Sugar Factory Restaurant Review - Where Dessert Meets Decadence

The Sugar Factory American Brasserie encompasses everything that is Las Vegas all in one setting. All fun, all the time, the Sugar Factory gives you great food, even better drinks and desserts, while allowing you to take in the sights and sounds of Las Vegas.

The Sugar Factory as you can guess by the name, began as a candy store and it still is, but luckily they decided why make leave, stay, eat, drink and have a memorable evening. After one visit you will quickly find out why the Sugar Factory is such a hit with celebrities as in one location you have a candy store, a stunning bar and a great restaurant that seems to house more group parties than any other restaurant in Las Vegas. A lively setting that is complimented perfectly by the water show at the Bellagio that is across the street from the Sugar Factory, located in Paris Las Vegas.

S'mores Martini

While adults love candy and there is plenty to go around, the Sugar Factory provides the adult equivalent with the most decadent drinks that you will find anywhere. You will look at the menu and be amazed at the concoctions listed only to find yourself even more amazed after taking your first drink. Drinks that are made based off of kid favorites such as s’mores, root beer floats, gummi bears, if you have a sweet tooth and need a drink this is the place for you. The s’more martini, well tastes just like a s’more and instead of getting a martini with olives, you appropriately get marshmallows with this drink. If you are looking to get all of the attention in the restaurant, order one of the goblet drinks. These are big enough to share with a partner and stick with the same candy flavor theme so you have a number of tasty options to choose from. If a big goblet is not enough filled with liquor and candy, it comes out to your table with smoke coming out of the glass.

You will need something to go with your drink and the other amazing thing about the Sugar Factory is that almost no matter what your taste buds are looking for they have it. The menu seems almost endless with choices, from waffles to crepes to steak and an abundance of sandwiches. If you bring the kids to Las Vegas for a family trip, the Sugar Factory is the place to come because no matter how picky someone is they won’t leave hungry.

Marinated Skirt Steak

Who could turn down waffles for dinner or lunch? And we aren’t just talking about any waffles, some of the tasty versions include banana split, apple pie and the munchies waffle which is topped with ice cream, chocolate munchies and your choice of chocolate sauce. Don’t worry, you can find something that isn’t sweet at the Sugar Factory. The best item on the menu is the steak frites. A grilled rosemary and garlic marinated skirt steak that needs to be ordered medium rare to get provide just a little char on the outside and leaving the interior slightly red and as tender as any steak you will find. If you are looking for that combination of sweet and salty, go with the crispy fried chicken and buttermilk waffles, you can make each bite and adventure as both items are cooked perfectly. In addition the menu includes a huge selection of burgers, sandwiches and more crepes than you thought possibly existed.

Sugar Factory Pizza

This is Las Vegas so when you just never know when your appetite might strike, so luckily the Sugar Factory is open twenty-four hours a day. No need to find a greasy dive at three in the morning, you can exit out of nearly any club in Las Vegas and you are a short walk from any amazing meal that will complete your night or just keep it going. The Sugar Factory serves breakfast everyday from midnight until 11 a.m. You can choose from any number of omelets, including my favorite the four cheese version, eggs benedict, breakfast sandwiches such as the smoked salmon croissant sandwich and of course pancakes and French toast. If you really want a treat go with the chocolate decadence French toast, brioche stuffed dark chocolate covered with strawberries and your choice of chocolate sauce, it is dessert and breakfast all-in-one.

Speaking of desserts, you better save room because desert is the one thing you don’t want to miss out on at the Sugar Factory. Chocolate fondues, sweet pizzas, sundaes and the best shakes ever are only the beginning. For a truly rich desert the milk chocolate tart gives you so many flavors on plate it will be a chore to get a little of everything on one spoonful. Caramelized bananas, vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate wafer and dark chocolate sauce make for a lethal combination. If you are ordering a sundae you better be prepared to share, if you are ordering the “World Famous Sugar Factory King Kong Sundae” you better bring a lot of friends. This sundae has 24 scoops of ice cream, sauces, candy, whipped cream and is topped with giant lollipops and ice cream, this is a true sight to behold. If you are celebrating an event with a “large” group, this is the only way to finish off the night.

One Amazing Chocolate Shake

Regardless of the time of day or night or what the occasion is, the Sugar Factory is one restaurant that should always be on your mind when you are looking for that one unique and memorable dining experience to take away with you when you leave Las Vegas.

The View from the Sugar Factory

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