Salute Trattoria Italiana Review – Bringing the Flavors of Italy to Summerlin

Italian food in America might just be more scrutinized than any other region of food in the world. That’s why when someone finds truly good Italian food, they know it after one bite. Salute Trattoria Italiana at Red Rock Casino & Resort delivers that authentic flavor, and you know it after your first bite.

Executive Chef Luciano Sautto is from southern Italy, so creating authentic Italian dishes now is as simple to him as cooking with his family was while he was growing up. Salute not only brings all the flavors of Italy to you, but also does it in a gorgeous restaurant that gives you open views of the kitchen, along with a picture perfect meat and cheese bar as you enter.


Three things obviously can determine your experience at any Italian restaurant: the pasta, the meatballs and branzino. Salute does all three of these flawlessly, leaving you with the dilemma of which to choose. The tableside Salute signature pasta is not only a fun experience for the table, but is also one of the best pasta dishes in Las Vegas. Your server brings out a giant bowl made of parmigiano reggiano, and the pasta is served up from the bowl with a flaming vodka sauce, allowing the cheese from the bowl to slowly melt into the pasta. You can add a meatball to the dish as well, and after having the meatball by itself, this is a must addition to your meal. An oversized meatball that could pass itself off as a meal, it is perfectly cooked, tender and served on a plate of powerful marinara sauce with a hint of heat, but more strikes of those herbs and vine ripened tomatoes you would find in Chef Luciano’s garden back in Italy.

The Salute Meatball

The Mediterranean sea bass branzino, while not as popular across the United States as a number of other fish, is front and center when it comes to Italian restaurants. Salute fully encases the branzino in salt and then roasts or grills it to perfection. If you have not tried branzino, it is actually a great, subtle fish for those looking to try something new. It is very light and flaky, and preparing it in the salt keeps it extremely moist. And, while providing some additional flavor, the fish does not absorb an exorbitant amount of the salt flavor. 

Branzino in salt prior to being cooked

Finished Branzino

There are so many choices at Salute that sharing dishes among friends is a great way to experience all of the wide ranging flavors. Other pasta dishes include: pappardelle alla Bolognese with veal; pancetta and red wine sauce; truffle tagliatelle – to which you must add the fresh shaved truffles, to take this to an otherworldly experience –  and of course, you should try the classics such gnocchi and lasagna. Finally, this is Las Vegas, so having a steak on the menu is a must, and you can’t go wrong with the all-natural Tuscan steak. A very lean cut of beef that is best prepared on the rare side to take in all of the natural flavors. You get a slight Italian twist on it with Italian herbs and balsamic chili butter, so be prepared. 

Salute Kitchen

If you are going to try some of the amazing red wines that Salute offers, beginning your night off with the antipasto misto plate will allow you to experience a nice pairing of wine with assorted meats, cheeses and marinated vegetables. Order a bottle of wine for the table and a large plate and enjoy. If you don’t like wine, you can still enjoy this plate, and for a great alternative to wine try the blood orange spritzer. Featuring Stoli Ohranj and Aperol, it provides a nice light and refreshing taste while also giving you that richness of the blood orange. Simply a beautiful cocktail!

Salute Desserts

Finally, Salute has their own pastry chef, so passing on dessert is not an option. They offer a great selection of desserts that is highlighted by a tiramisu that is rich and full of espresso flavor; there is no question after one bite you can put this up against any other tiramisu you have ever had. Having a pasty chef allows Salute to have a more expansive dessert menu than most, but the other must try dessert is the flourless chocolate cake. It simply is amazing that anyone can make such a decadent and rich cake so full of moisture without flour, but Salute does it. Mix either dessert with a shot of espresso and you can happily call it a night in fully authentic Italian fashion.

All-natural Tuscan steak

Although new to the Red Rock, Salute has quickly put together an Italian menu worthy of comparison to any on the Las Vegas strip. All it took was choosing an amazing menu, building a stunning restaurant and creating an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are in Chef Luciano’s kitchen more so than his restaurant. Salute is simply the perfect pairing of everything you love about Las Vegas and Italian food.

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