Public School 702 Restaurant Review - An Education in Food, Beer and Fun

Recess, happy hour and homework conjure up memories good and bad of years gone past. Public School 702 has created a setting where all of those works equate to incredible and creative food along with a lineup of beer worth writing down in your notebook and pure fun any day of the week.

Public School Beer Lineup

Public School isn't just a clever name; it is a restaurant that created a setting that makes your head spin as you look at the classic school setting that envelops the gigantic 14,000 square foot setting. A ceiling over the bar that is a basketball court, a menu that is like opening a notebook and a takeaway bag that says "homework" on it. I'm not going to give it all away, but your first visit will be one of wonderment. Your curiosity might get you in the door, but eclectic food and wide ranging beer lineup will keep you coming back.

Bacon & Cheddar Tots


Chorizo Mac & Cheese

When you were in school you could only dream of the day some of the menu items at Public School would turn up on the cafeteria menu when you were a kid. There would have been a fight in the lunch line to get an order of bacon cheddar totsps or chorizo mac & cheese. The bacon cheddar tots might be the ultimate bar food as you are served oversized tater tots fried to a perfect crisp and stuffed with crisp bacon and oozing with cheese. If you like that cheese you are going to love rich mac & cheese that is served with plenty of sliced chorizo to give it a spicy flavor and topped off with chips you can scoop it up with to give it a gourmet nacho feel. They do throw some fresh kale in there so you can feel a little better about yourself after eating it.

Fried Jidori Chicken & Waffles

Both of those appetizers were made to go with an ice cold beer one of the best things about Public School is the education that you will get when it comes to beer. You are going to find 24 beers on tap and 11 of those are always rotating with some of the best craft beers from non only Nevada but from up and down the west coast. A little bit like Christmas if you have not been to Public House in a while, you get to unwrap some new beers and you never know what you are going to find.

Public School Hot Dog

Public School doesn't do anything ordinary as you can guess and when it comes to burgers each and everyone has something a little special about them. To start off you are going to find a Colorado Lamb Burger topped off with tomato cranberry jam and some fresh arugula or the very lean BBQ grass fed Bison Burger with a whiskey barbeque sauce.

Any day is worth stopping by the Public School but Sunday brunch is as good as it gets whether you are in Las Vegas or Summerlin. Sitting on the patio surrounded by palm trees and enjoying the beautiful view creates a perfect setting. The fired jidori chicken and waffles experience at Public School is elevated with the dish topped off with an egg and simply amazing homemade bacon red eye gravy that is so delicious you will find yourself asking for seconds even once you are done with the dish itself.  You can also try the flavorful chicken sausage and cheddar grits and make sure you order the unlimited varieties of mimosas and bloody Mary’s. A Sunday so flavorful you will never want to leave.

An Education in Beer

The finality to any Public School experience has to be the Nutella Cookie Sandwich. The name sounds pretty good, when you get it the appearance is even better and when you take a bite, well you need to put your fork down for a moment to take in all of the dessert goodness of that singular bite. You start off with a giant sandwich of two chocolate chunk cookies engulfing vanilla ice cream but what really sets this apart is the candied bacon brittle that surrounds the ice cream. A perfect crunch and candied bacon that tastes like dessert all by itself, but combining it with the sandwich creates an experience more than a dessert.

Nutella Cookie Sandwich

Leftovers for homework and games such as beer pong make Public School 702 the best educational setting since, well, ever. If you are looking for a fun experience for any type of group, Public School is one restaurant that will not disappoint with a menu that is unique as the restaurant itself.

For more information visit: Public School

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