Serendipity 3 Las Vegas Restaurant Review – The Desserts are Only the Beginning

The reputation and appearance of Serendipity 3 at Caesars Palace tells you one story, the menu tells a much yummier story. Decadent desserts and treats that will placate the most discerning sweet tooth have created the Serendipity 3 reputation, but the rest of the menu will leave you knowing that the path to dessert is as tasty as that sweet finale.

There is a reason that Serendipity 3 has sold over half a million of its signature Frrrozen Hot Chocolates: one sip and you will know why. While the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is synonymous with Serendipity 3, one visit to the brunch and you will have found your new way to wake up in Vegas. Serendipity 3 opens its doors at 8 a.m. and the three versions of eggs benedict are enough to make you roll out of bed.  For the meat lover, the Wagyu Eggs Benedict caters to you with Wagyu sliders topped with thick and hearty slices of bacon, and a cornmeal-crusted fried poached egg on a house made biscuit served over a rich delicacy that is the sausage gravy. A first bite that you will long remember, this heavy dish is one of the most perfectly combined breakfast dishes around. You can also do the crab cake version that is great to try if for no other reason than that the Serendipity 3 crab cakes are the best on the Vegas strip.

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate

The Hangover Omelet lives up to its name since the ingredient list is a “whose-who” of what you might crave after a long night out in Las Vegas. The perfect Serendipity 3 bacon is combined with French fries, mushrooms, cheddar and jack cheeses, all of which find their home in countless eggs; what you get is an omelet with each bite more packed with ingredients and flavor than the last one. You will surely want to try and replicate this one when you get home. Good luck–you will need it to try and match the culinary skills of Serendipity 3. There are a few other choices that, if you don’t order them and you see them arrive at another table, you will leave wishing you had ordered them: fried chicken & waffles, Frrrozen Hot Chocolate cinnamon bun French toast or the Elvis Waffle.

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict

If you are already feeling guilty about the dessert you have in store for yourself, try one of the Serendipity 3 salads. If you see anything with crab cake listed, you know it will be a winner. The Crab Cake Salad is just that, and is certainly unique when it comes to salads. You get plenty of the fantastic jumbo lump blue Crab Cake, which is lightened up nicely with ruby red grapefruit, along with avocado, corn and red onions; it’s ultimately topped off with herb vinaigrette. This is an amazingly refreshing salad, but still packed with flavor and ingredients. What else could Serendipity 3 do to prove they are more than an ice cream shoppe? Well, besides a Crab Cake Salad, how about an Ahi Tuna Salad? Yes, they will top your salad with perfectly seared Ahi Tuna, toss in some candied walnuts and finish it off with avocado and herb vinaigrette. Both of these salads are more meal than salad, and far more creative than you are going to find in most other restaurants.

Wagyu Eggs Benedict

Enough food, we all know that you are coming to Serendipity 3 to satisfy your sweet tooth and they have created a new concoction that must have been inspired by all the fairs and festivals taking place throughout the summer. Serendipity 3 took the classic drug store sundae that is big enough to feed the entire family and surrounded it with deep fried mini-snickers that were dipped in Cocoa Krispies. If you have never tried a deep fried Snickers, this is the time and place to do it: warm and gooey, then giving you a great crunch, combining it with ice cream and all of the ingredients that are in the sundae. When you take a bite, you’ll have to put your spoon down as you contemplate how they could put that much sugary goodness into one sundae. That is just beginning; Serendipity 3 seemingly has a sundae flavor for everyone.

Deep Fried Snickers Sundae

The food, drinks and desserts will leave you satisfied without question, but the experience itself will make your visit truly memorable. Serendipity 3 has become so popular they recently expanded the interior space and added a full outdoor patio bar with counter seating that provides the perfect front-row view of the Las Vegas Strip. The interior has that great old-time ice cream shoppe feel to it ,and also provides you a perfect view of Caesars’ fountains. You might think that is all, but what takes the experience over the top is the service. The service is amazing! You are never left at your table asking where your server is; they make spot-on recommendations and are as pleasant as can be. If you have Brian visit your table as your waiter, consider yourself lucky, as he is about as good as it gets in Vegas.

Birthday Martini

The View from Serendipity 3

Las Vegas is all about leaving you with a memory, and your dining experience can be as memorable as anything else on your trip. Serendipity 3 is not alone when it comes to creating a cocktail that makes you feel like a kid, or a dessert that goes so overboard you might need to check your blood sugar level. The Sugar Factory is nearby and while they can trade punches with Serendipity 3 when it comes to the sweet factor, that is where the competition ends. C list celebrities, so-so food and average service can’t compare to Serendipity 3. If you want it all and then some, Serendipity 3 is the place to take it all in.

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