The Wicked Spoon Review - Searching for the Best Buffet in Las Vegas


It was the last night of our CES trip in Las Vegas, and I was exhausted.  We had walked around the convention center all day and I was starving. My boss, Lawrence Davis of Splash Magazines Worldwide, and I really wanted crab legs and we knew a buffet would be the best option.  We decided we would find the best buffet in Las Vegas so we researched and asked some of the locals for their opinion.  We ended up at The Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  I have to admit that it was the most delicious buffet in Vegas I have been to.  My boss commented that he had eaten at better buffets, but I had to disagree.  The restaurant has a classy design and easy to access buffet counters.  Our table for two was just the perfect size for the multiple plates we had stacked up. 

The first food we went for was the crab legs.  They were so frozen that I had to go get other food and let them defrost while I ate my meal.  The wait was worth it. I absolutely love crab legs, and these were no exception.  As I waited for my crab legs to defrost, I attacked the sushi bar.  They did not have any sashimi, but the rolls were still pretty good. I loved that they had miso soup broth and tofu and onions separately so that I could add what I wanted. Not only did they have miso soup, but they also had ramen! I didn’t like it, but I love that they had it as an option. Mr. Davis and I both agreed that the lamb was just okay, but the prime rib was to die for. They had a great variety of fish, delicious salmon, shrimp ceviche and shrimp cocktail that were presented in shot glasses.  Mr. Davis delighted over all the dessert options.  I like to discipline myself when it comes to sweets, but I splurged on a warm peach cobbler.  The restaurant has a gelato bar with a personal gelato scooper.  There are a variety of flavors, but I chose vanilla to put on top of my peach cobbler.  

I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of food they had.  I wished they had some type of mexican food because tacos are my favorite.  The manager was very sweet and checked on us a few times.  Our waitress was rarely seen, which didn’t bother me, but there were times when we had empty plates that needed to be taken away.  There was only so much room on the table for all the food we wanted!  

After a long day and hours of work, Mr. Davis and I somehow bonded over the meal.  We were instantly fueled with excitement over the food.  We became food critics bouncing ideas back and forth.  I definitely recommend The Wicked Spoon and look forward to returning. I could’ve gone the next night and eaten a completely different meal. I hadn’t felt that full in a long time, but I was absolutely satisfied. 


The Wicked Spoon

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 698-7000 

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