fresh lemon juice and Jameson gives this that refreshing tea flavor with an added kick.

Tilted Kilt has created an atmosphere that is perfect any time of the year. But March is truly special and the Hooley menu will take your experience to a level that even if Irish doesn't run through your blood, the taste of Ireland will make the Tilted Kilt feel like home.

For more information visit: Tilted Kilt

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