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Sugar Factory American Brasserie at Paris Las Vegas Review – Sweets, Treats and Eats!

By Marilyn Anderson & Dennis L Lanning

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The Sugar Factory is a sweet-lovers haven in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. In fact, it’s one of the coolest candy stores you’ve ever seen, with a myriad of unusual treats, many not found elsewhere. Just imagine 6,000 square-feet of delectable goodies, including signature ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, cupcakes and gelato. There is also a large collection of candy-inspired apparel and novelty items. What’s more, in their Chocolate Lounge, you can even order “Chocolate Gold” for $1,000. We ordered 5 pounds to go!  Oops, wishful thinking.

In case you’re wondering what $1,000 includes – along with a mother-lode of gold-dusted, gold-studded and gold-leafed chocolates, truffles and sauces, you also get a 10-year-old bottle of Dom Perignon champagne and a glass of Hardy Noces d'Or 50-year-old cognac for the table. Bring a crowd and call it a cool “Chocoholics Night.”


The good news is that you don’t need $1000 or even a candy fetish to love this Paris Las Vegas emporium. The Sugar Factory retail candy store is adjacent to the 30,000 square foot Sugar Factory American Brasserie. An Open Table 2012 Winner, the brasserie is a first class restaurant and bar.


If you are lucky enough to go on a beautiful night like we did and sit outside, it feels like an authentic Paris street scene. Of course, this is Las Vegas, but because the brasserie opens directly onto the sidewalk in front of the hotel it has an interesting European atmosphere. Most Vegas hotels are set far back from the street. The Sugar Factory American Brasserie uses their strategic location to full advantage with their spacious outdoor patio, where you can eat, drink, and people-watch as throngs of Vegas visitors stroll along the Strip.

In the event you catch a rare bad-weather night when the space heaters won’t do the trick, sitting inside works well, too. The Sugar Factory American Brasserie is artistically designed with all the trappings of a typical French brasserie, including the lavish use of dark wood, crystal lighting, white cloth napkins and tile floors. It’s the kind of place where it feels great just to sit and hang out, whether it’s a lazy afternoon, a starlit night, or the wee small hours of the morning.



After sitting down at our front row, street level table, the first thing we did was order a Goblet. These are the Sugar Factory’s signature drinks that are served in their own 36 ounce goblets. There are about eight of these monsters, all 36 oz for $36, with names like Lollipop Passion, Ocean Blue, Berry Bliss, Hawaiian Crush, and White Gummi – a fresh and fruity cocktail with fresh lemon sour, Peach Schnapps, Bacardi Red, Bacardi Razz and even actual Gummi worms!

We ordered Passion Punch, which was flavored with blood oranges, passion fruit, grapefruit liqueur and two kinds of vodka. Heads turned as it was brought to our table because it was literally “smoking.” No, it wasn’t served hot; it was chilled with smoke-generating dry ice. Even in jaded Las Vegas, people still react to something unique.

These Goblet drinks are humongous. Ours came with two straws, because with 36 ounces of heavenly booze, you’ll want to share it… with at least one other person.

If you are not into sharing, there are the more personal-sized, but no less enticing, specialty flavored martinis for $16, with names like Hubba Bubba, Blow Pop, S’mores and Cotton Candy.

While enjoying the punch packed by our Passion Punch, we shared an appetizer special of Seared Tuna Sliders with Grilled Onions. These were healthier and much more interesting than typical burger sliders. For our main courses, we decided on “basic” dishes, thinking that these might be among their best because they are brasserie staples.


We first chose the Pan Roasted Salmon with Grilled Asparagus and Baby Spinach Sprinkled with Bacon-Herb Vinaigrette. The salmon was cooked to rare perfection, as we had requested.


For our second entree, we ordered a traditional French meat dish, Steak Frites, which is an herb marinated skirt steak served with French fries, lemon aioli and salad. We liked the simple, straight forward presentation of both dishes and appreciated that these basic plates were not taken for granted, but made with care to make them taste fresh and flavorful.


We finished dinner feeling pleasantly plump, when our stellar waitress told us it was “Time for dessert!” “Are you kidding?” our rebelling bellies rumbled. Well, this was the Sugar Factory after all, and our server simply wouldn’t let us leave if we didn’t indulge her (and ourselves) in one of their special dessert items.

After perusing the many choices, we finally settled on two items reflecting each of our own “his and hers” sweet-tooth favorites. His: Chocolate. Hers: Caramel.


His yen for chocolate was more than satisfied by the S’mores Crepe, which consisted of a freshly made crepe with white chocolate ice cream covered in toasted marshmallows, crushed graham crackers, and melted chocolate chunks in a decadent dark chocolate sauce.


Her caramel craving led to an almost religious experience as she “sighed and went to heaven” with the Apple Pie Waffle – a vanilla bean waffle, roasted apples, and toasted pecan crumbles, topped with vanilla ice cream smothered in maple syrup, caramel sauce and whipped cream.  Okay, so we wouldn’t be eating again for the next year. Or at least the next hour!


A factor that contributes to Sugar Factory American Brasserie’s successful niche in the Las Vegas restaurant scene is its moderately priced menu, along with the fact that it is always open. Company execs realized that giving people a reasonably-priced, high-quality cuisine is good for business.  It's no surprise that the brasserie is always bustling.


Part of the allure of Sugar Factory is the fact that it's a casual place. The night-scene on the street is a constant blur of activity, but at the brasserie, guests can just hang out and chill. You get the sense there is no rush to be anywhere else, except here. This is true 24 hours a day, with menu items changing for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


So there’s no doubt… for a sweet treat or a great meal that’s practically a steal – there’s the Sugar Factory American Brasserie. What else can we say, except...“Bon appétit!”


Sugar Factory American Brasserie
Paris Las Vegas
3655 Las Vegas Blvd So. 
Las Vegas,NV  89109




Published on Nov 30, 2012

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