Public House Las Vegas Restaurant Review – The Gourmet Sports Viewing Experience

The Public House at Luxor might well be tossed into the genre of a restaurant that caters to the sports fan and while that is completely accurate, it is also completely unjust. The Public House will appease any sports fan, but the carefully crafted menu, unique cocktails and lengthy craft beer selection make this restaurant not only a haven for sports fans, but will also wow any discernable palate with the flavors that come out of their kitchen.

What separates the Public House is what goes on in the kitchen, and the time and care that Executive Chef Scott Conti put into designing the menu. Nearly everything that comes to your table was created by hand in the kitchen, from the amazing meats that are marinated and cooked slowly until they are tender and full of flavor to the kettle chips that are hand cut daily. And it goes on and on as Chef Conti relies daily on his belief that fresh ingredients and preparing those ingredients create better food. One bite in and you will know that he is exactly right.

Cheesesteak spring roll

The appetizer menu brings into play immediately the fresh ingredients from the kitchen with the kettle chip nachos. While Las Vegas is home to some very memorable nachos, the Public House might just be at the top of the list beginning with the great crunch that comes from the right-out-of-the-fryer fresh kettle chips. You are going to need those thick and heavy chips to carry all of the other ingredients in these nachos, beginning with the tender beer braised short rib which is combined with smoked gouda fondue and tomato salsa to complete the monstrous plate. The smoked gouda by itself transforms this dish with its incredible richness, but then combining it with the twelve hour slow cooked short ribs make this is as upscale a version of nachos as you will find anywhere.

Kettle Chip Nachos

The fun with appetizers does not end with nachos as the cheesesteak spring roll is another item that takes a similar food and takes it to another level with ingredients you would not normally associate with it. The nicely prepared spring roll is stuffed with shaved rib eye steak, chipotle peppers and jalapeño jack cheese. This dish again shows the time put into preparing this quality meat as it is tender, thin and flavorful, and steals the dish and then gets a nice hint of heat from the chipotle peppers, but certainly not enough to deter anyone from trying and loving this dish.

Mac n’ cheese square

On to the main course and a sandwich menu that leave you with tough decision after tough decision. While you might be tempted to order two because the choices look so tasty, trust me when I say that one is more than enough. The sandwiches are going to challenge you mightily as to whether you can finish them or not. You know you are putting yourself out there when you put a pastrami sandwich on your menu and put “New York” in front of it. But one bite in you are going to think you are in a New York deli with this salty and supremely lager-steamed prepared pastrami that is topped off with a nicely complimented spicy mustard.

New York Pastrami

If you are looking for a burger that is not your typical burger, Public House has one for you as they use a patty that is a mixture of short rib and brisket–you are not thinking hamburger when you are eating this.  Some of the other sandwiches feature the great meats that the kitchen produces, such as the slow roasted pulled pork or beer braised short rib sandwich. Or, you can go for the unique flavors in the turkey and brie sandwich that comes with green apple, arugula and dijon mayo. The Public House is simply one place where a sandwich is anything but a sandwich.

Public House

Chef Conti has more than a sandwich planned for you. You can find pan-seared halibut, Atlantic salmon with a honey-bourbon glaze, a tavern style meatloaf or the French Quarter jambalaya jumbo shrimp with roasted chicken and Andouille sausage. To go with the dishes off of this tasty menu you are also going to find a great selection of craft beers such as Alaskan Amber, Stone Ruination IPA and Hoegaarden to pair with your food. Don’t pass up on the handcrafted cocktail menu though, as you will find fabulous drinks such as the “The Signature,” which has Dewars, Sweet Vermouth, strawberries, fresh orange and simple syrup, a similarity to a classic strong cocktail that has just enough sweetness from the fruit to bring all of the flavors together perfectly.

While the food might be overwhelming and rich and might distract you, once you get your senses off of the food you will be able to take in just how beautiful the Public House is. The Public House is surrounded with beautiful brick walls, a stunning bar that is home to a television as big as you will find in any bar around as well as televisions that surround the entire restaurant. If you are looking for something a little more laid back and casual just offset from the restaurant is a great plush couch area for large groups just to come and have a cocktail and relax. The Public House is also home to some great events throughout the year and none more so than their well known catered Super Bowl. Food that is served like no other catered Super Bowl event, this one sells out fast so you might want to look into getting your tickets early, as in preseason early!

"The Signature"

While you don’t have to be a sports fan to love the Public House, if you do happen to be one, well this restaurant was made for you. From March Madness, baseball, NBA playoffs and of course football, you can take in the biggest games on one of the biggest televisions around while getting to enjoy a dining experience that elevates your game watching experience.

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