Rivea Restaurant Review - A Meal as Picture Perfect as the View

There are restaurant openings and then there is the Rivea opening. When you open on the 64th floor atop of Delano Las Vegas, the expectations are as high as the floor number. With one of the most iconic views in the entire city, you better go all out, and Rivea did. They brought in Michelin-decorated chef Alain Ducasse and created a Riviera-inspired experience with food to match the view.

The View from Rivea

Where to begin! The stunning view from the 64th floor view and design by French-Canadian design duo Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku feature blue and yellow accents to take you to the Riviera coast. and the “wave wall,” made up of pieces of glass, gives you an oceanside feel. Take advantage of the chance to dine outside on the patio, and enjoy a spectacular view that is one of the best in Las Vegas. Don’t get lost in the setting though, as the menu put together by Chef Ducasse and Executive Chef Bruno Riou is just as breathtaking, as you are introduced to a French and Italian melding that takes you to the French Riviera.

Marinated seabream

Rivea has put together a menu of small plates to begin your dining experience that allow guests to share and take in all of the flavors of several dishes instead of being limited to one. This is perfect for a menu like the one at Rivea, as the dishes tend to be unique and this allows you take some chances; you’ll quickly find out that it’s all worth the risk. The marinated seabream is prepared flawlessly: sliced thin and allowed to absorb the combination of orange and grapefruit, along with lemon zest, and then served with pickled onions. Very light and refreshing, and it’s always nice to savor a fish such as the seabream. The rest of the small plate menu ranges from the familiar – done just marvelously, with fresh ingredients such as the mozzarella di bufala and tomato salad – to an interesting twist on carpaccio, using striped sea bass, and another favorite, the cookpot of farmer’s vegetables. An assortment of fresh vegetables that are slowly cooked together and brought to life bringing all of their flavors into one singular combination.

Cookpot of farmer’s vegetables

The main course is filled with fresh ingredients that Chef Ducasse brought to give you that true Mediterranean experience. You will find baked John Dory, line-caught striped sea bass, grilled steaks and Colorado lamb. The dish that really sets itself apart is the roasted duck prepared with a bigarade sauce. Duck is always a confounding dish to order, but Rivea prepares it sousvide style, keeping it extremely moist and tender. The richness of the duck is complimented nicely by the citrus of the orange and a unique touch of topping it off with nougat. That little bit of sweet and chewy that tops off the duck is extremely creative, and makes for a tasty addition to each bite.

Roasted Duck

To make sure you have the French and Italian wine experience to go with your evening, Rivea not only has wines from those regions, but also offers wines from the west coast that feature the same grapes indigenous to the regions of Provence and the northwest of Italy. Once you get past the wines, Rivea also offers one of the best cocktails in Las Vegas, “Menton’s Twist.” Rivea sticks to more of the classic cocktails, and this one follows suit. Created with Aperol, Grey Goose, amaro, lemon and strawberry, you just get a subtle sweetness in this light cocktail that has enough bite to let you know you are drinking a true cocktail and not some flavored imitation.

Menton's Twist

To finish off the evening while you are looking at all the glitter of the Las Vegas strip, Rivea has a great lineup of desserts. Tiramisu might be your first thought, but the cappuccino cup and chocolate tart are the two choices that truly spell sweet. If you are a chocolate person and love richness, the tart is for you. Very dark chocolate is paired with vanilla ice cream, which may leave you with a puzzled yet tasty experience. The flavor is quite unique as you take in the familiarity of the dish, but what sets it apart are the vanilla beans that are imported from the Pamplona Island. A richer flavor than you are probably used, to you will certainly taste the difference.

Chocolate Tart

Rivea itself is not the end of the story. Rivea spared no expense to create two private rooms with floor to ceiling glass views of the Las Vegas strip. If you want to impress a guest list, these are the rooms to book. As you make your way into Rivea, you will pass the Skyfall Lounge, and after taking a look you are likely to make sure you stop on your way out. As amazing as the views are at Rivea, Skyfall one upped them with a perfect straight on view of the strip and you can sip your cocktail outside with friends while you enjoy the view. If you are looking for a spot to be this New Year’s Eve, this is it. Skyfall features a DJ spinning house and dance music, but in a subtle manner so that you can enjoy a conversation as well as one of their craft cocktails, such as the Climbin’ High, which blends Kappa Pisco, Appleton’s Signature Blend Rum, Champagne selection Alain Ducasse and Fresh Pineapple, Lime and Raspberry Juices. Skyfall is a great change from the typical Las Vegas nightlife experience, and one worth venturing up to the 64th floor to try out.

New restaurant openings in Las Vegas are a common occurrence, and sometimes the restaurant lineup can be overwhelming and often commonplace. Rivea is the one new opening that will fill your taste buds with anticipation. The only question left when dining here is what will be more memorable, the view or the cuisine; either way, Rivea will be ingrained in your memory for years to come.

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