The Still at The Mirage Las Vegas Review - Still the One!

The Still is where you want to be for the best beer selection, sporting events, and a new menu that Still is the best on the Vegas strip.  The Still is unique as it highlights appetizers to the next level.  Unlike most bar venues, The Still’s appetizers are not only delectable but satisfying in portions.  At The Still you don’t have to order high priced meals that will go wasted because you can’t take away your leftovers.  Chef has added a new menu including two of the most amazing desserts that are sure to be imitated but not replicated.

Lobster Tacos

Chef has added the Lobster soft taco that is lightly breaded and crisped to perfection for one of the best appetizers on the strip.  It is served with a mango tomato salsa that just melts in your mouth.  You don’t want to forget the porare tacos which are pork tacos created in a flawless sautéed Chef has also included to the menu the fried PB&J and Oreo cookie donuts.  These newly added desserts are a can’t miss feature at The Still.  The PB&J is a fried lightly comfort food dusted with powdered sugar and cut in portions (just like mom used to do) so you can easily dip into the marshmellowed cream or nutella sauces that are warmed to melt in your mouth.  The fried Oreo cookie, my personal favorite, comes in large donut-ball-sized portions that you continue to eat even when you’re full and comes with the same warmed creamed sauces to take your tasting experience to an all -time high.

Deep Fried Oreos

The Still’s unique menu pairs well with the 50 craft beer featuring Dog Fish and Elysian IPAs, Delerium Tremens, Goose Island Honkers Ale as well as a rotating seasonal handle that gives you something new to look forward to.  Ladies, if beer is not your style, the cocktails are as wide-ranging as the beer and menu.  The Still’s Lemon Drop shot will not disappoint as Bartender Mike will serve you up with this oversized shot that will get your party started! 

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Partying in style at The Still is where you want to be for fun, food, and frolic for your private party events like bachelorette, birthday, sports and other partying occasions.  Beyond that The Still offers 22 televisions where you can catch your favorite sporting event from the bar or from the inside patio where you can lounge on comfy couches that centers itself inside the casino so you encapsulate all the gambling action.

The Still (Courtesy MGM Grand)

The Still is at one of the best locations at the Mirage which makes this a must stop for a quick bite before your Beatle Love show time, or a leisure meal after sunning by the pool.  Coming off the elevators, The Still is the place to be to catch up on your daily sporting events and coming off “the bench,” don’t forget two Still benchmarks: The beer battered fish and chips and the chicken wings.  What I like most about these two classics is the lightness of the batter that won’t leave you feeling heavy and will allow you to enjoy those unforgettable desserts.

The Still is a bar experience that you won’t find in other typical bar venues on the strip.  Chef separates himself by enhancing his food knowledge and continuing to evolve the menu so when you come back you can experience new food creations.  Come and enjoy the fun at The Still you’ll be glad you did!


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